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How To Turn Off Safe Mode In Galaxy Grand Duos

How do I turn off safe mode on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

To Turn off the safe modeRestart your volume up + Power key until the phone is on.Now your phone is out of safe here to show video

How do I enter safe mode in the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582?

Steps for entering in safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S Duos:Step 1:First of all, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S Duos, to do so press the power button and hold it for few seconds.Step 2:When your device get switch off. Then press the power button and when Samsung screen appears then hold the volume down button for few seconds. Doing that will turn on the safe mode on your device and you will see “safe mode” written in the bottom left corner of the device as shown below:Step 3:If you want to turn off the safe mode, then just press and hold the power button which is on the right side of the device.Step 4:A pop up will appear, in that pop up, select the option Restart. Now safe mode will get turn off on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos. We hope that this article helped you.Just Finished !!

Why does my Samsung Galaxy phone say safe mode in the bottom left corner of my screen?

The reason behind getting into Android Safe Mode might fluctuate in every device. It might occur because of any third party application which is obstructing the normal functioning of the device. Or it might be some malicious link or application which has injected the software. Restart your phone and it will be out of safe mode.In case if it doesn't work then Long press the Switch off button and tap ‘Power off’.Once it turns off, you need to turn it on again by pressing the power button and volume buttons together.Read more: How to turn off/on safe mode in samsung and other phones?