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How To Use Connected 2 .me

My uTorrent is unable to connect to peers.What should I do?

What worked for me was changing one of the settings:Go to Options -> Preferences.Select BitTorrent, and at the Protocol Encryption section, change the Outgoing option from Disabled to Forced.Hope this helps. Good luck.

How can I use WhatsApp without my friend knowing that I am online? I want my "last seen" bar to say yesterday.

Using the original Version of Whatsapp you can do all this, If someone is really concerned about you they can know if you're online or offline with amount of time spent on Whatsapp by downloading an app which is available on Playstore. So you can't escape from this.What you can do?Use the privacy settings of your Whatsapp to hide our last seen.Block your friend temporarily for the time you want to hide that you're online.Customizing the last seen isn't possible by using the any of the apps available on Playstore, So do not invite some random apps to take access to your device.There are lot of .apk files which are available out of the playstore but there's a risk with no output.

Is there any free website builder that let me use my own domain?

Hi,Gev here from Ucraft!Have you tried our Free Landing Page Creator app yet?Before even telling the great features and benefits you will get, I want to let everybody know that you can connect your own domain FOR FREE to the landing page created with us :)We have got plenty of templates to choose from!To see the DEMO of the templates, check our website templates.Here are a few reasons why you should try the tool out!It’s FreeConnect your own domain FOR FREEFree Website Hosting powered by Google CloudResponsive templates out of the box - optimized for mobileNicely crafted 1 page templates to reusePredefined blocks to reuseCreate multilingual websites and landing pagesEffects, that can be applied on your pages, like Fade, Ease, Parallax!Awesome integrations with Shopify, Paypal, MailChimp, Disques, Typeform, Intercom, Hotjar, Google Fonts, Eventbride, Soundcloud, Google Analytics, Unsplash, Google Maps, Noun Project, Aviary and more…Logo Maker app in case you don’t have a logoNo technical skills needed!No Coding requiredNo credit card requiredCollect emails, phone numbers or any other data with Custom Forms and Subscription elementInformative and appealing Help SectionFriendly SupportA community of 89k happy users!Please try the tool out and let me know your thoughts!P.S. Again, it’s free!

Will Netflix ban me for using a VPN?

According to my knowledge Netflix won’t ban you if you’re using a VPN. Unless you’re using an IP Address that is not trustworthy in list of Netflix.Netflix ban users because Netflix offers different libraries of content for each geographical location. This literally means that you can’t access a show for UK audiences if you live in Japan.In more simple words, some content won’t be available in some regions, the price for subscription vary wildly across the world, and the access to the streaming library they secure differs vastly.Its hard for VPNs to get through this Ban but it’s not impossible. A few providers are offering special Netflix capabilities and they do work too. You can find list of compatible VPNs :PureVPNNordVPNTorguardPrivateVPNExpressVPNIf your VPN is not available with Netflix, you will generally get an error screen that looks like this:Netflix is quite smart in identifying if a VPN is being used by a subscriber so its really hard to still dupe the service into allowing you through. But it can be done, although you need some really good providers for this. Netflix ban VPN is there for a reason and the site won’t be so clumsy as to not do anything to enforce that ban will its full might.The problem also was made worse on apps as most apps force your device into using the default DNS thereby resulting in a conflict between a DNS and an IP address.HOPE IT HELPS YOU !!!!