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Husband Going Through Withdrawals

Who's gotten pregnant using withdrawal?

The withdrawal method of birth control is one of the least effective having only about a 75% rate of success. One of the biggest problems is that pre-ejaculation can contain sperm and it often leaks out before the actual ejaculation occurs. My husband's sister and her husband have 4 children, all conceived using the withdrawal method. No form of birth control is 100% effective. Our youngest child was conceived when I had been taking birth control pills for 11 years without any problems. She was born when our older kids were 18, 15, and 12. After my sister-in-law and her husband had their 4th baby, he had a vasectomy since pulling out was not that reliable. After our little surprise joined our family, my husband had a vasectomy, too. If your period is late you can take a home pregnancy test.

How do i deal with my husbands withdrawal symptoms from cannabis?

First off, don' let it get to you. I know it's easier said than done, but his anger/stress will pass with time. It is very hard to come off a drug, no matter what that drug is, cannabis, heroin, ecstacy, even nicotine! But your body is under so much stress because it has pangs and withdrawal.

I am not however, saying he should take it out on you! Have you been doing much to take his mind off it? Like cinema? Meals? Even jsut going for a walk if you don't have much money. Perhaps he could seek some kind of help also. I know that nobody wants to do that, they see it as a weakness, but teh truth is (and the truth hurts) that rightr now he is weak, because he is mentally and physically trying to cope with dropping an addiction. People always say that weed isn't addictive, but trust me it is.

It is very hard when you are on the receiving end of someone who is stressed and possibly depressed, but this is where you need to talk to him. He needs to be aware how he is making you feel, and don't think that this is the end of your relationship. It really isn't. I think teh best things is as I said, do things to take his mind off it. Romantic things (uif he's into it) are good because love and teh feeling of being happy in a relationship can really help someone get through.

But do make him realise that there is only so far you can push someone. Even if you have no intention of leaving him it's important that he knows you won't allow him to trample you.

I really hope this helps. x

My husband is driving me crazy!!?

It's funny, because you claimed he's "pmsing", and that's almost exactly how it is!
Try to relate to him a bit. When you're very upset and stressed (or pmsing), don't the tiniest of things set you off? His body is going through a nicotine withdrawal, and he's blowing up over the tiniest of things because he doesn't have any other way to handle it. Before, he would smoke. Now, he's left with all these frustrations and they just seep out.
Try getting him started in a hobby or some kind of activity that will help him relieve stress (which is what cigarettes used to do for him) and get his mind off the addiction. When my friend quit smoking, she took up exercising. It really helped her, but your husband might want to do something different.
If he is trying to quit cold turkey, maybe suggest to him that he goes on a patch or gets nicotine gum to help with the cravings.

Overall, just try to keep your cool and be patient. I know it's hard, but every time you want to blow up at him and give him cigarettes, just think about all the money you'll save once he finally stops! Good luck.

At 40 years and my husband using a withdrawal method, how can I become pregnant?

I think you need to have a serious chat with your husband about having children & your future.Does he not want children? He’s acting like a man who doesn’t. Do you really want to bring a child into this world with a man who doesn’t want to?Parenthood is tough. It’s hard work for two parents, let alone for one. Most single parents aren’t in that position by choice, it’s because we have no choice.If your husband does not want a child, I’d seriously stop & rethink your relationship right now before you go any further or get pregnant. This is a serious difference of opinion that will not just go away if you ignore it.I can’t even begin to express what I think of women who trick men into parenthood, but it’s really low & selfish for both the man & child. Please don’t do that.Talk to your husband and discuss this like mature adults.

Is my dead husband really telling me how he died? My husband died of a heroin overdose but I never known him to be a drug addict and my last dream of him was of him telling me that he sniffed the heroin.

That’s eerily a possibility.Have you seen Pulp Fiction? The scene where Uma Thurman finds John Travolta’s big bag of heroin, thinks it’s coke, lays out a decent sized amount for coke, snorts it, and ODs?That’s what happens when while using heroin as if it’s coke (same amounts, same intake method) you WILL OD. Quickly.Heroin CAN be snorted, but only SMALL amounts, hence the “key bump”, the amount that would fit on the tip of a key is the right amount….That’s creepy and I’m sorry…

Have you ever witnessed someone go through withdrawals?

Yes. Me.I quit taking a bunch of prescription medications without a doctors supervision including anti depressants, pain killers, adderal, panic and anxiety meds and more. There were about 5 medications in all.The side effects of the drugs I was on were making me numb and sicker than I felt I would have been without them.The expense of all those drugs was costing me more than all of my other expenses put together.During the first 24 hours I experienced what I can only describe as what felt like of all of the fluid draining out of my brain. I was in the pool by myself and got out, because I was concerned I might loose consciousness and drown. Being in the water usually felt good and relieved a lot of pain in the anti gravity state that the drugs weren't covering.I went inside because I started having a very intense pain in my head. One of the drugs I was taking was usually prescribed as a seizure medication. They prescribed it to me for some other reason, I had no history of seizures. From the time I began taking it, I had a constant headache that lasted over a year and a half. It also had a side effect of making me cough to the point they tested me for tuberculosis.I laid down on my roommates massage table and stuck my face in the hole. I could feel my brain clunking to the front of my head. It felt like all the water that cushioned it, was gone. If I tipped my head up or to the side it would thud into that direction. This phase was very bizarre and a bit scary, because I was home alone and would be for the entire weekend. I just laid there in a meditative like trance for several hours.The next few stages were pretty normal chills and so on. I just rode it out, knowing I had the next few days off.I had been on a steady stream of prescription drugs for about 10 years. It took a while for my body to adjust to being so unmedicated.I've been off all the meds for over 5 years now. I've been diagnosed with all kinds of things including disk problems, fibromyalgia and cervical brachial syndrome but whatever….I choose to ignore most of it. I'd rather deal with the pain than all the drug side effects. You get used to it after a while.

How do I be more supportive to my husband, who is having a hard time with nicotine withdrawal?

Your husband has taken a great decision. To strengthen his will power, let him read along with you my write up in the link given below.Once we understand that positive suggestions are readily accepted by our brains, we will not feel any withdrawal symptoms. I quit smoking after 30 years, smoking 30 cigarettes a day. I never felt depression or nervousness. I did enjoy food and enjoyed eating,Please do give me feedback. Remember your role as supportive and never nag or pressurize.M.K.Zaman's answer to How do I get my dad to quit smoking? He is a heavy smoker, and I’m 13.

Can a chronic alcoholic stop drinking with virtually no withdrawal symptoms?

Yes, it is possible to quit drinking without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Contrary, to what mainstream thinking dictates, I do not believe that withdrawal symptoms are chemical or biological in nature. I believe they are are emotional charged. They are driven by anxiety, stress and depression. The approach concerning medical supervision for detox substantiates this. In most cases, anti-anxiety, antidepressants and mood stabilization drugs are used to help people through withdrawal. If you want to quit drinking without experiencing withdrawal, the key is to significantly reduce or eliminate anxiety, stress or depression prior to discontinuing using alcohol. It is absolutely not a forgone conclusion that every alcohol dependent individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. It depends on the severity of the emotional issues and level of coping skills. Irrespective of that, though, the correct approach to eliminate the possibility of withdrawals is to reduce anxiety, stress or depression prior to stopping alcohol.