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I Am 19 And Am Looking To Do A Cbt Scooter Test. What Cc Bike Am I Allowed To Ride

Is it legal for a 16-year-old teen to ride a scooter?

It depends which country the teenager lives …I’m not sure if this still true today, but I believe 14 year olds were allowed to ride mopeds (less than 50cc) in France, and did not require a driving licence for small motorised bikes(this is second-hand, 30 year-old information - one of my friends grew up in la belle France in the 1970’s, and he was constantly complaining that in the UK he needed “all this bullshit paperwork” )A Driving Licence to allow him to operate a motorised vehicle - even for a 50cc mopedhis vehicle needed to be registeredhis vehicle needed to be taxedhis vehicle needed to be roadworthy, and have a valid certificate proving it could pass a basic set of safety testshe needed to be insured to ride even a 50cc moped or scooterIn the UK, a 16 year old can apply for a provisional driving licence, then obtain a CBT (Basic roadcraft and safety training) and then is entitled to ride a moped or scooter up to 50cc (or equivalent power range) - 3rd-party insurance cover, valid MOT & Road Tax are also required.I have no idea what the rules are in other countries … but these are the basic rules in the UK

Can you restrict a 250cc bike to125cc and ride it at 17?

I'm getting a motorbike when I'm 17and I really want a Kawasaki ninja 250r for my first bike! But would I be able to rode it if I restricted it to 125cc?

Can you restrict a 400cc or 600cc bike to 125cc while you learn to ride properly?

I am doing my CBT soon and would like to learn how to ride properly before I do my practical test but I dont want to buy a 125cc and then have to sell it in a few months to buy a bigger bike. Can it be restricted and if it can how would I do it? Can I do it myself or if not how much would it cost?

Do you need a motorcycle license to operate a vespa or scooter?

Firstly, if you're in the UK, I recommend you visit the very clear Government DVSA flowchart on 'Routes To Your Motorcycle License' here: I'm afraid I can only answer using my riding experience and UK rules (which can appear complicated!) and these have changed several times since I passed my motorcycle test in 1997. However, currently, since 19th January 2013, the requirements are as follows:The make or type of 2-wheeled transport isn't a factor, the man guideline used to be solely cyclinder capacity (cc) but now includes power (kw). You must apply for a provisional and then undertake 'compulsory basic training' (CBT) through a riding school which you should be able to find close to where you live. Upon passing this, you will be issued with a CBT certificate, allowing you to ride on public roads, with 'L' (learner) plates.You must take and pass the theory and motorcycle tests within 2 years. If you don’t pass both parts of your practical test within 2 years of taking the theory test, then you’ll have to start the process again...So do it quickly while it's all still  fresh in your mind! :)Mopeds (including scooters)You still need to be 16 years old to ride one, however if you already have a car driving license, gained before 1st February 2001, you can ride a moped of no more than 50cc and 4kw, without L plates and including carrying a passenger (although don't expect to reach much speed on such a low-powered machine with 2 people on board...!) If you gained your car license after 1st February 2001, you will need to pass the CBT but can then still ride without L plates. No car license? You'll need the CBT and L Plates.MotorcyclesRules are even more complicated than mopeds, as it depends on cc and power, as well as your age. Please see the link to the 'Routes To Your Motorcycle License' flowchart (above).Interestingly, I was reading an article the other day , that there is a car you can legally drive in France from the age of 14! It's tiny, with a top speed of 20mph and is, apparently, the bain of other motorists in more powerful vehicles...

19 yrs old and want to ride a motor bike. what's the procedure to get a licence?

I've got experience of riding xr 400 for almost 2 years but my licence is not valid in the uk. I have not ridden a motor bike in europe but am good enough to handle the road situations. Am i allowed to ride a >400cc motor bike in the uk at 19 yrs or is there a age limit. also what do i need to get a licenece to drive a motor bike?? are bike lessons expensive??


What permits do you need to ride a motorcycle?

In Germany you need an appropriate drivers license. There are several steps for them: You need one for riding tiny mopeds up to 50 cc (it is included with a car license), you need another one for small motorcycles up to 125 cc. If you want to ride a bigger bike, you need an A1 license (limited to bikes with not more than 35 kw/48 hp). If you want to ride an even bigger bike you need the full A license.All these licenses are downwards compatible, so the A license includes all “smaller” ones. All licenses require some practical training, a practical test and a theoretical test where you prove your knowledge about traffic rules.In order to get a license you have to provide a certificate that your vision is okay, and a certificate that you have performed a first aid training.An open A license is pretty expensive, think about 1,500 USD. Sometimes it gets cheaper when you already have a smaller license and need less driving lessons.

I am 17 years old and I've just passed my CBT. I am hoping to buy either a 100 cc or 125 cc bike. How much would my insurance be?

So, you passed your CBT which means you can now apply for coverage for bikes upto 125cc. Looking at your age, the premium is likely to be on the higher side. But if you can keep the good driving record, there is a possibility of getting regular rate after 25 years. Plus, you might attend at a safety motorcycle riding course in order to get discounts. Also, you might choose a 100cc over 125cc for little savings on premium.

My dream is to ride a big motorcycle but I'm underage, is there any legal way around it?

You can ride what ever you want on a track. You can buy a 600 register it in your name SORN it so you dont have to tax and insure it as it will not be used on the road. And then you will have to take it to a track in the back of a van.Just to clear up the law in the UK for direct access ro a full A catigory license you have to be 24. You can do your A2 at 19 and that means you can have a bike of any cc as long as it has under 47.7hp stock or has less than 95hp restricted to 47.7 or less. After 2 years on an A2 you can get the full A category license on an accelerated access.It is a bit complicated but you will get the hang of it. At 17 the best thing to do is do your CBT and get a descent 125 like an R125 or CBR125 these bikes can do 90mph and are good fun, they will also give you experience so if you decide to do your A2 it will be a lot easier.Wear proper safety gear and dont rush yourself. A 600cc sport bike is too much for a new rider.

How hard is it to learn to ride a motorcycle?

I may be the best one to answer this as I have recently learnt it.Before going ahead, let me tell you, like you, I could ride a bicycle and also no-gear scooters. Never owned a motorcycle and never borrowed from anyone.Since ages, I had this aim/dream to own a Royal Enfield Classic 350. It is a 350cc heavy cruiser motorcycle with a weight of around 200kgs. It is a heavy one. All metallic body.Now, after working and saving for 2 years, I finally could save enough money to buy it. I bought it and my father asked one person from the showroom to deliver it to our home. Which he did.I was so excited to ride it but I didnt know that.So what I did? I started watching YouTube tutorial videos for Beginners on How to Learn to Ride a Motorcycle. I watched till like 12–1 at night, watching random videos on the same things which gave me a lot of ideas to get started with. Yes, I would like to mention that I have like a week training in cars (I mean if there is any emergency, I can take you to hospital. Mind it, it will be a bumpy ride :p)So the next morning, I woke up at 5 and so did my father. As I learnt from the videos, I kickstarted the bull and slowly released the clutch to know the friction zone of the clutch. You will get to know all about them in the YouTube videos. I am not going to teach you here, obviously :pIt is now 1 month and I already rode like 800 kms on it. Yes, on the first day, the gear shifts will make some noise and might be bumpy but in a week, you will get used to it.Mind one thing. Speed isnt important. Get the balance. Get the gear shift your second nature. Work on those. Start - Change to 1st Gear from Neutral - Go a bit - Stop - Repeat. I had some difficulty in moving the bike in the 1st gear and so does many. Work more and more on that.Let me tell you one thing. Be responsible while riding a motorcycle. It is 2 wheeler and so are very risky. Be in a speed which you can control while in an emergency. Wear proper gear all the time.Enjoy Learning!If you need any tips or tricks, do let me know. I am not an experienced but learning everything fresh and so I can teach better. ;)Hope that helps.