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I Am 30 Year Old Male From India Why I Am So Unlucky In Life And Love

I am a 38 year old single male, is it too late for me to find love, would women be put off by my age?

It really just depends on how old the women you’re going for are. Women, on average, like the age of a man to be between 2 years younger than them to 10 years older than them. This means that you should be able to date women who are 28–40 years old. Go onto any dating site, and you’ll find lots of women who are looking to date around that age range.Yes, many great men and women get into relationships earlier on in their lives, but 85% of relationships end in a breakup, and 50% of marriages end in divorce. It means that your chances of finding a perfect girl where you’re her first love are relatively small, but there are always more fish being added to the sea.In my case, I’m now 35, and at 31 I met a girl that I fell in love with, quite surprisingly. I really felt like it was never going to happen, but I kept dating, and found a great girl. Now we’ve been together in love for 4 years, and we don’t see it ending. It can happen, you just got to keep trying for it.

Why are capricorns so unlucky in love?

You have one more year to go before your Saturn return. Once your Saturn return passes, you are very likely to find a life partner. Your Sun sign being ruled by Saturn makes your Saturn return at 28 to be specifically important. If you haven't already, start getting yourself ready for a mate, as if you already have one. Start working out, saving money, setting up plans to buy a house in, say 5 years, working your way up at work...all the things good husbands do to take care of their families.

Don't worry about being alone. Saturn people usually have to wait longer than most but it's WORTH it. Just start preparing now like you already have someone in mind, stop sending out those "desperate" vibes and go out and do stuff that you think is fun. It doesn't matter if "other" people don't think it's fun, just that you are doing something you enjoy and that there are other people around doing the same thing.

You Cancer Moons tend to be homebodies, too. I have a Leo Sun/Cancer Moon friend and I have a heck of a time getting him out of the house. So I set up our house to be his second home. Now he and his brood come over on long weekends. We encourage him to get out and do something once in awhile. You need to, too.

I am a 35 years old woman single?

You need to learn to be happy in your own skin! This is key in making yourself happy in life. I married my husband at age 39 ok. I wasn't desperate it just happened and that is how it will be with you. Being a strong and independent woman is a plus for you. Reason is a good loving man will respect that in you. I'm talking about a man who is over 40 and READY to marry. But more than anything you must not be desperate. Be who you are and stay strong. Involve yourself with people whether it's family gatherings, church, festivals in town, joining a gym to meet others. Get out there....your future husband will not be just standing there at your front door you have to MAKE IT happen by getting out! Use your imagination take a girl friend with you and the two of you do a trip to a winery and do some wine tasting.

I have a best friend who just turned 50 yesterday. She been single for a number of years now. She is a confident, strong happy woman. Who like you would love to find a great guy to marry. She has a "Y" membership and going there to play handball once a week. She and I play golf together. When we are together we see and meet people. She's a great catch but she's very careful to not just fall for any guy. One guy she dated awhile was too controlling so she imediately dropped him. Smart. She didn't act desperate and stay hoping to change him. If you don't love a guy the way he is right then and there.....don't think you can change him into something else. It won't happen.

Good for you pursuing your hearts desire in nursing. Hang in there and stay strong! I'm rooting for you! good luck :)

I am a 30-year-old girl from India. Sometimes I feel too depressed that I am too short in height (less than 5 feet), wheat complexion and not so beautiful even. Who will marry me and why would anybody marry me?

You are concentrating on too few things about yourself. You have excellent qualities which may easily be lacking in the movie-star type women. My suggestion to you is this -- start a list of all your good qualities. Take your time, and make it an unending list. Even small things. List what is good about you, whatever it is. That you are smart, your English is good (it is), that you have nice eyes, nice hands, your skin is smooth, you are kind to older people, on and on. Don't concentrate your energies on being critical of yourself. You are being unfair to you.I have a daughter your age and I will speak to you as I speak to her. You see, you are being too hard on yourself, my dear. Other people see beauty differently, many (correctly) look for inner beauty, someone with a kind heart, not selfish, easy to be with. When you stop being so hard on yourself, these lovely qualities will come out. They are terribly important. As a man, I know there is something beautiful about every woman. Indian women have beautiful hair and eyes. I'm sure you do too. But a gentleman will also want a woman who has a nice manner about her, pleasant, intelligent.You are NOT short and ugly! I know society (and advertising) will have you think you must be tall and beautiful. Nonsense. Do not compare yourself that way. Please, dear girl, work on this list. It will make you proud. It will help you to stop ignoring all your wonderful qualities. When a woman is pleased with her inner beauty, she radiates a charm that has a big effect on everyone. You do not have to be tall to stand out. See what Shivani Malhotra says in her answer to you. My heart is telling me you will radiate beauty. It comes from within. I wish you the best dear girl, my heart is with you.

I am a 30-year-old unmarried Indian male who failed in career and life. I failed in the software engineering field. How can I deal with this situation?

Amazing... hahaha...let me first laugh..sorry if you find it rude...extremely sorry... let me answer why did I laugh - You wrote so much in English and still you said you can't write well in English. I have seen many people so don't know half of this English still think themselves "the Best"in English. BTW learning English is not a big thing. You have seen / attended so many shows, movies, lectures...honestly I haven't heard of the name of more than half of it. Why are you pitying yourself ? I just presume that God has blessed you with 2 eyes to see, 2 ears to hear, 1 nose to smell, 1 mouth to speak, 2 hands and 2 legs.. and obviously one brain to think from... Isn't that enough ? Don't you find yourself lucky to have these, many people are not so lucky but do they regret or curse themselves ? "No" they don't. They stand up in life and fight with their disabilities. Come on man what you need is just a fresh start, go for a holiday, ask yourself what do you really want to do... and how you can do it.. figure it out....write down what your blessings are...which field you can improve with just little of hard work, find some sincere friends whom you can talk your heart out of it..just remember its never late to make a new start..a positive move....may be you are not made for jobs...why not try some business...(just a suggestion). Also just speak good and positive for your are what, what your thoughts are.. I find its getting more of a lecture now..All the best :) Everyone in the world is blessed with some uniqueness and one is useless..just explore the goodness...

Please help, 44 year old virgin!!!?

You shouldnt be soo hard on yourself. So you have not put yourself out there much so what?

We cant change the past, the best we can do is to live for the present, so get up from your computer take a shave and clean yourself up and head out the door! Maybe you r not so comfy in clubs, have you tried church? How about your buddies at work? get them to hook you up on a blind date or so.

DO SOMETHING MAN! dont sit there and expect a woman to fall from the sky for you, no pain, no gain. you have to take the first step. How about joining a community center for weekend street cleaning? Make yourself some friends and the rest will come to you.

If a horny 14year old can get a girl, the a sophisticated, well groomed and mature MAN can get some in no time!

P.S. dont be shy. take the risk