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I Am An American Citizen And I Want To Get A Student Visa And Go To School At The University Of

Do you need to be a citizen to go to uti(universal technical institute)?

No, you don't need to be a USA citizen, but you should be a legal resident (green card, etc), or attend on a Student Visa. If you're under 18.5 yrs old, you can get an F-1 student visa even though you are in the USA illegally.

There are better, cheaper schools than UTI.

Get a student loan to go to university in Germany.?

It is not possible for you to obtain a student loan when you are going abroad to school. Only if you get a student loan through your current university's financial aid office can you cover expenses of a study-abroad program through that school. You cannot borrow funds in Germany since you are not a citizen or legally resident - student visas are temporary, non-immigration class of visa.

Therefore, the only alternative is for your parents to borrow the money for you. There are special student loans for parents to borrow to use for their children's education. Either you & your parents cough up all you need, or your parents borrow the balance required, or you forego your foreign education. What have you lined up for your summer job?