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I Am Looking For A Place To Buy T-shirts For My Family Reunion I Need At Least 50

I got an invitation to a high school reunion where I was bullied. I am successful in my career. I want the satisfaction that I’m doing better than my bullies, but I don’t want to demean myself on that level. Should I go?

My experience with high school reunions (at least in the large city where I grew up) is that most of the people who come are people who are comfortable with themselves - their achievements, their happiness, their status.  The losers don’t show up and unfortunately a lot of people who were just solid nice people don’t show up, perhaps because they never felt that high school did much for them.That would suggest to me that if you hope to blow the jerks away with your present self-confidence and success, it won’t happen.  They probably won’t be there.Bottom line; if you have friends or teachers that you would like to see and if it is not a major financial or scheduling burden, then go.  Otherwise indulge yourself at the theatre or a spa and revel in the self-satisfaction that success brings.An anecdote comes to mind.  The husband of a former colleague was bullied all through high school by a large jerk.  When he finished high school he earned a bachelor’s degree and then a masters at a good local university.  He then applied for and was awarded a full scholarship to a major English university to do his doctorate.  On the day that he flew to England, he sat down at his assigned window seat on the airplane and looked out to see the bully loading his luggage on the plane.  Sweet justice for sure.

What is the best website to buy customized T-shirts in India?

Some of the best websites for buying customized t-shirts:Vista PrintAlmaMaterPrintLandInkMonkTshirtLootIlogoWith most of the customized t-shirt stores mentioned above, you have full freedom to choose what you want. Also, you can get something unique. But most of the custom shops will provide you with an online canvas and option to write on them and use cliparts. This is good so long you are an artist. But if you are not much of an artist - it becomes a little tough to create a t-shirt which looks cool!THE FUSION: We at Tshirt.Pizza though of doing something unique in custom t-shirts and created a fusion of both the ready to wear tees and customization option.Tshirt.Pizza is an online designer graphic tee store - but this is where the similarity ends. Unlike other graphic t-shirts - we added a twist. After choosing the t-shirt you like - you can just go crazy with the customization option.Among other things, you can customizeStyle of the t-shirts. Presently you can choose from Raglan, Ringer, V-Neck, Crew-Neck, Full-sleeve and Sleeveless (and more to be added soon!)The colour of the T-Shirt: You can choose from dozens of colour combination for the t-shirts.ArtWork: This is where the fun begins. You can not only change the artwork - you can, in fact, edit each and every element of the artwork to create a unique artwork.Background: You can also change or edit the background style of most of the designs at Tshirt.PizzaText: You can swap or simply remove the text included in the design. Graphic tee, or One-line tee - it's upto you to decide.Personal Text: Also in most of the designs at Tshirt.Pizza - you can add a personal touch by adding a custom text.Check out this explainer video to know more about the concept.Some of our productsAll the t-shirts are fully customizableVISIT US AT TSHIRT.PIZZA

What is a Rosary? Some funeral questions please..?

I need help with this: A co-worker died. We received information that Rosary happens on Thursday night and Mass and Reception on Friday morning. I am new to this country. I have never been to a funeral. Please help explain what a Rosary is, what do I expect in a Rosary and Mass? What should I wear and bring?
Thank you.

How many kilos of cake is needed to serve 50 people at a party?

I follow a 60% rule, laid out beautifully by a professional baker.“Here's how I came up with that number. Way back in the day, when I first started and did cakes only, I would stay and cut the cake. I began noticing how many plates I used at a reception and soon began noticing the ratio. After a few months, I noticed, for example, that I never cut more than 125 pcs for a cake that had been ordered for 200. I began really watching and it seemed to be the rule each and every time. That's how I developed my 60% Rule.Take the total number of people invited (not the number EXPECTED, but total INVITED) times 60%. 3 exceptions: (1) if bride/groom is active military (2) if bride/groom is very active in their church (3) if bride/groom is African-American. Then I suggest that the couple use a 70 or 75% ratio. the one thing I cannot factor is how their family reacts to weddings. I also ask if there are any special events around the wedding (i.e. Had one wedding that took place on family reunion weekend. Everyone flew in a day early for the Friday wedding. She ordered cake for 150 and we served 165. Didn't run out of cake, either!)So when you ask Why would it be just 60%? Is it that not everybody eats cake?, it's not 60% of those in attendance .... it's 60% of the total number invited. I don't know of anyone who has a 100% show-rate at their wedding.This information becomes a great sales tool for me because I can help brides stay in budget. When they are not spending money on people who wont' be there anyway, then they find they CAN afford that chocolate fountain or that other extra they thought they couldn't afford. (And then they think I"m great!)Wedding Cake Servings - Rule Of Thumb?Check out the official Wilton’s Cake and Cutting Guide.Hope this helps!

What are the cheapest custom t-shirts?

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