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I Am Sad At The Moment And Could You Help

What should we do when feeling sad?

Hi my dear. I have empathy with you. For many days and no apparent reason I can feel a deep sadness. It comes when we sense a loss of something that use to be there. Have you lost someone or something?When it is super quiet I sense the feeling deep within and with reflection I realised that it is the soul within that feels abandoned by us. So this is what I do. I reconnect with the child in me. There is an innocent part within that misses our attention just like a child a parent.Please bear with me if I suggest a game you play with yourself:Imagine you are the parent with all the responsibilities. Within you is a child that is shy and hiding but craves your love. What can you do to help it feel save and loved? Then do that for yourself. If you can and you have privacy write down what the child might want to say to you.It might sound out of the box but it helps me to reconnect with the child within and then the sadness goes away.Wishing you a wonderful reconnection so you can feel fulfilled and alive.The soul works in mysterious ways. If you sense the sadness there is hope and you hear the soft voice calling. Don't be scared. Many people are hearing the inner voice calling through sadness. Lots of love.

Why am I like this, sad one moment then crazily happy the next?

Sounds more like a hormone imbalance.

In your case seams your body react fast to correct the imbalance so you later experiment a rush of hormones that make you feel excitedly happy because of the over compensation.

I don't think is a psychological issue, so you may want to consult a real doctor. They can test your hormonal levels to see if something is wrong, or even discover what triggers the big mood swing of depression (assuming is not because of a external emotional reason).

My opinion: I am almost sure is a hormonal thing so if you experiment this all your live maybe is not a serious problem. If this problem get worse over time or is causing you inconveniences in your daily live, then I really recommend consult a doctor (not a psychiatrist or psychologist).

I'm happy one moment... Then sad the next... ?

Yes your age is not sufficient to face the circumstances that you have faced.but what happened is unfortunate.But one thing,you said you are happy one moment.It means you can forget the incidents occurred for a moment.This is very nice,it is enough for a psychiatrist to solve your problem.
First of all remove the concept from mind that you are depressed.When ever such feeling comes reply your self,no I am not depressed ,I will not depress.After the school time , in your leisure time join some sports club,choose one game that you are interested,start solving the puzzles,read the comic books make your self busy in such activities.Have an ambition,target of life and work hard to achieve your target
A colour full rainbow is ahead it is waiting for you.Go ahead victory is yours best of luck.

Sometimes i am just sad and feel empty?

It sounds like you have depression, and sometimes it can just hit you like a wave out of no where. Sometimes, it just cant be explained, and yeah that part really sucks! I myself am not on medication, but ive heard that it can really help! Going to a doctor/therapist would be a great thing for you. It may be hard to make yourself go get help (or to realize you need help) but its better than staying where you are. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. please, you have friends and a family that loves you. A bright future with so much potential. These feelings, you say, have no source, so killing yourself would not benifit ANYONE. You are going to do so much in your life that you dont even know yet. You could save someone, meet the love of your life, have children.... they need you to stay alive. If you are suicidal, as you say they have all said, please talk to someone. Noone will think your crazy for crying. Find a best friend or two to totally word vomit onto. Cry and just let it out. FInd the friends that will listen, and even if they dont understand, that they will try to see things from your point of view. GOod friends will jsut encourage you and tell you why you are loved. If you would rather talk to a therapist they can help you so much. They will encourage you and help you find solutions to your problems. Please do not just do nothing. Take controll of your life, and do something. Dont let your depression controll and overwhelm you. Talk about it, write about it. Talking about it is only hard until you do it. Noone will judge you or make fun of you.. Life can be hard and there are people who want to be there for you. Dont be ashamed of how you feel, because you are not alone in feeling that. Find things that make you happy and can distract you, such as art, music, sports, even math. Whatever will distract you from your feelings and make you happy. WHenever you feel depressed go run or paint something. Vent your feeling through a hobby. If you dont talk to someone, it will bottle up, and that is the worst thing you can do. (i know from experience) you have to let all the pent up emotions or else they will implode on you and you will do something really stupid. Talk, medication, healthy distracting hobbys, and think of your future. Best of luck!

Can someone cheer me up? I'm feeling a little sad about life in general.

Hi friend, let me call you a friend)Life is so short , always remeber you have someone in your life who believes in you and loves you just the way you are (nick vuijicic). Doesn’t matter whether that person is your mother, father, friend or anyone else! You are not alone! I read one a bit sad story about life( There was a woman who was married to her lovely man, she doted on him so did he, but they didn’t have much money. The woman was always thinking about getting wealthier, wearing brand new clothes, eating in the best restaurants, even when she was sitting by the table with her husband having a meal her attention was somewhere else ( about her “better future”). Suddenly one day her husband died( Years passed. She got all the things she “dreamed of”, she got those expensive clothes, she was having those delicious meals. But do you know what she regretted the most, what she was lacking in her life? Yes, her husband. She was taking for granted those incredible moments, she wasn’t living her present, thus she WAS SAD!!! LOOK AROUND LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Do not take everything too serious, if you’ve got any problems right now you WILL solve them. Whether you are satisfied with your life or not DOES depend on you! Happiness is enjoying the little things in life!Stand up dude! Start living your life. Carpe diem(seize this very moment!) You are responsible for your happiness. Good life requires courage, strength, and a lot of effort! That’s why many people are so lazy so that they choose sadness, don’t be AVERAGE! BE UNIQUE, MAKE YOUR LIFE!

What line will make me happy when I am sad and sad when I am happy?

“Everything in this world is temporary”In this life, no state is eternal. If it's painful, be patient, it will change. If it's pleasurable, don't get attached , it too will change.:)

Why i feel so much love, excitement and at the same time feel so sad?

Hello Alonzo, I know exactly what you are experiencing, and yes it is quite possible for opposing emotions to exist simultaneously..It is very strange if you have not experienced it before...It is quite possible to have things in your life...emotional issues especially that are sad and hurtful or painful and yet another part of your life is wonderful like being with your girlfriend for example...You feel happy and have a great time when you are together...Life is all about that...the good and the bad. The trick is to acknowledge that the sad things are there and can be sad, but you can not live your life out of a feeling. You must always focus on your goals in life and set about on your path to get there. Stay focused, think positively, and do not listen to all of the negativity. Negative thoughts will bring you down. Instead, use positive self-talk to keep yourself uplifted and in a good place. Use positive affirmations like, I am a good person, people like to be around me, I work hard to make good choices, I help others whenever I can....those types of things...make up some of your own.....There is nothing wrong with being sensitive and in tune with all of the things that are going on in the world, as long as you don't let the thoughts drag you down into depression....Always do your best to be a ray of sunshine in other's lives and help others along the way..It makes you feel good to do something to make others happy...Good luck, my are going to be just fine and I wish you much happiness in all that you do...((((((HUGS)))))...Linda XXXOOOXXX

Would kissing someone that sad make them feel better?

Yes, it would if you two are in a romantic relationship or at least, love one another. Or even if you're friends with benefits, that can help too. If that person was feeling so sad and lost, and you kissed them, their heart's tension would lessen. It would make them feel better because they're cherished and loved by you. You expressed to them, “I’m here for you” and maybe even, “We’re in this together.” Actions speak louder than words.

However, if that person does not love or like you back in the same way, it can cause confusion. You two may be awkward after the kiss ends, and the next time you see one another. They wouldn't be in their same sad mode anymore. Instead, they wouldn't know what to do with you, which may add to their list of problems. So, it could make them feel better that you love and care for them, - and perhaps they realized that now- but what's going to happen between you two? Are you two going to continue communicating in the same way before the kiss? Are you still friends?

If my boyfriend, fiancé or husband kissed me -could be on the lips, or kiss away my tears- I would feel softhearted. I would respond to the kiss and give in to him. I would feel better because his comfort would be enough, even if it's just for that moment. (And of course he loves and cherishes me.)
It might be better as well, especially if you weren’t there for that person when their sadness started. Your kiss can also be an apology, and a promise to be there for them. So, if that’s what you’re planning, go for it.