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Are the staff mostly rude at The Cove, Atlantis in the bahamas?

The problem with the staff at Atlantis is they are Bahamians haha...and Bahamians in general LOOVEEE to take their time, that's just how the culture is. As far as being RUDE, I would have to disagree... it really just depends on the person. You can go to any hotel no matter how many stars and if that particular person doesn't feel like making things easy for you, you're gonna get some bad service. Also, keep in mind that we often hear bad news a lot more than the good and you should take reviews like that with a grain of salt, so to speak. People always forget that the Bahamas is a different country with a totally different culture and attitude, so what Americans might consider rude, they consider perfectly fine. Personally, I am sick of Nassau... I would suggest (if you are planning on visiting) going to one of the smaller islands like Abaco. The rural people are extremely friendly and helpful and realize the importance of tourism and treat you accordingly. Hope this helps.

Teenage Girl Caribbean Cruise Packing List?

I'm 15 and have been on a few cruises. I will do this as if I were going on a 7 day cruise:

-7 t-shirts or tank tops
-7 pairs of shorts
-2 pairs of pants/jeans
-4 nicer/formal shirts for the dining room
-dress pants for the dining room
- Usually about 2-4 dresses (usually semi-formal type)
- a dressy pair of shoes ( to go with the dress)
-3 pairs of longer shorts (for dinner)
- 2 or 3 pairs flip flops (1 pair would also be fine)
- running shoes
-toiletry items
-curling iron
-camera cards (you will be taking lots of pictures!)
- earrings, bracelets
-hair accessories
- 4 bathing suits
-bathing suit coverup
-a bag for when im on the islands

Thats all I can think of for now. I hope this helps, and have fun on your cruise when you go! :)

4 examples illustrating each of the following?

Water itself is an example of a homogeneous mixture. It often contains dissolved minerals and gases, but these are dissolved throughout the water. Tap water and rain water are both homogeneous, even though they may have different levels of dissolved minerals and gases.
A bowl of Fruit Loops cereal is a heterogeneous mixture because it has cereal bits of many colors floating around in milk.
C)Hydrogen Peroxide
E) crushing a can
F) cooking an egg

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I need to lose weight but I love chocolate. I have to have chocolate after I eat. How do I combat this?

Sweetie, I'm about to drop some mind blowing shit right now. People don't tell you this because A) If you knew this you wouldn't need to pay for someone for help, and B) Most people don't know what the fuck they're doing. It doesn't really matter what you eat, the only thing that really truly matters (when it comes to losing weight) is if you're in a caloric deficit by the end of the week. Meaning you're eating 100–500 calories less than your maintenance calories a day. So as long as you are hitting your deficit by the end of the week, drinking water, eating a sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats and fiber you can eat as much chocolate as you like DAILY. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT.EDIT; Guys, obviously I know that all calories are not equal. I always recommend eating 75%-95% “healthy” on a daily basis and the rest can be naughty foods. Like I said, you still need healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates to provide your body with NUTRIENTS. What I’m saying is, is that you don't have to eat 100% clean in order to lose weight. Contrary to what many people believe, you can still enjoy the foods you love in moderation and lose weight. Many people who believe that you can't eat a certain type of food while dieting use this as an excuse not to be fit. When the truth is, people have gotten shredded while eating dirty. Is it ideal? No. Is it “healthy” for you? Most certainly not. But is it possible? Absolutely. I’m taking about LOSING WEIGHT not necessarily being “heathy”. This is why, being thin does not always equate to being healthy.In a nut shell; you should always try to eat whole foods to provide you body with nutrients but you can also still enjoy your life a look amazing.LET THEM EAT CAKE SHE SAID!!!!!

What is the most aggressive betta variety?

Sorry, Tuan I mention to "thumbs-up" you, I apparently hit the wrong one, sorry about that.

From breeders who have shown, bred or simply loved them for decades, I've heard that either plakats (short-finned males, more similar-looking to the wild bettas that eventually were bred to be the long-finned betta we know & love) or crowntails (due to the dominant breeding traits that ended up eventually reliably producing CT offspring) are the most aggressive. I don't know if this is factually correct, but those were the two dominant schools of thought (no fish pun intended on the "school" reference). I once asked about betta colorations that were most aggresive & the general consensus was that red, then blue (royal, then turquoise) seemed to them to be the most aggressive in their decades of experience. I can't promise it's true, but that was their professional opinion.

I also agree with "Noseless", though-I think much of their behavior depends on your tank set-up (are they alone or feelings like they have to defend their territory from "intruders" in a community tank) & the fish themselves. In my own experience, my most aggressive, ferocious, Jaws-like, terror-inducing betta was a brown & red girl (or "grrrrl", in her case) a whopping 3/4" long.