I Found A Way To Beat The Feminist System And Reverse It In Mens Favor Tell Me What Do You Think Of

Has feminism gone too far? Are women treated better than men?

The whole feminism has gone way too far in certain aspects. I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what race, age or gender. It seems now that women get many perks thanks to feminism, for example:

Women can retire at 60; men 65

Women get 8 weeks maternity; men only 2

Women get cheaper car insurance

Women get more money from court cases (especially divorce)

Women are still not expected to work

Women look after kids following a divorce. 

Males who are sexually/physically abused are not taken seriously in court. 

Female criminals serve less time in jail for equivalent crimes.

Far more funding going into women's healthy; when was the last time you've seen a leaflet about testicular cancer (yet this is the most commen cancer in young men)?

Mother's day is very important, but father's day is virtually ignored. 

Males support female charities (eg breast cancer) when women don't support male charities (eg testicular cancer). 

Th teaching style at schools favours females

Men buy gifts and look after the women in relationships when the women may not do anything. 

There are many taboo such as "open doors for women" and "ladies first" etc that apply only to women.

There are many "women only" organisations. This is discrimination at it's worst and needs to be sorted out.

I'm sure there are loads more arguments. I know there are opposing arguments that I'll love to hear, but that's not really the aim of my question. The aim of feminism is EQUALITY. Overall, women and men may be treated similarly, however why is there such a difference between certain aspects. The see saw may be balanced, but only because there are equal gender flaws and advantages for both genders. As I've said, I believe in equality 100% and would rather these differences be evened out. 

What do you think? Are men treated better? Are women treated better? Do you have any arguments? Why is the equality 'see saw' not balanced with individual aspects? Is it balanced overall?

What do feminists think of men going their own way (MGTOW)?

I used to be a feminist, and I now consider myself to be MGTOW, so I’ll take a stab at this. The hostility is created by the fact women tend to be valued more than men. Men not only are forced to compete for women, but are still encouraged to do so in the year 2016 (under the guise of being confident and ‘manly’). Men also are always ridiculed, and in two specific ways. One way is to belittle men on how they’re morally inferior to women, despite the fact men are ridiculed for having those same characteristics that get women praise. The other way men are ridiculed is by comparing them to other men (whom are usually female-approved).Men calling themselves MGTOW are called losers by the deluded masses, but the female equivalant to MGTOW is known as women’s empowerment. Women are allowed to bash men and everything they do wrong, but it can never be the other way around. With these horrible double standards lurking against men, it’s no wonder why some men who don’t allow their sex drive to control them may be a bit irritated. Again, all of these double standards are justified by both feminists and tradcons. Feminists do so with their male privilege concept, while tradcons use their survival of the tribe argument.Are traditionalist women really any different from feminists? The answer is no, because even ‘traditional’ women cherry pick which tenets of traditionalism to keep in place, and which ones they’ll discard. In a sense I have far more respect for the feminist, because at least they’re willing to get their hands dirty and take a great amount of heat for their views. Traditional women on the other hand not only escape having the stigma of the feminist label attached to them, but still get to reap in the benefits of a post-modern feminist movement and their still retained cultural privileges. Traditionalist women (and men) also want to keep the same tradiations in place that have harmed men to begin with. It’s nice to see that MGTOW has finally started to call out all BS, and not just concentrate on feminists.

Is feminism responsible for our national debt, unemployment, unwanted pregnancies, emasculated NASA and porn?

Camille Paglia has said that if Feminism held sway in ancient times, we would all be still living in grass huts. Paglia is an atheistic lesbian university professor, by the way. She's a contrarian neo-feminist herself. I happen to agree with her. I also believe our country will never acheive the heights it has attained in the past, due to the risk-averse, overly environmental sensitivity and emasculated nature of many of our males. The trades are disparaged in favor of dumbed-down college promotion. Porn - which has always existed, of course - has reached new, unheard of heights of depravity, with women holding key positions in its production and distribution.
I am convinced that women in traditionally male-held positions in industry, politics and the military has doomed our country to third or fourth-rate status in the near future. The evidence is already here. What do you people think?

Why do most feminists/people hate MRA's?

I'm a a female MRA.
Why do people say men have no discrimination, or denied rights? Mostly feminists?
I mean, men are discriminated against in healthcare, are denied service at domestic violence shelters, and have to sign up for draft, but women don't.
So, how come when MRA's try to bring awareness to these things, feminists are rude and "offended"?

Is anyone else completely appalled and tired of feminism?

(I’m going Anonymous this time for obvious reasons)Welp, time to open this can of flesh eating worms.Personally I’m tired of the new, hip, and ridiculous ‘third-wave feminism.’ I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m appalled by it, as everyone is and should be entitled to what they believe in, but I believe that it’s not simply about equality among the genders anymore. Infact, I’d argue it’s just another platform to spread far-left views of society (This may be rich coming from me, however).Some middle eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, shows how first-wave feminist (Or some variation of it) is needed. However in Western countries, where we don’t have laws actually oppressing women, I think that we all need a healthy dose of equality. What I’m tired of are people in America campaigning against the government and people with opposing ideals. I’m tired of the certain people who believe that there’s some massive conspiracy against women or something like it.I think that we should all be considered equals, but it’s generally not what happens. For example men are, In one U.S. study, 93% of deaths on the job. Here’s a great PDF relating to this.’re also 79% more likely to kill themselves, only 8-14% likely to gain child custody, over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men, etc.Of course women have a much higher sexual assault and rape statistic then men. That in itself is a large issue, and has had a huge amount of deserved attention drawn to it. What gets me is the people who gloss over men’s issues, and scoff as if men cannot be harmed (It’s also very telling that the person who posted this question had their account deactivated).Feminism was a great movement in America from 1848–1960’s. In fact it aided women across the country, giving them the basic human rights everyone deserves. However the modern-day feminists have little to due with the great grannies of the past, and have become synonymous with man-hating. Instead of focusing on the nearly non-existent prejudice here, how about we focus on the very real and scary sexism in the foreign world.Works Cited:"CDC Study: More Men than Women Victims of Partner Abuse." SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2017.Freeman, Daniel, and Jason Freeman. "Why Are Men More Likely than Women to Take Their Own Lives?" The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 21 Jan. 2015. Web. 29 May 2017.