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I Got A Job A Month Ago But I Am Moving At The Beginning Of Next Month How Do I Hand In My Notice

My current job has a notice period of 3 months. Will other companies be happy to wait 3 months for me? If not, how should I approach?

Most companies, specially IT companies hire based on immediate need. So it's unlikely that anyone will allow you 3 months time to join. You have to either adjust a part of the notice period against your accumulated leave or opt for pay back of salary in lieu of notice period. Normally it's expected that a job switch is associated with a hike in package. So the loss by paying back salary is more than compensated .Some companies use this clause to prevent Employees ( specially good ones) from leaving. They don't accept either of your options and insist you serve the entire notice period, so that the opportunity slips out of your hand. Sometimes you get more offers if you are already serving a notice period as your prospective Employers know you can join earlier. But resigning without a specific job offer is highly risky under Indian condition.

I'm leaving my job, how should I write my notice?

Start your resignation addressed to the person that has hired you, or the person highest up. Usually you address hr, but depending on where you work, you may not have contact with hr, in which case you could give the resignation to your manager who will pass it on to the appropriate people.

Start off by thanking the company. If you were underqualified and you feel like the company reached out to help you, say something like, "thank you very much for the opportunity to work at ____". If you learned a lot through the company, mention, "During my time at ____ I developed essential skills, such as ____." "My supervisor, Mrs.Bay was exceptional and was very patient with me as I struggled to learn the job".

Just be polite. Mention positive attributes about the company. Mention that the coworkers were amazing. The job was excellent. You really enjoyed working for this company. The work was good, etc.

I usually spend a paragraph thanking the company/manager/owner.

After that, you can say, "Due to certain events in my life, I will be leaving the state. Please consider, April 13th my final day of employment." You don't have to explain your reasons why. It is no one's business why you are leaving. If you don't wish to mention your reasons, then don't worry about it. It would be preferred if you mentioned, or eluded to a reason, but it's not necessary.

I can't really write a letter for you because your reasons for liking the company are unique to you. I don't even know what field you work in!

*be careful about dropping in your resignation too early. I did this when I worked in retail, and they started "forgetting" to give me shifts because they were more focused on training a new employee. Especially if you are doing shift work and your hours are not guaranteed. You are also putting yourself at risk for being terminated! You'll learn not to trust everyone. Your manager might love you, but their manager might pass on directions to fire you to save the company money - the business world can be cruel!

* make sure you get a letter of recommendation! These are assets and you can use them for all sorts of future jobs. If you provide letters of recommendation, often times the new employer won't waste time trying to track down your old employees to ask about you!

Can I quit my job without notice?

I have been working for this particular store for 9 months and at first it was great, but due to new management, etc. I have been very unhappy there. In a matter of 3 weeks I went from 30 hours a week to 16 to 12 to now 4 which is only one work day a week. Smh. I am also 4 months pregnant an my boyfriend wants me to quit to move and do the stay at home wife thing. I am not sure if my pregnancy has caused them to do this because I do what I am supposed to (ringing, getting guests to get warranties, credit, etc.) but I am wits end. How do I go about quitting without giving notice? I have a shift tonight at 7pm. I don't need this job as a reference. Please not disrespectful or irrelevant answers. I will report. :) serious answer only pleeeaassseeeee :)

I am serving my notice period (30 days to go) and still looking out for a job with a better offer. What should I answer when asked about notice period in future job interviews? Should I mention that I am already serving my notice?

Ok a few things here. You need to be honest but at the same time you need to prepare the way for your next move. During my first job out if college I made the mistake of telling my boss that I did not like my role and wanted to leave the company. Fortunately for me my boss saw my naivety and bestowed some advice. 1) He said that I should never again tell an employer that I am thinking about leaving without having a solid exit strategy and 2) he let me stay indefinitely until I found a new opportunity (providing that my work did not suffer). I have since moved on from that role but have not forgotten that lesson and kindness. I actually wrote an article about changing jobs Are You Happy With Your Day Job?In the article I explain that you need a day job to avoid the stress of not having work (income). But while you work you need to have clear goals to get to where you do want to be, fur those goals to become actionsl you need to review them formally (I review mine weekly). And lastly you need to learn all you can by reading, listening to podcasts or something related to your desired job or industry.I hope this helps!

My company TCS is asking me to leave early. I am serving my notice period, I am on the bench. What should I do? Will these days without a job be problem in a new company?

Now this depends on another question that if you have an offer Letter from another company in your hand?If yes please go home take some rest and enjoy this moment and if you are bored at home after spending some time there , please ask the company (you are about to join) to give you an early joining.If you don't have an offer in hand then it's high time that you should start searching for a new job. Try Jobs - Recruitment - Job Search - Employment - Job Vacancies - , LinkedIn and other job sites. You will definitely get a job according to your preference and specialization.Now coming up to why TCS is asking you to leave the company at the earliest - As you mentioned you are on bench, so you are not billable to the clients therefore TCS is not getting any money for you (since resource is not billed). Hence the company doesn't want to pay salary to a person who is not giving them any amount in return.If they want you to leave early, then please go ahead with that and enjoy with your family or search for a job( if you don't have an offer letter)The new company you will be joining won't have any problem with your 2 months gap.Considering that TCS has 3 months of notice period and you might have served some days of the notice period.All the best for the new job !!

My contract says that before 6 months I have to give a 2 week notice, but after 6 months I have to give a 2 month notice. Can I resign at six months, or do I need to wait until the day after the six month mark?

Bad news: If you put in your notice, it’s unlikely that your firm will keep you the two months following that event. In fact, the day that they receive your notice may be your last day of employment.If you clearly and unmistakably have your new position, then you should give two weeks notice prior to starting the new job. While I’m not why you would have signed a contract requiring such a lengthy notice prior to departure, the fact that you have another job to cushion you makes it unlikely that you will have any issues with your resignation.If they demand a reason, beyond a vague “personal issues” tell them that you have family problems which you need to resolve and that you have no idea of how long it will take for you to do this. Most employers will get the gist of what you mean and they’ll simply allow you to leave.Again, and not to be unkind, your needing additional salary is the LEAST important element of this equation. If you have found another position, give your employer a two weeks notice in writing , roughly two weeks before you need to leave and move forward with your life. Unless you are in a small industry, the fact that you have found another position won’t make that much of a difference ( e.g. burn too many bridges.)