I Got Hit With A Restraining Order Because I Filed For Sole Custody What Next

Forms for a restraining order, child custidy & support in PA?

Restraining order and custody are two different things handled by two different depts....sometimes two different buildings.

Restraining order--protanitary office in court house, usually. If you have a battered women's shelter near you, they will assist. They must know you are in fear for your life.

Custody is handled by family court and has nothing to do with if he is abusive to you or not. You need to go to courthouse and file for custodial parent. You have the control. You can't keep him from visitation unless he is a threat to the child. Meaning he has to hurt the child physically. Sucks but true.

You want to file custody before any visitation and keep a copy of restraining order and custody in your car, purse, house, everywhere you can think of. It must be handy in case of incident with any authorities. The sooner the better to file for custody. He also has that right and you want to beat him to the punch!

Good luck to you!

I need to file a restraining order against someone, but the only information I have is their name. what other information do I need to file?

Understand that a restraining order is meaningless until it is served to the person involved. So if you don't know where they are living, you are going to need some help. The police may be able to help somewhat but they aren't your private service agency.Work with either Legal Aid or an attorney to get this done and get everything in the right way. Failing to do this properly gives the subject of your restraining order a legal defense. You can get this help without spending a lot of money but it will take effort on your part. Also, doing this the right way will give you more standing with the police should the order be violated.

If someone threatens to kill you, can you get a restraining order on them?

Yes when i was 20 (2 years age) some dude tried to threatened my life and my unborn sons life ( yes i was pregnant too) and it took like a month but i got one on him for two years. You will see them in court though. you got to give a testimony and bring witnesses. try not to but your address on all the files that you will have to fill out, unless you are like me and the prick knows where you live. I will admit i was scared but at the same time i wanted to kill him, I knew where he lived, he use to call my phone everyday and tell me he was going to cut open my stomach and kill my baby, and that he was going to bury my body at Hensley lake. he would call on a private number and sometimes act like Elmo but say grouse things, over time things got better. he didn't like the father of my son. but if i ever see him cross the street in this small town that we both live in, believe me he will get ran over! again!!!! lol. But you need to get away from him. don't let him know were you live. take that baby out now, cause you WILL see the affects your baby will have before you know it. don't expose your baby to that if dad don't care to expose his baby to that you HAVE to.You are the ONLY person who can save you and your baby. PLEASE leave him.

Can I Get a Restraining Order against my dad?

My life is a long story but to explain everything will take ages...
My dad is an alcoholic. he used to hit my mom until we moved out because i was crying all the time and being emotionally tortured (i was 10 then) from their violent arguments mostly every week...
we got enough money to move out into an apartment...he never knew we were here until now...he was a wreck but my mom didnt want for him to be homeless again so she gave him money and sometimes paid for his rent....But just recently hes been getting drunk and found out where we live and has threatened me and my mom because we havent been talking to him...but now he left a message on my phone saying that i ruined his marriage and hes going to come get me from school and that he has a court order..My mom is out of state right now and my dad doesnt know that.. that is the reason we havent been talking to him..... my aunt is taking care of me (she has a notarized note too) i wanted to know that even if he succeds to get the police for me to go with him (he has a violent record),,, can i eventually come back to my mom and get a restraining order against my dad im 16 and i think that i can have my voice heard in court...So Can I??

What happens if you have a restraining order against you and the other person purposely puts themselves around you?

YOU WALK THE OTHER WAY.But I would also whip out my phone put it over my shoulder and record me walking away while narrating what happened.  Its the kind of thing that removes the debate about what was said and happened.  Maintaining distance is the best answer.  If you assault them even in self defense you are almost certainly going to be the one they try and hammer since you have the order against you.  The situations where pepper spraying or otherwise assaulting them are exceedingly rare and HIGHLY fact dependent.  The only one that comes to mind without question is if they come to your house and try and assault you.  You can't be forced to leave your house unless they lived there with you.You want to be able to show you are trying to uphold both the letter and spirit of the order.  If the other person goes places intentionally to try and get you into trouble then even with a restraining order that reads as harassment.  If you have a set schedule and they know about it and intentionally screw with you it could work out that you can get an order against them.  Then it is far easier.  You were there first, they came THEY HAVE TO LEAVE..Either way you should consult a lawyer.  And the best advice is don't create situations where a restraining order could be generated.