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I Have Found A Lump On My Rib Should I Be Worried

My dog has a small lump near her ribs, Should I be worried?

My moms pit got the same thing. I think that some breeds are predisposed to these kinds of lumps. You should get it checked out by a vet but I don't think she is in immediate danger. Our vet cut our dogs lump off and tested it for cancer and other things. He did the same thing to the second lump and nothing was found. The dog has since had several of these and the vet now just leaves them alone unless the seem to be bothering our dog or bust open. They are like little cysts.

I have found a lump on my dogs rib cage, what could it be? help?

You do need to get him to the vet. If it grows any more it could be cancer or tumor. It could also be nothing. My lab has 3 and just like the other answer said it is just fat. I did have a lab a few years ago the had cancer and got them all the time and we just kept having them removed until he had to be put down b/c of pain and I couldn't watch him suffer just so he could be with me. My vet always does biopsies b/c I ask her to just to make sure though.

I’ll tell you, this has happened to me 3 times. This is going to be gross as a fair warning. Also, I don’t recommend what I do, go see a doctor if you can, this is more to relieve stress while you wait for your appointment.The first time, a large lump the size of a walnut was in my right armpit, I would squeeze at it, and it would hurt after I messed with it, it felt like it was getting more swollen. I had a doctor’s appointment for the next week, but then in the shower, it burst. I had messed with it so much that it broke the skin and this large gunk just poured out, eventually dark blood came out, then it was done. Obviously I stayed away from using antiperspirant for a time because I didn’t want to get it (more?) infected or anything, and by the time of my doctor’s appointment, it had fully healed, so I cancelled the appointment.A couple years later, the same thing, except this time, I didn’t make the appointment, I disinfected the area, disinfected a needle, poked it, relieved the gunk, put some neosporin on it, bandaged it, and that was that.When it happened again, thats when I realized that while I “always” had a red area in my armpit, which I now know was a rash, I just didn’t know everyone didn’t have this reaction to anti-perspirants. I switched to natural deodorant and it went away (but it smelled like lemongrass, gross to my senses), and then I realized I could buy normal smelling deodorant and smell “normal” but just not have whatever active ingredient is in anti-perspirants and be fine. I haven’t had a 4th cyst in over 8 years, so hopefully its permanently gone. I have tried to use antiperspirants again (accidentally bought the antiperspirant kind instead of deodorant, I didn’t realize they made the same smell in both types), and I immediately got the rash again so I threw it away.So in my opinion, I wouldn’t be too worried about it, its probably just a cyst, for me, its a 10 dollar copay to have my doctor take care of a cyst and takes only a few minutes and is mostly painless. Obviously your available healthcare will determine your best plan of action.Good luck!

Help! I found a lump on my rib and am having a hard time breathing!?

I found a lump on my second rib to the left of my sternum. I have had a pain in that area for a while and just found the lump. I have also noticed a persistant fever, 99.5 to 100.5 for the past two monthes (my normal used to be below 98). I have a sort of pressure in my chest as well with shortness of breath. I have joint pain too but that is not a new symptom like the others. I am a 34 year old female. Any ideas?

I’m afraid you need to be a little more specificHuman Thorax Anatomy Human Thorax Diagram Diagram Of Bones Of Thorax Diagram Of Bones - INNER ORGAN

Lump on my dogs right side, by his ribs?

I was playin with Tazzy and noticed a hard lump on his ride side, right next to his ribs. My mom had taken him to the store twice with her and both times she hit her brakes to hard and he fell from the back seat, could it be from that, or could it be something else? Im getting really worried, should I put ice on it? Do they do that for dogs? Im starting to wonder if I should take him to the vet tomorrow morning, or wait til Friday to see if it goes way.

My dog has a hard lump at the bottom.end of the rib cage on her left side...?

If the "lumps" are on the high of your "rib cage" that is at the base the place your neck merges into your torso and are close to equal on either side, they're natural. They are the ends of your clavicles. If the lumps are further down and on either side they nonetheless may be traditional as they could also be where the ribs begin to curve round your chest. The actual fact they are on all sides makes it a lot more viable that they are natural but of direction if they're thoroughly new and you are worried your health care provider can put your mind comfy. When you have only one lump and it can be on one part and under no circumstances been there earlier than it warrants a bit more concern however on the grounds that lumps are long-established, especially the place the ribs become a member of the breast bone, it nonetheless is probably not cause for drawback. It pays to have it checked as no one here can absolutely see it.

Lump on my left side by rib cage?


Can you help me. I have found a lump on my left side by my rib cage, I do have a simular one on my right also, and wondered if this was normal as I am not sure, this sounds silly I know. It does not hurt, but as I know its there I am thinking all sorts of things. I thought it might be a stress/tension thing but I don't know. Anyone had a simular experience??