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I Have Really Bad Headache

I have a really bad headache?

take a percoette, a beer, then go for a little drive to relax.

Really bad headache!?

I went to the lake and went tubing with my friends. I dont know how fast we were going, but it was super fun, but i wiped out a couple times. The last time i wiped out i hurt my hand, and i got a really bad headache. I have had it since yeterday, about 3:30 and it only hurts when i stand up. When i lay down and there is pressure on the back of my head it feels better.

What do you guys think? I RARELY ever have headahes. And i never have migranes. It hurts in the back of my head the most. Im 15, do you guys know what it is?

And im not gonna go to the doctor unless it gets super bad. Beat answer 10 points!

When I Get Mad I Get A Really Bad Headache?

You need to get a blood pressure check. If your pressure is already high, getting mad will make it even higher. If it gets high enough you can have a stroke. Go see a doctor just to be safe. Be sure to tell him that the headaches are related to when you get mad.

10 Points - I have a really bad headache and it's really hurting me. Can anyone help for 10 points?!?

hi.first shut down your laptop.then have two cup of black must not drink coffee,because it seems your headache is migrane type.intense light can be bad for you also load sound.then after having tea and a small meal like bread,sleep in dark and quiet can chew(yes chew)two adult cold also before sleeping(one in one minute and other after a while) if you are over cold has acetaminofene for cutting pain,antihistamine as tranquilizer,decongestant for efect on cold has these 3.bitter tast is good for mental efect.chewing has also local efect that can be useful.try it.use it no more than twice a month.also go to doctor for diagnosis.have a good new year.

Why did I have a really bad headache for two days after choking on water?

You went on an enormous drunken bender. You drank half a liter of Vodka, then worried about a hangover drank, in your drunken state, half a litre of water. This made you choke. You fell asleep and when you awoke you had the mother of all hangovers with a headache that took two days to clear.

I have exams all week and I’ve been getting really bad headaches. Is it because of stress?

Very possibly, but also trying to absorb too much information at once.As I mention in a reply to a person’s request for assistance in “studying harder”, split your study time in to units.When you get home have an hour to slow down from school, have your tea/early evening meal and a drink like tea or coffee, and do an hours studying. Take a break and do something completely different, say take the dog for a walk, may be watch the TV or something else you enjoy doing, say going to ride your bike or skate board, football etc.Then go back to your studying.Then study for another hour; take a break, this time just for a night meal, tea/coffee even a soft drink, then got to bed. Perhaps before you go to bed, play a game or something but nothing not too exciting and then go to bed. That is to say have an absolute cut off time from studying and do something relaxing before you go to bed.Have a set time that you do these, but they may not be necessarily at the same order or time; however do have a set time you got to bed.By giving yourself that “slow down” time before you got to bed, not only are you less likely to have a headache but sleep better and probably absorb more information.The other thing that crosses my mind is if you have to look harder at text in particular than you did before, it may be worth having your eyes tested, since you may have changed your prescription if you already wear glasses; alternatively as a part of growing up your sight has changed. I didn’t need corrective lenses until I was 19, and I only discovered that as a result of needing to look at other things harder.One final issue, and actually very important, if you have gas heating in particular, or the room you study in is next to a kitchen or flue for say a boiler, have the room tested for Carbon Monoxide. Quite often if the room is not very well insulated and in particular in winter when the windows are close, you can be taking in a weak level if Carbon Monoxide, and that can both make you drowsy as well as having headaches.So get the room, indeed whole house checked for any leaks.

Is it normal to get really bad headaches while taking Adderall?

While it isn't exactly common to get bad headaches on Adderall, it isn't unheard of. Besides raising the heart rate and increasing blood pressure, amphetamine can also cause tension and sleep deprivation. These can lead to headaches.Although I don't think it's necessarily a problem, you should exercise caution while talking Adderall, make sure you're getting adequate water and food, and finally make sure that you are rested and that your blood pressure and pulse are within normal (for being on a stimulant) parameters. Of course, this is in addition to making sure you're taking Adderall at the prescribed dosage (again, “prescribed” is the important word) and talking to your doctor about any undesirable side effects.Although not prescribed as often these days, dextroamphetamine has fewer parasympathetic side effects. Dextroamphetamine is usually given in the form of Vyvanse (a “time release” formulation which is inhibited by the digestive system's ability to cleave lysine from the amphetamine molecule) and, less frequently, as the plain dextroamphetamine salt (immediate release).Please exercise some caution. Internet medicine and diagnosis is problematic, at best. In order to be sure you aren't suffering from a serious condition, there is no answer that you can get here which will be better than that of a medical professional who has examined you in person.

Are headaches that last for 4 days bad?

Before asking if you should go to the doctor, you should evaluate what you have done for this headache. Pain is your body's way to telling you something is wrong. Try to figure out what your body is telling you. Have you been especially stressed lately? Do you have a lot of tension? Both are common causes of headaches. Is your area experiencing weather changes? High and low pressure fronts moving in cause many people headaches. Have you recently changed your diet or activity level? Both can cause headaches.What have you done to try and make the headache go away? Over the counter pain medications, such as Excedrin, Aleve, or ibuprofen work for many people. Fresh air and exercise are also good remedies. Don't do anything too extreme, but a walk in the fresh air can help your headache as well as give you a chance to relax and reduce your stress and tension. Make sure you are getting plenty of water to drink, and are eating healthy, lots of fruits and veggies will help your body and give you needed nutrients. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can also cause headaches.If all else fails and you still have the headache, talk to your doctor. It never hurts to get checked out. I do not, however, recommend going to the emergency room. A simple headache is not appropriate for the emergency room and you are taking time away from the doctors and nurses that could be helping emergent patients. Unless this came on suddenly, or is so bad you cannot function, chances are you do not have a tumor. In fact, you are more likely to get in a car accident on the way to the doctor's office then to have a tumor. If you are stressing over the idea that you have a tumor, you may very well be exacerbating the situation with the added stress you are giving yourself. Just relax!I hope you feel better soon!

If you have a really bad headache will snorting a regular (safe)dosage of advil help the pain relieve quicker?

There is no reason to snort anything up your nose. Yes, it might take effect ever-so-slightly sooner if you take it in such a ridiculous manner, but why would you want to destroy the cartilage on the inside of your nose?

It's not all right. It's a really bad idea.