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I Have This Bad Rash On My Inner Thigh Where My Underwear Line Is And It Itches Its Really Red What

TMI... Rash on underwear line...?

So.... I've recently- within the past two months- (has NEVER happened before) been getting this rash now and then along my underwear line (only the lower hind-end. Like where you would get a wedgy.) it's red and raised slightly to the touch. It seems only to occur in the heat, when I get wet in my jeans (or I guess sweat a lot also), or a combination of both. It REALLY stings, and I have to go to bed commando because anything touching it when I move stings really bad. Hydrocortisone cream helps only slighty to deter the pain, but doesn't ultimately heal the rash. The only way I can get it to go away is by not moving and going to bed as soon as I get home. Usually it heals 80% by morning, and the rest heals by the next morning. I try not to move much on the second day. My daytime activities when it happens are working with horses. Requires both riding, and a LOT of walking/ leg movement. It's really hot out at the stables, so I can't help but sweat. Also giving the horses baths or taking them swimming is what makes my jeans wet (so I have to wear them throughout the day). The irritation doesn't seem to take full impact until after I get in the car to drive home. I can bear it as I walk around at the barn, but once I get home it's hard to move without a very harsh sting. I know this is kind of awkward, but I haven't found a solution. Also, a note, I guess this has happened only a handful of times in a different way along the seam of my jeans. In the winter time sometimes I will get a less irritated rash all the way down the inside of my thigh where the seam was touching the skin. That's the only relation I can make. I not allergic to anything as far as I know. I've been wearing the same brand of underwear my entire life and this has never been a problem.

I've considered switching to all cotton underwear with no elastic.... But until I glean more about my situation, I'm not making the purchase until I know what's going on. :/

Itchy rash on inner thigh, spread to butt cheeks, and mid leg???

my boyfriend has a rash that started on his inner thigh, and moved to his butt cheeks and mid thigh, but cleared up on the inner thigh now. its very itchy and get red when he itches it. he tried cortisone 10 and that makes the itch stop temporarily but the rash hasn't gone anywhere, but cleared up on the inner thigh and spread to his butt cheeks and mid leg..its raised and bumpy pretty much all the time. hes also been using baby powder to keep it dry. ive done a ton of rash searches and read and looked at pics on the net and cant figure out what this could be? he uses ivory soap and has NO STD's! does this sound familur to ANYONE?? i dont know what to try next?


I have three bumps on my inner thigh near my underwear line?

Okay well a couple days ago noticed that i had an itching sensation in the inner thigh near my bikini area. When I touched it down there it was three little bumps i looked and it didn't seem like it was herpes(hopefully). My mom says its from leg fat, the skinny jeans i wear, and my underwear being so tight( i gained a lot of weight recently) also me sweating a lot( i live in Arizona) and taking showers every other day(I know nasty).If this may help, i shave that area and near where i have the bumps, but the bumps are on my legs not my pubic area.(the bumps are where the pubic and the leg meet) I am really scared because I do have herpes but its in the buttocks area and my doctor said it wouldn't move up but i'm still scared. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT PLEASE. I AM PANICKING A LOT! SOMEONE JUST HELP ME!

Raw skin around top inner thighs near pubic area?

For the last week the area around my underwear line at the top of my inner thighs and around my pubic area has been very red and inflamed and raw. It is quite painful. It wasn't that bad at first but it has gotten significantly worse and even goes up through the crack of my butt now. I have tried wearing all different kinds of underwear, cotton, satin, granny panties, bikini, thong, etc. I'm assuming the area in my crack is a result of thongs. But it is very painful and the more I move around the worse it gets. The skin at the inner most part is peeling it is so raw and had started to scab over however of course I take a gym class so moving around is unavoidable and it got worse. When it scabbed over it was very itchy and the section that is on the inside of my crack is very tough now and doesn't really hurt its just red. But the inner thigh area around my panty line is almost unbearable now and it seems that there is an odor that is becoming stronger and stronger. I change my underwear twice a day and wash myself twice a day and that doesnt appear to be helping. What could this be? and what can I do to make it stop?!

Red itchy rash around panty line?

Stop wearing panties... Problem, solved!

Rash in my panty line burns and itches?

The source below discusses many different types of skin rashes.