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I Hear My Mum Moaning In The Middle Of The Night

I heard my mom moaning lastnight?

I was on the computer, and I heard the bed rocking hard I was wondering what the noise was so I went upstairs, and I could hear my mom, and her BF getting it on, now I feel awkward around them how do I get over this? I'm sick to my stomach! GROSS!!!!

Hear my mom moaning, cheating?

hi well I'm 15 and my moms 44 she and my dad got divoriced 3 years ago and she been dating this guy for almost like a year and he doesn't live with us but he's here maybe 3-4 days out of the week and i know they have sex because i can hear them at night somtimes
in the past 2 weeks this other guy has been coming over oftenand he's spending the night for the 4th time right now, each times i hear her moaning and their having sex
It grosses me out and its just really weird

What should i do :S and why is she having sex with another guy if she has a boyfrien? i shouldnt tell him should i ? should i say anything? all I've ever said is i asked who he was and she said just a friend, its really screwd up and i duno what to do, and shes kinda old to still sleep with guys :/
is it normal?

I hear my mum moaning in the middle of the night?

My mum and dad recently got divorced and my mum already has a new boyfriend. And, since she hasn't had sex in ages, her and her boyfriend have sex two doors down from my room every weekend. I wouldn't really care, except my mom moans like a porn star. It isn't even 11pm and she's screaming and shaking the whole house. The first time this happened I wrote an angry note and left it for her. She got mad and said next time I should just knock on her door. So next time I ask her to be quiet times in a half an hour and they're still going at it and shaking everything. What do I do about it at this point? Every time I hear it I get really panicky and anxious because it isn't my dad and I can't sleep. Part of me just wants them to stop having sex at my house, but I doubt that's going to happen. I've tried headphones but she's too loud.. Help please?

Why does my mom and dad make moaning sounds at night?

Your mother is an abuser. Every night, she asks your father to tell her everything he did that day. If he has done anything wrong, he gets punished.At this point in his abused, culled state, he’s like a whipped puppy. And is ashamed of how he is perceived by you, his child.If you don’t believe me, just ask him why he and Mommy make moaning sounds at night - If I’m right, he’ll get embarrassed and change the subject!

Why does my mom moan in the night?

Well. Your mother is obviously playing an Intense game of pokemon and losing to a man, which may bring out a dark side in women, causing her to moan in anger, and curse at the lords. Just get some headphones, and if you hear a banging and slapping its because your mother is flinging your farther across the room and slapping him in rage. It'll only last a while more. It isn't sex, don't worry. And it happens every night because your mother can't accept she just can't win.

Did my mom hear me moan?!?

Last night my Bf and I had Skype sex. I was pretty sure my mom was in bed already but in the middle of it all I heard doors close. My door was closed and I had a fan on high but I was moaning pretty loudly. Do you think she heard me? I played a video at max volume with my fan on and closed the door and stood out in the hall and could hear it.

I heard my PARENTS HAVING SEX last night??!!!?

their room is next to mine, and i could hear them and there is a vent connecting their room to mine so i could see if the light was on or not, and it wasn't on.

i'm not even sure they were having sex, i couldn't hear my dad but my mom was moaning and making weird sounds like she was hurting. she was like "oh oh ooo uh oh uh" and she paused in between "oh" or "uh" and she giggled once and she sounded like it hurt, so does sex hurt? also she said "okay" and "stop" i think a few times, but im not sure

before they took a shower because i heard the water running.
after the disguesting noises stoped the light came back on and they talked but i couldn't hear what they were taking about
i think they were taking about china, because we're chinese and i have a sister, we're in middle school, so they never mentioned sex to me but i know what it is

so help? im not going to mention this to them but how do i stop thinking about this and not hear them again

Why does my mom moan when she sleeps at night?

record the sounds and play em for her, im sure she'll stop

My mom has really bed shaking sex and moans loudly everynight, how do i tell her i can hear her?

every single night for hours the bed shakes and squeaks and the headboard hits the wall which is my wall too. i know exactly what position they are in at all times because i can hear the bed squeaking so loud and clear thru the wall. she moans all night long loudly and it drowns out anything i do and always makes me get a *****.