I Hit My Friend With A Hammer And He Is Lying On The Floor What Do I Do

My best friend is being stalking by her ex?

:O I'm so sorry for your friend!! Make sure she reads this! First of all. What's her Ex's Name and Address? I'm going there with a HAMMER AND I'M GONNA KILL HIM!!! I Really think she should just text him or tell him something face to face she should say this ''STOP! You know what? I will call the COPS On you if you keep this up. I mean SERIOUSLY. STOP THE STALKING OR I SWEAR. I got a phone. Ain't afraid to use it. I got fingers. Ain't afraid to use them either. I CAN CALL 911 YOU ASSHOLE!''

Tell her if he does it again she MUST Call 911. Tell Her She should enjoy herself and party and if he does anything like crash the party or start harassing or threatening her tell her always bring a phone!! Also tell someone at the party like the manager or the boss or owner about it.

Also tell her try being friends with a cop and start soon dating Him Or a Ninja!

Tell her never take him back ! And Tell her change her Email and phone number! Tell her boss at work everything and let her also tell him this. AND let her tell her boss at work to change her working times so he doesn't come in at that time you know. Just tell him to back AWAY!

Tell her to choose different coffee break times! Heres a site a lot about ex and relationship stalking its good info its nothing boring like ''Oh, You should just move to narnia ...''

She should carry on with life and forget him. Erase and delete him off Kik and everything!!! And block him and tell her this important. SHE SHALL NEVER SHE SHALL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Go ANYWHERE alone at Night/Day/Morning! Even if she is throwing the trash or she goes ''Pfft. Who cares?'' Unless she does Judo And Karate its okay ! Make sure your super supportive! Here is something i got off the website also

If your stalker is calling you on the phone, invest in Caller ID if you can afford it and it is offered in your area. Many markets have Enhanced Caller Id which shows the caller's name as well as his phone number.

:D! If she keeps getting stalked tell her to add me to my contacts on YA.
If he abuses her in public or they meet up in a place and its important so none can leave tell her don't stare at him it will creep her out more.

Theres a bunch of ways! I'm so sorry for your friend!

;D! Hope that all helped!

My boyfriend hit me, is it justified?

Break up with him. Those are no reasons to hit someone. He seems to not really care about you if he's hitting you. Tell someone you're close with your problem. Maybe they can help with the emotional distress. You should try going out with friends and distract yourself from thinking of him. He's not worth it but just stay strong. Youre not the only one in the world. Just keep your head up. Good luck.

My boyfriend hit me!! What do I do?!?

OMG Dear you are not wrong, only he is. Hun he pretty much raped you, or at least attempted to. Do not blame yourself. You must have trusted him if you were at his house alone. He is a bast ard like you said. No person should ever force you to do anything you don't wanna do, it's wrong. He should never lay a hand on you if he loves you.
I was beat so bad by my ex that he ruptured my kidneys, and I can't have children anymore. He raped me time and time again. It took a lot of courage and strength to leave. But I did. I also had him arrested which he is serving time for attempted murder right now. It was the scariest time of my life, and I live use to live in fear of it everyday. You are still a minor, as I was an adult. I can only imagine how much you feel you are to blame, but again it is not your fault.
If you want my honest opinion on what you should do, then here it is. You need to first go to the hospital. You need to have your head checked out. You could have internal bleeding hun. Then you need to either get with your parents and tell them about it, or go straight to the police. This will happen again, no matter what he says. It will, maybe not to you (if you stay away), but to someone. This type of person has to have control. He needs to learn this world don't work like that. You need to be in control of your life, not anyone else. Please, please, please stay away from him. I would never want you to go through the pain I did and do everyday. You need to make sure he knows you are not a dog, you are human. He will beg eventually for your forgiveness, and say hes sorry he'll never do it again. But that is a complete lie. And even if it isn't the one time is enough. Please be safe and get away from the entire situation. It is okay to be alone. I am so concerned and worried for you and Wish nothing but the best for you. If you would, please keep me updated. You can email me anytime at If you need advice or just need to talk make sure you email me.

Any of a number of things could happen, depending on the decisions of the writer. (This IS fiction, after all.)1: If Superman is pinned, he might escape by pushing through the ground he is lying on.2: Superman is from a different universe than Thor, so the laws may be different, so Superman might be exempt from whatever forces hold Mjolnir in place. I doubt this one.3: There has been one instance where the Hulk has managed to lift Mjolnir, but not because he was worthy. He simply kept getting angrier till he was strong enough to overcome whatever force is holding the hammer in place.4: Superman might be deemed worthy. There was a crossover where this happened, but only when Thor was incapacitated. Once the day was saved, and Thor recovered, Superman was no longer able to lift Mjolnir. He was only able to lift it because there was an overwhelming need. If Thor places the hammer on Superman, it is presumed that they are fighting one another, it is clear that such a need would not exist.The most interesting story might be if Odin was pissed off at Thor for doing something arrogant and stupid, like in the first Thor movie. It is Odin himself who decides who is worthy or not, so me might just decide The Son or Jor-El is worthy enough for the moment to pick up the hammer and spank Thor with it.

Best Friend troubles?

OMG and I had a bestie like that too! always doing better than me or trying to beat me, and if i beat her she would make up some lame excuse or tell her prents that i cheated or something! I coped with her for maybe 6 years but then we had to go up to comprihensive school - not sure what that is in america but ages 11-19. And for a while we stuck together, but then i made my own friends who my friend doesnt get along with, she would start being mean and i basikally told her
" If you're gonna be mean to my friends you lose me, Im not standing with you anymore if you dont respect my friends " and i left,
She made her own friends and now we barley talk.
If you still wanna be friends just say you want to hae your own life with new friends but you still want her with you.
Or tell her that its your time to be in controle and make new friends.
Good luck

I think my fiance is cheating and lying?

we have been engaged for a month now and i keep finding new things out about her. she told me she was bisexual until she met me and that hit me like a rock. then i read on her myspace she had a sleep over and slept with this guy she calls "hot". she said nothing happened and then before that she disappeared for 3 days and i couldnt reach her any where when she came back she acted like nothing happened and everything was fine. she had been drinking and even tried smoking. i really hate the both i actually hate all that that happened and now she just leaves with out saying anything and wont talk till the next day. she also belly dances and i have never seen it and i dont want her showing her self to a bunch of guys acting like animals. we made an agreement to forget our past and all that. why do i still have a feeling that shes at parties? we made a promise on our relationship that no parties ever and i just dont know what to do i loose sleep i stay by the phone and on the computer all day i dont eat i dont drink water or anything my hair is like falling out im so stressed out i want her to understand i really want to marry her and she seems to take it as a joke its not that hard is it? am i to controlling? should i back off? i said i would sell everything i own to keep her safe and all that someone please help me i love her so much i want her in my life forever and i want a family with her please help me! ='[

If you need a painkiller, PLEASE take it. Make sure to visit a doctor first and get one prescribed to avoid complications.I've had pain on the first day of my period for 10 years. 10 times 12 is 120 days that I could not function without a painkiller. Have you seen sanitary napkin ads? They're all about running marathons and doing yoga and basically not letting your period interfere with your life. Well, that's exactly why I take painkillers. I don't want to miss out on work and vacations and movies and shopping and fun things in life, just because my stomach hurts every single month, when I have a way to avoid it.Here are the top reasons I've been advised not to take a painkiller though (that I completely ignored anyway):It's not good for you - that's why I checked with a doctor firstIt will interfere with your period - nope, still looks like a crime scene down there.It will reduce your pain tolerance and you'll take more and become an addict - I've taken two occasionally but I haven't become an addict in the last ten years. If it's the end of the day and it's not debilitating, I just get through the last few hours and go to bed early.Cultural/religious reasons - this is illogical to me. Would you tell someone with a painful broken leg that they're suffering for their sins?Seriously though, periods are uncomfortable and often inconvenient. Just make sure to check with a doctor first and pop that pill.

Yes, I have….I had to!! But i feel bad for doing it now.I was watching TV. I had opened my backyard door and forgot about it. I was engrossed in watching TV and kept nodding off. Suddenly, I heard some noise but I was too happy dozing to pay real atttntion. Then I felt someone tapping on my cheeks with their hands. I shooed it away, but felt the tap again on my arms and a deep sharp thing going into my skin. I got off the couch fast as it was very painful and felt scared as I was all alone at home. I got up and looked at my arm, where blood was trickling out of the spot where I felt deep pain. I turned back and saw the backdoor open and was sure someone must have entered through this door.I was unsure if I should treat my wound first, or, find who did this to me or just call for help.The excrutiating pain brought me back to my senses and I heard the same noise again, which made the things clear as to what must have happened and where must he be hiding.I decided to tackle him first, I decided to fight. I ran towards the drawer and took it out and within seconds fired towards the direction of the noise, but he evaded the shot and ran in the other direction. Again and again, I shot in his direction yet continued to miss. after awhile I realized to my surprise that he was only defending himself and not trying to harm me. However, the noise he made was making me nervous. I was determined to give a tough fight. After a few more minutes my shot made him fall down to the ground. I felt relieved for a second, but when I saw his body moving, I shot one more time and made sure he was dead.I wiped the sweat and tears with my arm and realized the pain again. I saw myself in the mirror and screamed, as my forehead was covered in blood, but the realized it was from my arm.As i was treating my wound, the real story behind the attack was unfolding in my mind and I decided not to call the cops and to deal with the dead body myself before anybody knew.The real http://story……….it was a bumble bee which entered through my backdoor and was troubling me. It stung me on my arm, and I shot up from the couch and struck myself where I'd been stung with the fork in my hand that I'd been using to eat watermelon. It required too many swatter shots to bring it down.Sorry to bother you to read thru’, if you didn’t like my story, but its a true story happened to me last month. (I know only female bumble bees have stingers, use of male pronouns only for dramatic purpose).