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I Just Dealeted Messages From Inbox They Are Not In Trash Or Junk I Do Not Know Where They Went

I just deleted all my junk mail into the folder where it goes when you delete it... how do I empty the whole f

When you delete any junk mails, they all go to trash. After that, you don't have to do anything. Mails in trash are automatically deleted. To avoid future receipt of junk mails.

Aside from just deleting these junk mails. Make sure, that
you marked them as Spam;. This way, the senders' e-mail addresses will be placed in your blocked address lists which can hold up to 500 addresses.

To set the above: Go to your yahoo home page. Under
Options located on the extreme right. Locate the Spam protection.:

You can choose. from these options:

Spam Filter
SpamGuard is ON [Turn SpamGuard OFF - What's this?]

For messages SpamGuard identifies as Spam:

_ Immediately delete these messages upon receipt. (Note: If you choose this option, you will not be able to review the messages before they are deleted.) If you choose this option like I do; you rbulk folder will always stay empty as the Spam Guard works diligently in expunging any junk mail.

To make sure that these junk or unsolicited mails go the bulk folder. Again, locate Options. Under General Preference, locate Special folders and mark it to direct unsolicited mails to the Bulk Folder.

You can also choose Save these messages in the Bulk Folder for 1 week/ 2 weeks/ 1 month So they won't clatter your inbox.

Mark Spam + Not Spam
When I mark a message as Spam, in addition to deleting the message:

Add the sender's email address to my blocked addresses list You can view this blocked addresses list under the titled blocked addresses list .

When I mark a message in the Bulk folder as Not Spam:

Move the message to my Inbox.

How often do you clear out the messages in your inbox?

Oh, I clear out my inbox daily.

However, I just take them from the inbox and stash them in other folders. I have 565 emails that I need to "process" (send thanks, or whatever). I try to respond to family and friends the same day. I have another 370 emails that I have yet to open but pretty much know what they are about.

I was working on the Spam folder recently and forwarding them to "" ( That organization has really done a good job in reducing the number of Spams sent to my Yahoo!Mail account.

Why are my Inbox messages being put in Trash Folder before I can read them?

That issue sounds like a browser error problem.

Most email issues are with the WEB Browser(s) so try using another browser first, if you have one or if using windows try the following if you have windows IE click Shift-CTRL- DEL at the same time and a MENU will pop-up DELETE BROWSING HISTORY, uncheck the top box and check all others boxes, but read each of them and DELETE. HOW TO CLEAN OTHER WEB BROWSER(s), cache and cookies, the following link will show you a long list of browsers and steps to clean each:
HOW TO REMOVE OLD FILES, HISTORY AND JUNK FROM INTERNET SURFING: Click on START, All Programs, review and click on first directory ACCESSORIES, look for SYSTEMS TOOLS and click on DISK CLEANUP, check all boxes and this will remove a lot of junk errors and files on the COMPUTER, now you need to repeat this a few times to get all of them. Now you will see a list of what you are cleaning. You should perform this a few times until you are only seeing only all four “0” zero in all four areas.
HOW TO CLEAN UP PC HARD DRIVE: Now return to SYSTEM TOOLS but after "system tools" click on DESK DEFRAGMENTER, Set up a schedule works best. This should be run a few times per Month.
By DEFRAGMENTING your HD it becomes easier for your PC to work. So the computer needs a workout program like above, once a Month. Your PC wants memory for (ROOM TO WORK) so it has time to find and fix, clean up errors, history, cookies and files no longer being used. Once complete reset by rebooting the hard drive. Once complete all of the books are put into order A to Z and 1 to 9 and cleared spaces.

Small Business LINK to YAHOO

How do I select all of messages that are in my Inbox folder to be moved to the trash all at once?

I have 8,998 messages in my inbox and they are all junk. I only check my e mail a couple times a month and everytime it's a large amount of junk that takes hours to delete because I can only delete 200 at a time. There has to be a way to empty that folder or select the entire list. I'd like to know how to prevent this as well if anyone can help.

Deleted mail in junk mail folder. How do i restore it ?.?

Messages deleted from all folders (except Bulk/Spam) go to the Trash folder. You can check there if the messages were deleted just recently. If the Trash folder has already been emptied, those messages are gone--permanently erased. They cannot be recovered.
Messages deleted from the Bulk/Spam folder do NOT go to the Trash folder. They are permanently erased when deleted. They cannot be recovered.

Moved one of my emails from trash to inbox but its not showing up?

You may use the steps in this Yahoo Help article to attempt a recovery. Please know however there is a small window of time our engineering team can use for email restores and they may not always be able to recover deleted messages:

"Restoring missing emails or IMs"

To keep your Yahoo Mail account in sync across multiple devices you'll need to use the IMAP server settings for your other mail clients:

IMAP server settings

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Can I retrieve deleted Junk Mail?

After messages are emptied from Trash, they're permanently deleted from the Yahoo! Mail server and can't be recovered.
you can look in all folders - trash -sent - inbox - drafts - bulk recycle bin etc
not there it is gone