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I Need A Famous Stores In China

Do they have these stores in Shanghai, China???!!!?

they have none of those stores in shanghai, or China.
but i buy from ''super grand mall'' in Pudong area, i'm not sure of the english name though,but it's a huge mall under the big oriental pearl tower. there are many good restaurants there too, also place for doing nails, also there are some good restaurants by the river which is walking distance from that mall.
that mall has H&M, esprit, sephora and many other more expensive stores, i don't remember the name. you will surely find stuff u like there!

NBA store in shenzhen, china?

Yes, you can find a NBA Store in Shenzhen, there are some examples:

1 Shenzhen subway station next to the East Gate
2 Sun NIKE shop in department stores
3. Nanshan leading universities NIKE stores (discount stores)
4. Vientiane City Sports 100NIKE shop

Besides, there is a new big store will be opend in Shenzhen instrument city, if you travle in Shenzhen somedays later, you can find it. In fact, there are many other things you can do in Shenzhen. Do you want to enjoy the Shenzhen unique food; do you want to know travel around Shenzhen and visit all its famous attractions; do you want to experience the Shenzhen colorful nightlife? More info about it, here:
If you want to, you can have a visit to Hong Kong by the way, which is not far away from Shenzhen. Hong Kong is a paradise for any visitors, especially for shoppers, not metion to NBA stores, they are so many in Hong Kong.

Video game stores/shops in Beijing?

I'm going to Beijing, China, i've posted some questions before but they weren't helpful to me. Can anybody tell which streets/stores sell video games in Beijing and consoles like the ps3 because I plan on buying one there. Please tell me where they are and how to get there.

Which are the cheapest and best online shopping sites in China?

When one has to list the cheapest online shopping sites then there can be tons of sites but if one has to list cheapest and best then there can be very few.Who doesn’t like things for cheap? But the most contradicting thing is that the same person who is looking for a cheap item is also looking for the best. How nice it would be if you could find both cheap and best in a single site?As I am a frequent online buyer, I’ve tried quite a number of sites for my multiple necessities say it be for fashion, electronics, or much more. I’m a online shopping freak.As I was opting to get a drone for myself I started checking site after site. So after trying multiples of sites, I landed again in Ali Express. As I had already used Ali Express in my previous purchases, trust was not an issue here. Then I went straight away and chose the drone which I wanted to purchase. The same drone which was available for $34 in Ali Express was available in another site for whopping $135. So much difference. Why?I intervene and get to the conclusion that Ali Express is a direct B2B online site. They get all the products directly from the manufacturer in this way the products get cheaper. After understanding all the factors it was great to know how the price of an item is cheap and best. In Ali Express one can get best and cheap Under $5 Products.Ali Express is my new favourite for online shopping. It may be for fashion or for gadgets.Note: The above views/answer is based on my personal experience with the site. In order to experience the same one needs to use their services.

How can I differenciate a Nokia phone made in China but original and a nokia made in China but fake?

the price is the most important way,there are many people buy the mobile in discount time in China,if the mobile is much cheaper than the same types,it must be fake,in my opinion Nokia is very good to use,it can use more than 2 years.also in China have a very famous web site store ,it's name is taobao ,many Chinse people buy anything thought the net,also you can get the very good mobile though the net ,i am the taobao agent ,i can help you!
I am a local chinese buy agent, i can do purchase for foreigners with chinese items to help their small business or daily life use,things could be from and other china online shopping sites or china wholesale market or directly from is the biggest C2C online shopping site in aisa,it is just like another ebay,you can find cheap brand cloths,shoes,bags there,some are the order rest from china OEM factory,and some are 1:1 highly alike replica. If you are interest in this area,can add my msn for further chatting.
Hope it helps!