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I Need An Opinion What Do You Guys Think

Hey guys, I need your opinion on immigration!?

A.Yes a i know a few people who are illegally here.
B.Well i think so because they're going to drive anyway, so might as well give it them so we have a way to hold them accountable in accidents.
C.Well yea because most of the ones i know (i know a lot because i was illegal at some point in time but i'm legal now and an engineering student) Anyway not all of them are criminals so the extra income tax we would get would beneficially.
D. Yes, they use our tax money with free clinics and schools wouldn't it make sens to help them pay taxes so its not all a waste.
E. Well not really because most illegal immigrants choose to stay illegal and stay under the radar. If we weren't so rampant on sending them back more would apply and become legitimate citizens.

You have to understand the immigration system is so complicated and frustrating that an average immigrant with no help form an american or a avid english speaker would be lost. THe forms are so complicated that any error is grounds for deportation. So if an illegal immigrant has a job getting paid anything which is a lot better than their situation in their old country, why would they risk applying for immigration if the chances of them getting deported is great.

I think most people forget we're all immigrants, and most immigrants just want a better life. Yes there is a large number of immigrants that end up becoming criminals, but a large majority are well meaning people that want a better life.

My family all immigrated here, and at some point we were illegal but now my uncle owns several properties and is tax being Business man, my other uncle runs his own truck company, my cousin is going to school to become a lawyer and i'm going to school for engineering.

I need guys' opinions?

if a girl plays video games thats a major turn on for me. I myself also love video gomes

What's your opinions on Treehouse? Do you guys think it's a good tool to learn programming and web development?

Its just another program to make money. No doubt that the authors of the program are some well known people in the industry.However if you are good at using google you will never need these sort of programs.This is coming from a web developer who learnt to write code using FREE available online resources and now works at the biggest e-commerce company

What are your opinions on this?

I was almost brought to tears by your description. Something about it really hit my nostalgia nerve and brought back emotions from my own youth (roughly 15 years ago).All of my first 'experiences' were in public places. I did far worse than what you guys have done in places like a park bench, an alley, a construction site, etc. On several occasions people walked up on us! No biggie though, adults just figure it's kids being kids. Except the one time we were in someone's back yard... they chased us off. In fact, I've made out publicly recently. I live in a city now so you can do whatever you want and other people don't care - much different than my suburban upbringing.Anyway, the point is you did nothing wrong. Just make sure you're happy with the pace of things with this guy. You have the power to slow him down, but you have to be confident enough to say something. This is very important.As long as you're both happy with the pace of your growing affections, feels free to do those things and more wherever the hell you feel like. It's not like you guys have your own apartments. If you're parents don't want to invite him over so you guys can make out all day on the couch, then take to the streets (or park bench!) and do your business there.

Guys opinion: Queefing. (A.K.A. Püssy Farts)?

you's just air that YOU pushed inside her while you were riding her. Deal with it!!!

Would like TS girl's opinion. What do you think of chasers?

I personally do not care for them. I find it creepy that they are so focused on that particular aspect of my body that they ignore the person that I am. I have nothing against guys who like regular girls and tgirls, but wanting a tgirl just because of her body is not acceptable for me, I don't want to be nothing more than a sex object, especially if their focus is on a part of my body I am very uncomfortable with.

Can you guys give me an opinion which logo is better?

no.1 looks very different from the rest. Almost like it was made by a different human being. It looks clean, but is very plain and quite forgettable. Eg. The heart could mean romance and could also mean a heart-care hospital. The other ones need more work. no 2 and 3 are the same concept arranged differently. The font is associated with TV sports channels (Change spouse to sports and the logo will look very natural)no. 4 seems interesting, but there's just too much happening in there. All loops are replaced with hearts, the font is weird and imbalanced (spouse's S seems upside down) and the drop shadow reminds me of Beijing's killer smog. Apply restraint and re-do this option for a decent chance at seeing it live someday.Forget no.2 and 3. Rework on option 1 and 4. Use restraint but don't let them look vanilla.

What's your opinion about guys who pin roll their skinny jeans?

The stereotype that “if a guy wears something mildly feminine and acts X way he’s obviously gay” is unavoidable. The only way you’d be gay if you were to (maybe) experiment around, or really ‘debate’ it. Let’s be honest, if I were to see you walking around, yes I’d think you’re gay. No, I’m not homophobic (I’m pan, so if I were I’d just be going against myself in a way), but that way we’ve been raised puts those assumptions in our minds that we can’t help but think it.If you are gay, great. Be loud and proud of your sexuality. Are you anything else (straight, anything else LGBTQ+)? Then, okay, you’re that. Your fashion choice doesn’t look ‘gay’, it just comes off as feminine and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be whoever you want to be, and flaunt it!

Guys, and only GUYS, do you think this is too much muscle for girl?

Hi :) Good luck with your upcoming competition !
Let's give you my two cents on this:

The average guy ,who doesn't know a thing about bodybuilding, will say she's too muscular for them. Most won't be attracted to her.

Those who know a thing or two about bodybuilding will look at it a bit differently.
I see that she's definitely 'muscular' .... but by bodybuilding standards she's not that extreme. What draws the most attention is her dryness. Her rock-hard abs really stick out! (Very good calves too!) She has low bodyfat-percentage (plus for competition you've got to shed a lot of water weight), but she doesn't really have 'too much' muscle.

I'd bet if you'd show pictures of her, during the year with a higher body-fat percentage, lots of average guys would be drooling all over her.

Guys!! What Do You Guys Think About Me??(Pictures)

I'm just curious.
Rate me if you want,
but give me your honest

Im in the blue.

Im in the yellow.

Thanks A Lot!