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I Need Help Losing This Weight I Am Literally Desperate. What Can I Do

I'm desperate to lose weight...?

I need to lose weight fast. I'm 5'5, about 180 pounds and... wait for it... I'm just 14. I feel like all my problems revolve around me being overweight. Even my family makes fun of my weight. I'm tempted to buy some weight loss pills and wing it. I want to try the old-fashioned way of eating right and exercising, but I don't have time. You might think I'm just a kid so I have all the time in the world, but that's not true. Between family life and school, I'm left with about -5 hours for myself. What should I do? It's not like I have my own car to drive to the gym everyday. And it's pretty hard to watch what I eat because in my house, what's put in front of you must be eaten. I seriously have no motivation or energy to do anything, and it's all because of my weight. I'm tired of being the fattest girl in the room. Just recently I've started wearing men's clothes because I can't quite fit properly in women's clothes anymore.

I'm always hungry, too. Even if I tried going anorexic, I would just start eating again. Please... at this point I'm willing to try anything. I really want to get my life back on track and go back to living life as a young teenager, not some nervous wreck who's always thinking about her weight.

If you have good suggestions, by all means please tell. If your bored and want to give a stupid answer or something, please go do it somewhere else.


Will adderall help me lose weight?

I'm doing the squat challenge and I double the amount of squats it says to do for that day. And I do the same with the 30 day crunch challenge. I've just been prescribed adderall and I want to lose a lot of weight within a month so I can look good when I get back to school. I'm desperate. Any other tips?

I desperately need to lose 20 pounds in a month,?

You don't need to pay for any type of program like Joey B is trying to sell you.

You may or may not be able to lose 20 lbs in a month, but you can definitely lose some weight if you are disciplined enough. You need to exercises every day, but most importantly you need to improve your diet.

Don't worry about the BMI, it's good as an indicator but don't solely rely on it.

I don't know what you have been doing already or how educated you are already about nutrition and exercises, so instead of explaining things you may already know, I'm going to refer you to a website that will help keep you on track. It's the government food pyramid website, it's free, and it has great tools for tracking your nutrition and activity so you can see where you need to adjust. It is a lot of work, but it definitely will pay off if you are diligent about it.

There are no easy answers when it comes to getting in shape! You have to work hard to get there, and be diligent, even at Thanksgiving time. Healthiness truly has to become a lifestyle if you are going to keep the weight off permanently.

Health: If you stop eating will you lose weight fast? Is it safe?

If you stop eating,  you will starve. Eventually you will die. No, it is not safe.Initially your body will burn off the energy and nutrients you consumed just prior to deciding to Starve.Very quickly, likely within the first 48 to 72 hours, your body will realize that you are being a very naughty person, or that someone is being very cruel to you, and it will decide to run on hibernation mode...Practically speaking, your metabolism will slow to the bare minimum, as your body desperately tries to prevent you from using too many resources too quickly.After your body has burned all the free glucose in your system, it will convert to ketosis and begin to burn fatty acids, and you will burn fat. Your brain will adapt and you will begin to feel foggy headed as you use an inefficient method energy consumption. During this time you will begin to eliminate more rapidly and may become dehydrated as your body tries to help reduce the stress on your kidneys. Because the brain cannot live on fatty acids efficiently, after about 3 days your body will also begin to cannibalize any available protein - aka your muscles -, which it will then turn into glucose in order to give you some form of energy.Your body will also pull minerals out of your bones in an attempt to balance electrolytes.  At this point you will be at your minimum in terms of energy and mental function, but you will be able to survive for about 70 days before you die.That is, assuming you do not die from immunodeficiency caused by lack of nutrients, from a heart attack due to electrolyte imbalance. Generally speaking after 70 days, with no food at all. You will have lost weight... and your life.

How can I lose weight when I can't stop eating?

This question is me. Okay, let's see. I am 5'2 and I currently weigh 130 lbs. I once weighed 163 lbs. This journey wasn't much difficult(reason: I fell in love with the gym and the workouts) but at the same time it was time consuming. Weight loss should not be expected as soon as you start going to gym. I consider gym holy , I have two rules, like I don't waste more time between repetitions and I don't get to use my mobile phone in the gym. I stick to the excercises which I love doing increasing to a higher difficulty mode every time when I get used to the previous one. But once am done with a particular workout, I shift to a new one as the combinations of different workouts always helps toning up the body. And I burn 500-700 calories when I hit the gym . 4-5 days a week. Go to gym a year (holidays, personal reasons, weekends excluded) and then expect something. But trust me, IT WILL BE WORTHHH ITT!! Now the diet part. You should stay really good here. Diet is very very very important for weight loss. Let's not complicate this. I ate (which I still do) lot of vegetables, brown breads, 1-2 protein bar/day (choose with minimal sugar. Mine has 1g of sugar and 15g of protein), bagel for breakfast (love them), I snack on grapes (fav again) , I take two dates before workout. May be a protein bar after workout and I drink a herbal tea with no sugar before hitting the bed. It's been ages since I touched rice. Weekends we make plans, go out , I make sure that I don't take which has cheese\mayo , I personally don't like anything which would reduce\discourage my workouts at the gym. In other words I want to stay loyal to my gym and workouts. Sometimes I treat myself to lays but I prefer baked ones ! (When I have a piece of cake, say on my friends bday, I end up feeling guilty And the next day when I hit the gym, I make sure I workout half an hour extra. I know the 400 calories which were in a rich chocolate cake is no where near my half an hour of Elleptical (200 calories burnt) but at least I am somewhere there plus it gives me personal satisfaction)I gave a summary of the my routine which has helped me come this far. I still have a long way to go. I know getting closer to my goal will be even more time consuming but I can't wait !Hope this helps :)

Does anyone know if milk of magnesia helps you lose weight if used everyday for a month?

okay, nothing will assure you to loose weight in a healthy way except restricting your calories and excercising. however, I think that if you want to loose weight in an unhealthy way, milk of magnesia is not the way...laxatives might work better. but honestly, that's just going to make you sick, and not feel like working out. just cut down to 1200 calories, and try to do 20 mins of cardio, and one hour of walking per it right, and it will stay off for it wrong, and it will come back. best of luck hun~x

I hate exercise but i want to lose weight....?

Big surprise: exercise is a great tool for making you healthy, thin, and energetic. But, what if you didn't hate every second of a workout?

Before we get started, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Promise me you'll try to accept yourself as you are. That's right, even if you don't lose a pound and dread exercise until the day you die. Promise?

As a fitness trainer I've found that exercise has a soft side (e.g. how to get motivated, and how to conquer boredom) and a hard side (e.g. what routine to use for solid abs, and which exercises reduce weight).

Almost everyone ignores the soft side and plunges into boring, unproductive workouts, only to give up in a week or two. It's like lemmings heading for a cliff, you know what's coming before it happens. So, here are three brief "soft" tips to get you started.

First, set some goals. Don't go at it blind. Write out what you want from exercise and write with feeling.

Second, use variety to conquer boredom. If you don't like exercising in mid-morning, change, and try late afternoon. Change every week if you want.

Third, find people to help. Don't workout alone--get a partner. Call a buddy who likes to exercise or seek a qualified trainer. Find people who are willing and able to help and keep them close to you.

Are you ready?