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I Need Help What Do I Do

Why do I need help?

You don’t need help. You have a problem with expectation. You are expecting a lot of help. Stop, expecting and try to do things on your own. Feel the difference!

Do we need help from others?

In some ways yes, in others no.You may not realize it, but everyday someone else is helping you.I notice myself taking note of certain things people do. For example, on one particular instance I was in an exceptionally bad mood. Typical teenage angst aside, everything was going wrong and today nothing could make me smile.But then a man held the door for me at the super market. I didn't think much of it at first. I just thanked him and continued on my way. It wasn't an out of the ordinary gesture. Many people have held the door for me, and I’ve held it for many others, but as I rounded the bread isle I kept thinking about what he did for me. I noticed that this man was kind enough to do something for a complete stranger and because of his actions, this man reminded me that there is good all around, even if I don't see it all the time. After I thought about that for a second, I decided to turn my day around. I realized there was no point to waste a perfectly good day being upset. Especially not after life showed me that random act of kindness. And I had a pretty great day!This is a subtle example of how another person has helped me.I think it would be naive to depend on other people to always come to your aide. Although there are many people who give great verbal advice, paying attention to another persons actions can be much more helpful.Many people think of “help” as a “do it for me.” It’s just like asking your mom for help on a paper and expecting her to write it all. That kind of help isn't helpful.In order for another person to help you, their help must resonate with you on a deeper level. In other words, take what they say or do and use it as a way to help yourself.Other people can help you in many ways, but they can only guide you. The only person who can really help is you.Listen, observe, ask questions, think, analyze and other people's “help” will turn into your own. Even if it’s as simple as a stranger holding the door for you to make you realize there is always something to smile about.

I need help moving on. What do I do?

Its good that you left them and now look forward to achieving something that you truly deserve. In the process you will come across some good friends. I wasted six years (six fucking years), which were the most precious years of my life. I screwed up my high school grades,went to a low grade college and continued getting poor grades in college (passed with a first division in engineering luckily though).I wasted my high school and engineering  time with idiots,  smoking, drinking , useless chatter ,watching porn, not having a girlfriend my entire school and college life. Luckily, I moved on and found some better friends during my  masters which made me realize what asshole friends I had so far.Now, I've given up smoking, porn and I drink occasionally and I have a close girl friend (not in a relationship though). I exercise ,read a lot ,meditate and have a better life than those suckers who still smoke up,roam aimlessly in the city  and drink alcohol each day after work since their life is so fucked up. I have successfully given up on those idiots and their negative influence.

What do you do? I NEED HELP!!!!!?

what do you do when th one you love is torn between to lovers he doesn't know if he wants to be with you or his baby mama and you really love him and it's you and him now but he's still confused and upset that his baby mama left him and he's not all that happy now when it was her and i was his miss he was happy and he don't even call or act as if he cares what do i do this is the man i love i spend 2yrs with him and now he's acting as if he doesn't want to be with me what do you think would be the right thing to do to heal my hurt and to make him happy

thank all answer with be nice please no rude people


im having trouble on this question and i need help as soon as possible!

What could you do to make yeast dough rise more slowly?
a. Add more yeast to the mixture.
b. Knead the dough more vigorously.
c. Add mold spores to the dough.
d. Reduce the temperature.

i kinda think it is D but i am not sure!! please help!

I need help with my look. How do I make my face attractive?

Change your hairstyle. You have good hair volume and that is really a + point for you so please try something new.You might want to think about shaving or waxing those eyebrows because thick brows are a trend but nowhere have they mentioned having brows stretching all over your face is a good thing.You should take good care of your skin by using face wash and washing your face as frequently as you can for that will help you get rid of your acne.Other than that, you are good to go. Just try getting a hairstyle that covers your forehead and girls will be running up to you in no time.Sorry for being so critical buts that's exactly how a stylist would speak haha.

What do I do when I need help but I can’t say that I need help?

First Relax! This happens with everyone once in life.I will tell you my mantra what I do in a similar situation. Ask yourself a big question “what can I do?” If I can solve the problem, that's great. If not, then I find ways who can help me. If the person is not approachable then just test the person before asking for help. Share your problem with the person as if you’re sharing with your friend. If the person shows some interest, ask for help. If they don’t, find a new way.Don't stop yourself from trying. You always learn new things each time you fail. Failure is not fatal. Believe in yourself because you have the power within you. Thomas Edison once told- “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Find what is stopping you, find the gaps and work on it. So the next time when you fail don’t say “Oh I failed” say “Oh I found a solution to fix”.Cheers!

I need help with my BCIS homework in ACCESS! How do I do a query counting how many clients someone has?

All you do is create a new query in design view..

It's hard to tell you exactly what to do without knowing your database design, but basically start a new query in design view, add in the table that has technician 23 on it.... In the same table should have a field for number of clients. When you add in the correct fields you can change the type of query at the top of the window. Click the sigma symbol. It is the totals button. This will add a new totals row in your query. You can then use that to sum the number of clients by choosing the sum selection. When you run the query it should total all clients.