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I Need Some Quotes By Historians/ U.s Officals That Say The Atomic Bombs Were Used For Revenge Or

The Bombing of Dresden, a strategic military target or a bit of revenge?

Bilbo - Thanks for the post. Total War. They asked for it and they got it. I would however disagree with the effects of carpet bombing. I do not know of Viet Nam but of Iraq, in Gulf 1 the B52 strikes were horrific to watch several km away. But the Iraqis that lived through it crawled out of they holes and were kissing your boots. They were done with war. Not like Gulf 2, when we tried to just shoot the guns out of their hands.

Armorer - Thanks allot for you post. Thanks for your service to your country, no your service to the free world. I would have grwon up in darkness were it not for you and those like you. God bless you. I do believe that Harris has gotten a very bad rap, he was a very good man who had a very bad job to do and he did it very well. Churchill is without a doubt the best.

Was the bombing of Dresden justified?

I'm reading slaughterhouse five and im writing an essay on how the book is an antiwar book. I dont really understand real life were Americans in Dresden at the time of the bombing and THATS why its so controversial? or is it simply because the bombing was unprovoked.. thanks.