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I Never Connected My Iphone To Itunes And Now My Phone Is Stuck In Recovery Mode

Can iPhone get out of recovery mode all alone?

If your iPhone is in Recovery Mode, you should unplug it from the power and any connected PC or Mac. Leave it alone for a while, and the screen should turn blank or phone restart with the Apple logo.If that doesn´t work, you need to unplug your iPhone, and connect the big end of the USB-lightning cable into your PC or Mac. Make sure iTunes is open. Now conenct the iPhone again and hold the Home and power buttons down, until the phone boots up and you see the lockscreen.Other utilities may work if this method doesn´t. If you are stuck or have no luck, email me: or tweet @_benward.

How can I recover user data from an iPhone when iOS 8 is stuck in recovery mode?

You have a chance not losing data when iPhone stuck on recovery mode.  Try to exit the recovery mode without restoring iPhone so that you won't lose any data.  You can both manually perform the exiting recovery mode operation or simply use a program to get out of recovery mode. Recommended program, freeware Tenorshare ReiBoot. The ever best and easiest way to put iOS into or out of recovery mode with single click. without iTunes, without restoring, without jailbreak. Just feel free to have a try. Totally for free not a free trial. Tenorshare ReiBoot

Iphone stuck in restore mode?

my iphone is stuck in restore mode
basicly i cant get it out of it and all it says no service and + emergy calls only a lock in the top middle screen i can even go to any programs is annoying i dont even have a phone now please help

IPhone iTunes error 1015?

THIS IS THE FIX!! FIX FOR ERROR 1015 Recovery Loop on Itunes
I usually just take take take, but here it is I am giving back to me Peers

FIRST find and download
iREB 4.0.x/4.1 r2 <-- that is the second version see the r2, mine worked using this

also you need to have Custom Firmware 4.1 which comes with the 6.15.00 baseband which can be unlocked

I've gone ahead and uploaded the files for you to download here -->

iphone 3g -->
iREB -->

sorry if the downloads are slow, it was a free site, you could always try and find your own customs, or build your own with a mac is what I recommend using pwnage tool

So first you run iREB, you choose your iphone let it do its thing and follow the on screen
instructions to put your phone into DFU mode. ONCE iREB is finished your iPhone will either have some cool snowflake on it or be some random color, mine was green, now you are ready to restore via ITUNES with your custom firmware, you should have the custom firmware downloaded by now, HOLD SHIFT then click restore,
browse to the custom firmware and let it restore.. do not exit iREB when it is almost finished it will error out to 1015 :) THAT IS OKAY

Do not use redsnow or anything on this, this is already a jailbroken custom file
Now when its on the connect to itunes part on your iPhone, go back to iREB on the Tabs click on the second one Recovery, you will see two options click on the top one it says True auto boot, let it do its work :) and and and and VOILA!!! chikka chikka ah! ! give it 2 minutes and you should be ready to roll!! :)

ROMANIANS ROCK!! never forget it :)

IF THIS WORKS PLEASE THUMBS UP IT, everyone should know!!
;-) you're welcome for finally giving back

Iphone 4 error 3194 during recovery?

If you run into Error 3194 within iTunes when you are trying to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can fix it by temporarily blocking Apple’s firmware signing services. Error 3194 seems to be triggered when unsigned firmware is used, often during an iOS downgrade or even during some restores. Here’s how to resolve the error:

Fix Error 3194
The fix is the same regardless of what operating system you are using:

Quit iTunes
Locate your hosts file, in Mac OS X this is /etc/hosts and in Windows this is c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Open the hosts file with Administrator privileges
Add the following lines to the very bottom of the hosts file:
Connect your iPhone to the computer
Launch iTunes
Put the iPhone/iPad/iPod into DFU mode by turning the phone off and then holding down the sleep and power button for 10 seconds, then release the power button but hold onto the home button until iTunes tells you that the device is now in recover mode
Use the iTunes Restore feature as usual with the iOS device
Once your iOS update is finished, remove the “” line from your hosts file again so that iTunes can properly update as usual. If you need them, you can get iPhone firmware, iPad firmware, and iPod touch firmware directly from Apple.

If you are wondering what the IP address is that you are reassociating with, it’s saurik’s (of Cydia fame) signing server.

Thank you to Parakeet for providing this fix.


How do you fix a disabled iPhone after entering an incorrect passcode?

If you attempted your passcode too many times then your iphone will show you that your iphone is disabledSolution to solve this problem:Download ipsw file for your iphoneYou can dowload it from here Download iPhone Software (IPSW firmware files)Just scroll down and search your iphone i.e. iPhone 6s,6,6s Plus,6 Plus and allNow click on the download linkThats it now downloading start for ios ipsw fileInstall Latest iTunes on Your Laptop or Desktop Now switch Off Your iPhone Now connect your iphone with data cable to Laptop holding home buttonNote : Please Hold button First and then connect and realease it when you see itunes icon on your iPhone Display Now iTunes will show two options i.e. Restore and UpdateNow you hold shift button on your keyboard and click on the Restore ButtonNow select the downloaded ipsw fileNow the loading starts and you found your iPhone will work as newly soldAnd ask iCloud ID You have to login the previous iCloud ID which was used by this iPhoneThanksI think this will help youCheck my website : Technology Comes Over HereHere you found some technology

How do I get my iPad 3 out of recovery mode without losing data?

Sorry to hear about your iPad. At this time, there seems to be no way to exit recovery mode in iOS 8 without performing a restore through iTunes. Unfortunately, this usually erases your personal data, but I have heard of cases where data remained intact.iOS 8 is still pretty new, so someone may discover a workaround to recovery mode in the future. For now, you must restore your iPad to continue using it. If you have not reset your device yet, your files should still be accessible. Try following these steps to recover your data before the reset: Check iTunes for a recent backup: In iTunes, go to Preferences > Devices. If there is a recent backup listed here for your iPad, you can reset now and restore from this backup. Check iCloud for an automatic backup: You may have enabled automatic backups to iCloud. If your data is available at, you can reset now and restore from here.If the above backups were never created, you can attempt to access the files directly from the iPad. You may not be able to recover all of your data using these methods: Try to backup with iTunes anyway: iTunes still might backup the data on your iPad (this happens sometimes in recovery mode). Connect your iPad to the computer. If iTunes detects it, look for Backups, and click "Back Up Now." Then reset the operating system and restore from this backup. If you cannot backup your iPad, do not reset it yet.Try to access the USB filesystem: If you have a Windows computer, this technique might work. Exit iTunes (make sure it isn't running in the background) and plug in your iPad. Sometimes Windows will detect the device and pop up a dialog that lets you view your files.Try commercial data recovery software: If you have no success with the above, products exist that claim to restore some files from an iPad in recovery mode. However, they may not support all apps or file types. I have no experience with these products, so you may need to search around.As a last resort, you can try visiting the Apple store if there is one in your area. They may have additional recovery tools but might charge you for the service. After you finish trying to recover your data, you must reset your iPad to continue using it. When the restore finishes and you have set up the iPad to your liking, create a backup immediately, and don't forget to make regular backups from now on :)Thanks for the A2A!

My iphone stuck the apple logo ?

i dont want to delete my things inside my iphone my i phone is stuck with apple logo if im going to restore it will it delete everything ? and i tried holding buttons and everything what can i do ? i dont want to delete my apps and photos ? and ithe logo stuck what can i do ?? help