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I Recently Removed My Wisdom Teeth But What Is That Blackish Stuff Where The Tooth Was Removed

What is the black spot on my gum from my wisdom teeth removal?

It is better for you to ask the dentist yourself. He or she will give you a thorough and detailed explanation of the black spot lying on your gum.

Wisdom Teeth problem!! Thick, slimy dark red blood from mouth?

I just got 2 of my wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth removed on Tuesday so it's been about 5 days now.

The bleeding stopped after the first day and it only bled a small amount at night.

However, last night before I went to bed I felt something slimy on the side of my mouth where I had my wisdom teeth removed.
I thought that maybe it was like phlegm or something but when I looked in the mirror, it looked like my mouth was bleeding.
I began to try to wipe it away with a towel and I felt the thick, slimy dark red/black-ish blood pull out from possibly the top wisdom teeth extraction site!
And then when I went to bed, I woke up at 3 am because I felt the sliminess again and the same thing happened.

What is that thick, slimy blood? Is it the blood clot? If so, am I at risk of an infection?
What should I do?

And I have tried to contact the dentist that extracted my teeth, but it's the weekend and I can't get a hold of her.

My wisdom tooth is turning black, how can this be treated?

You can try this:Oil Pulling: Benefits of & How to Do it | Wellness Mama

Could a piece of wisdom tooth be left inside after the removal?

i had 2 wistom teeth removed in 2 weeks. the first one didnt hurt but when i look at the mirror, i still see a blackish white area there. (really dont know how to define it . it is white but it is like its covered with something black. but it doesnt hurt at all.)

the other side hurts bad but i saw the whole tooth after it was removed so i dont think anything was left.... am i wrong?

I had my wisdom teeth extracted and I feel long strings in the back where my teeth were is that normal?

That most probably would be sutures, yes!Better ask your surgeon about the type of material used for suturingIf the sutures are the ones which do not dissolve by themselves they must have been left with long tags which might cause that feeling. U would have less appreciation of sutures if they were left short. This issue gets resolved once the sutures are knocked off.If the sutures are the ones which dissolve by themselves, the process of dissolution can happen in 2 weeks to 90 days time depending on the type of material used. Few of such materials which dissolve on their own (absorbable sutures) have wick effect. This causes the sutures to absorb intraoral fluids and swell up a bit. This also myt lead to feeling strings in the mouth as they are more tactile when swollen. Such sutures can be removed after 5 to 7 days of surgery based on the healing at the site.Sometimes your own body tissue might be left intentionally or unintentionally at that site which might be swollen due the surgical stress caused due to widom teeth removal. This will settle down once the swelling goes down and the tissue heals.Better book an appointment with the operating surgeon to have a comprehensive analysis of your problem.

Why is there yellow stuff where my wisdom teeth got taken out?

Your fine :) Dont worry the yellowish stuff will go away, its totally normal just don't mess with it. In fact when they yellow stuff goes away you might get a hole back there which is also normal. Just do your salt water rinses 4 times a day with warm water, it helps fight off infection and helps the healing process.
Not closing your mouth all the way is also normal. You just had a surgery so things are going to be a little screwy for a while. When I got mine out last week it was the opposite I couldn't open my mouth! haha.
The pain is also normal, especially if your teeth were impacted and depending on your age (the older you are usually the more painful/recovery time) you can take a while to heal. My bottom ones still hurt a little and I got them out 2 fridays ago! I went back to the oral surgeon and he said everything is normal. Once you get the holes make sure you clean them out really really good and get a syringe filled with mouth wash to squirt back there to get all that junk out.
Don't worry too much about dry sockets, they are pretty rare. A lot of people think they may have them when they see that black hole or have pain but thats really only if you don't follow the instructions they gave you and you drink from a straw etc.
You may notice too that the stitches might fall out in a few days, thats also normal don't be surprised or worried they dissolve/fall out pretty quick. I had one come out on day 3 and it was fine.
Good luck with everything :) if you have any doubts give your oral surgeon a call, I did a few times and they give you advice on the phone too if you don't feel the need to go in but have questions. And like I said, everything you described is totally normal!!!!
Hope you feel better soon!

What is the white stuff in my tooth socket?

The “white stuff” could be1. packing that the surgeon placed in the hole to prevent dry socket and help maintain the clot, as well as keep foreign debris from accumulating in the socket.( it sounds like the doctor did not suture the wound? and that allows for more debris and plaque collection,2.disintegration of the exposed surface of the exposed blood clot3. Dead gum tissue at the margins which turns white from lack of blood supply and is normal.4. Debris from eating.5. Plaque formation mixed in w saliva. Plaque is a thin invisible film that forms in your mouth mostly on the teeth and gum margins. It forms in 24 hours. You have had three days or say three layers of contaminated plaque in your socket. As an aside:That is why it is only necessary to brush your teeth (and floss:) only once a day providing you are thorough. The objective is to disrupt the bio film that naturally forms every 24 hours. It is this film that provides lattice work for bacteria and toxins; acids. Patients cannot clean the socket so the film accumulates and that attracts debris and bacteria.5. Initial healing is beginning to occur. The top layers cells of soft tissue and exposed bone are dying and turning white but at the same time protecting the clot and bone. The cells that are viable underneath the dead white zone become new gum tissue that is generated by the exposed bone surface.Dry socket. This rare event you do NOT want can happen approximately 3 days after the extraction. If you throw the clot; ie lose the blood clot that initially formed in the socket then what is left is exposed bone. This as you have heard is terrible for the patient. When the clot is lost tiny nerve endings become exposed. The result is pain that last for days as the surface of the bone that makes up the socket dies. A biofilm forms over the socket bone and gum tissue margins The margins of the gum tissue dies. The result is whitish substance forming made up of bacteria, debris and dead bone and gum cells. When the bone finally dies at the surface the pain stops. That can take several days. Averaging a week or two. Under the dead bone the body is forming a thin layer of nice pink gum tissue. As it is completed the white mushy looking film sloughs away. And in the end nice healthy gum tissue protects the socket while long term bone is filling in beneath it.

Loss of appetite after getting wisdom teeth removed?

I got my wisdom teeth removed a week ago and, though the pain isn t as bad anymore, and there isnt any swelling, it s become an annoyance to eat while trying to avoid the back of my mouth where my teeth used to be. If I try to eat normally the holes in the back get filled with food and it feels uncomfortable. I don t want to lose weight but my appetite has decreased because I don t want to get food in the holes and I am really grossed out by the thought of it!!! Is this normal?

Got my wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago an it looks like a deep whole, could something be wrong?

I got my wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago, an after all that time it just looks like a never ending whole in my mouth. It doesnt hurt or anything but, it does have a bad taste an it makes my breath smell. I rinse my mouth with salt water an Listerine after i eat or drink something. It stopped bleeding the same day I got it pulled, so I took the gauze off same day. I was just curious if there could be a problem? and whats the reason for the smell and taste?

Black stuff coming out of gums?!?

last night at work i noticed my gum was swollen by my front tooth on the bottom left side. i started to touch it an it hurt. well whenever i pressed on it, white stuff and something black came out. i freaked. it looked like a black flake. i kept pushing on it and it was just blood coming out afterwards. i brush my teeth everyday and use mouthwash. i dont floss though. this has never happened before. please help!