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I Recently Spent Time In The Hospital After Having An Asthma Attack And My Parents Aren

Getting the chills after an asthma attack?

Yes. Getting the chills after an asthma attack happens to me from time to time as well. Part of the reason is just that your body is just exhausted. Another part of the reason is that during an attack m any asthmatics will hyperventilate and actually raise their oxygen levels because our lungs are working so hard. Then the lungs start to tire and your oxygen levels can fall. If that happens it could be dangerous as your levels could fall too much. If you are ever having an asthma attack that scares you call 911 immediately. The paramedics will assess you and then take you to the hospital and you won't wait in the ER waiting room for hours. Also, speak with your asthma specialist and make sure that you know what your peak flows are. I have found that the best way for me to deal with my asthma is knowledge, and the best source for me is my peak flows.

When do adult children start to appreciate what their parents did for them?

“When do adult children start to appreciate what their parents did for them?”The Bad Side.People in general don’t appreciate what other people do for them, until they become aware of the time and effort it takes.My childen, Tycho (12) and Nica (8) knows that I battle with constant chronic pain. I never complain about it, but my children are aware, because on the bad days I tell them to take it easy on me, because I’m much more irritable from the pain.Because I obviously have more trouble on the bad days, they see how much I do for them and they’ve become appreciative. Pretty much every day, my children tell me how much they appreciate me making dinner for them. They started doing that spontaneously (not that I asked if they enjoyed the dinner I made them).After the divorce, I was slightly worried that my ex would be seen as the ‘darling mom’ and I would be seen as ‘strict dad’, because they spent their weekends at Mom where they do all fun things (and she spent more money on gifts for them) and they spent the schoolweek with me, who had to get them out of bed at seven in the morning, get them clean and dressed, make their lunches and get them to school.Then one day, my son said, “I love you, Dad. You’re the best father I could have.”I thanked him and he said, “It’s true. You’re always there for us, and you always help me with my homework and things.” I was visibly moved and he said, “Are you all right?” I said, “Yes, I am. I’m glad you love me, because sometimes I was a bit worried that you’d see me as the strict dad.”“I know why you’re strict,” he said. “Because you have to do the hard job. Mom doesn’t have to get up at seven to get us to school.”My children have the sense to see children who are not as well off and appreciate my and my ex’s efforts to support and guide them. Some children will never realise this and will always be entitled.If children reach adulthood without realising how much their parents did for them, they most likely will learn how much effort goes into being a parent when they become parents themselves.

Im having trouble breathing, what can i do??

Thats a difficult question to answer from this side of the computer. But, there could be a couple of things to consider. One, you really are having an acute breathing problem that needs better medical attention. How would we know? A couple of things, your oxygen concentration, easily obtained with a standard pulse oximeter, listening to your breath sounds, ie, are you wheezing or are your breath sounds really diminished or difficult to hear, and of course your statement of how you feel.
If you are actively wheezing and your oxygen saturation is dropping, say its in the low 90's or worse, then it would seem that your meds are not working well enough and should be looked at more closely.
Have you been diagnosed with Asthma or reactive airway disease? If not, are you a smoker, been diagnosed with Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis? Either way, if you regularly take breathing medications then you must have one of the three. And asthma is nothing to play with. Not trying to scare you, but Asthma can kill you, and do it quickly in severe cases. You have to learn your limits and learn when its time to head to the emergency department before its too late.

Lastly, you could certainly be suffering from some anxiety that stems from your breathing problems, or the anxiety could be the real cause of your breathing problems. No way to say from here. If anxiety is an issue then you should consider something like Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication that is very common.

If you are truly having a serious breathing problem its not something to mess around with. Not every physician is well versed in handling these cases. You might want to get an appointment with a specialist, a pulmonologist, the lung doctor, and let them sort it all out for you. And finally, again, if this gets serious, go to the emergency department and get treatment. Better safe than sorry.

Best of luck

Has your baby ever needed breathing treatments?

In June our 20 month old came down with Croup and had to have breathing treatments for the swelling in his airway. Friday, he developed another cold, and at the doctor they said his breathing didn't sound good (he was wheezing) and gave him another breathing treatment and sent us home with an inhaler. I've been doing everything as directed today and he's still whimpering and his belly is still going up and down really fast. I called the doc again and she said just to come back in the morning. I'm worried sick! Whats causing this????

Immunocompromised children and unvaccinated little guests.What to do?

I recommend sitting down with the mother during class time one day and explain that you love her kids and want you kids to still be friends with them, but in order to allow this you need to take some precautions. I would explain your family's situation to the mother and ask her to please let you know if her children show any signs of infection (even minor ones) so that you can take appropriate measures, I would be careful about how much time your kids spend time at their house and they at yours, but I think that maybe play dates at places like a park and classes would be okay? I would talk to your pediatrician and see if he has any advice.

What rights do NICU parents have?

So my daughter Emmalee has been in the NICU for 1 week and I am so frustrated. She wants to eat and is fussy you can tell she is starving. She is routing every time she is hungry and has proven she can eat well from breast or bottle. She is sucking sores on her hands she wants a bottle or breast so bad. They will only let her feed 2 times a day and she is miserable. She has nothing wrong other than she is small. They will only let us hold her for 30 minutes 2 x's a day when we do her feedings... for no reason at all are they not letting us hold her. She consitantly has a normal temp. and everything is fine other than she is small. She is gaining weight. in one day she gained 50 grams! I don't get it so I am wondering exactly what rights do I have. I know I am her advocate and I know my baby they don't hold her or pay attention to her like I do. Today I tried to tell them I wanted to try to feed 1 or 2 more times a day and all they could tell me was that was not there feeding protocol. I am so angry and just don't know what to do.