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I Replied To A Post Where Is It Stored

How long does the post office store undelivered packages?

Once you receive a notice that your package could not be delivered then you have 15 days before it is returned. Express packages are returned in 5 days. You will receive another notice in a few days but if you are expecting a package & you don’t want it to be returned because you are going out of town then put your mail on hold. We can hold your mail up to 30 days.

If I edit a post on Facebook will it get reposted and notified or show my friends with the same number of likes and comments?

Any edit or update made to existing post gets updated instantly but Facebook will not repost it, or send notification to engaged users (those who liked, commented or shared it).Likewise editing your comment will also get update but will not be notified to any one, however if you edit your comment, edit history is available to all. I’m not sure why such feature is provided, however it does help if a person changes his comment after a reply is posted.For instance person A Comments: You are smart, the dress selection is good where did you get it from?.Now “B” replies it as: Thanks, I bought it from AmazonNow if A edits his comments like this: You are smart, Where did you get your brain from?(Note evidently the comment change makes “B” look like an idiot, if he/she doesn’t get notified or changes his/her reply (comment) accordingly.

How can you reply to someones reply to your text post on Tumblr?

They use Missing E.

Choose what browser you use Tumblr on and then you install it to your Tumblr.
Then you have to go and allow the "replies to replies" box to be checked.

I use it - it's the best thing I've ever used.

If you have any questions about it, you're free to message me on Tumblr - I'll answer privately.

How do you use soshified?

People told me that SNSD dosent own any social network accounts such as facebook, twitter and youtube, but they have soshified. I just made an account there.. but really have no idea how to use it..
Like how do i check any posts by the SNSD members?

Reddit (website): Is it possible for me to find all my posts for a particular subreddit?

Yes. You can use the advanced search. Here is an example of all my posts to /r/cogsci:

What "exactly" are post-hypnotic suggestions?

Specifically, I mean what are they literally... When a post-hypnotic suggestion is "implanted" ... HOW is it implanted? How does a post-hypnotic suggestion end up becoming part of the reality of the subject after they awaken?
I mean, when you really think about it... obviously we know how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, and what they do to/with the subject... but literally, how does a post-hypnotic suggestion actually work?

Take for example the post-hypnotic trigger to go back into a trance upon a certain trigger word, how EXACTLY does the subject's brain take that trigger and put it to work? And how does the brain figure out that it is a trigger and what is supposed to happen with that trigger?

I know how PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) works and how it has triggers that cause memories to re-surface with heavy emotions attatched to them...
Does that then mean that a post-hypnotic suggestion works the same was as triggers in PTSD?

I saved a draft post on my personal Facebook profile. Where can I find it?

Yes …you can find your saved draft in your notification bar of your Facebook…Look at this…