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I Teared Skin Above Lip/lip-line Area Help Will 10

Nose piercing ripped.. how long will it take to fully heal and will it scar?

at the end of December i got my nose pierced with a stud. the stud continually fell out so after a couple of days i decided to put a ring in it. it has stayed in really well but i must have bumped it really hard as it has seem to have torn down about half a cm, there is a line above it. it does not bleed but is just quite red, it looks like it has closed up but not fully healed on top. how long will it take until it is completely healed? and will it leave a scar? thanks

I have a vein like skin that joins my foreskin with the tip of my penis ?

this should earn me the best answer on this one!

ok, ur not circumcised so that's AWESOME, first off; now that vein thing is called a frenulum. its completely normal. even some guys who still have their foreskin don't have one cuz it was to thin and they ripped it either during sex or masturbation. if u have it then its all good. dont worry about it ripping or anything. its not an easy thing to tear anyhow. and if u still think its abnormal just check out ur top lip; lift if up and check out what is connecting ur gums to ur lip. its a mouth frenulum! its just to keep things in place. both in ur mouth and on ur penis.

now if it isnt on the bottom side of ur penis (the side facing away from u) then it might be a circumcision scar.

A friend of mine rips off skin on his lips. What is wrong with him?

Relax!!Its just a habit, but not a nice one :(I have been doing it since childhood and consequently earned several beatings by mom :pThough its kind of relaxing..something that you would do while lost in thoughts. But as i quoted above its not nice, its really something he should stop doing and you need to help him. Ripping the skin off the lips makes them dry and they would turn purple/black from pink.They look ugly.Super ugly!!!I always have to resort to coloured lip balms for hiding the darkened lips. But now with the usage of lanoline oil products..they are getting better. Though they can't be back to natural but they will be if i persist to this new habit. :)Make him promise to moisturize them before sleeping and then he will wake up with soft rosy lips :pIf they stay dry, skin will turn brittle and he will again rip it off. So, that is back to square one. ;) All you have to do is to gift him a lip balm/gel/cream containing lanoline oil. Hope this helps :)

Can picking or biting lips cause bad breath?

The primary cause of bad breath is the top of the tongue, especially the back one-third. You can see this bacteria as "white stuff" if you look in the mirror at your tongue. The smells you have are the smells produced by this bacteria and some of the "white stuff" in your mouth could be this bacteria. Dead skin also turns white when the blood is removed so it is hard for me to tell you if the white stuff is bacteria or skin. You say you brush your tongue. I assume you use a toothbrush. Remember, your toothbrush is designed to clean your teeth, not your tongue. I found out about OraBrush 6 months ago and now clean my tongue after I brush my teeth. Works really well as I have fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

Lump near vaginal opening? What could this be???

Okay, so I have this weird lump inside of one of the "lips" right at the opening of my vagina. I can never seem to remember the actual name of the different parts, but it is the smaller ones right near the opening, not the larger ones more toward the outside.
Anyway, it hurts pretty much all the time now and it is making the 'lip' swell to the point where it is starting to hurt when I wipe after using the toilet.
Also, if I touch it at all in an effort to see what it is like, it nearly sends me through the roof with a sharp, pricking pain. It feels like a hard little ball inside of there and it is causing me a ton of concern.
I cannot afford to go to the doctor, as I am out of work at the moment.
Also, it hurts to the point of not wanting anyone else to get near it **IF you know what I mean**. I cannot keep him away forever!
Please, if you have had this before or know anything about this kind of thing, please tell me what you know.

Thank you!