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I Think I May Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder Or Am I Just Overreacting

I feel fat and disgusting after eating too much just for one day?

I want to start by saying that I do NOT have Body Dysmorphic Disorder or a consistent history of eating disorders. However, my perception of myself is always changing... sometimes I feel like I'm gorgeous and other days I feel disgusting.

These days seem to be linked to how much I eat the day or two prior. If I don't eat that much or anything at all, I think I look beautiful. But when I eat regularly or worse too much, I wake up the next day with a disgustingly bloated face that seems completely different from the much more narrow and sharper one I have on days I don't eat. This has resulted in me sometimes skipping meals, just so I can have those days I feel pretty for once. It's just that whenever I eat too much, my face completely blows up and becomes fat and ugly.

I just want to ask: is this normal? Am I overreacting or is it completely possible for my looks to be impacted by diet? Even my photos look different every day, like sometimes I'll have a nice, angular face and other days it's all round and chubby. I've noticed that on days I'm more stressed out this is worse. And any suggestions for what I should do about this?

Thanks. As a sidenote, please do not tell me any of the following:
- "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
- "everyone is beautiful on the inside"
- "i'm sure you're already pretty"
- any other comment that compliments but doesn't address the question

Thanks again! <3 :)

What phrases that we use in relationships should come with warning labels?

Here’s my warning labels my future husband should know.I’d love for you to join me for Krav Maga.WARNING: Expectation of at least one lesson. This activity is meant both to share her favorite hobby, as well as allow her instructors to evaluate your suitability for her. Advisory warning to make a good impression.Oh, I have a bit of a fear of heightsWARNING: Heights include everything from sky-diving to standing on a chair.It’s so expensive.WARNING: Decadence detected. Please return premises to previous frugal condition, and start bargain huntingI’m sure I know where it is/I’ll figure it out, I’m sure.WARNING: She is hopelessly lost and too ashamed to say so. Please step in immediately.We’re okay, right?WARNING: Bad vibes detected so tread accordingly. Please attempt a reassuring posture, and she will show her gratitude generously.I don’t think it’s efficient/practicalWARNING: Elke’s bad idea detector has been triggered. Please insert the logic code in order to turn off the sirens.That event seems a bit long for me.WARNING: Event will not include Elke.It’s completely fine, I totally understand, seriously, not a problem, completely cool. I’m just happy you’re happy.WARNING: Ingratitude detected. Advise apologetic stance.My mother invited us for the holiday dinner.WARNING: This will mean prolonged exposure to Elke’s crazy family. Prepare accordingly. Vodka is suggested.I don’t want to make things worse.WARNING: Please look in the mirror to see the problem. Assume an apologetic stance, and reassure her of your love.I’ll be in the bookstore for a few minutesWARNING: A few can mean anything from 5 minutes to 360 minutes.I’m fine (said with gritted teeth)WARNING: Elke is about to go nuclear. Please clear the area and return with apple pie. Leave pie in close vicinity, and then return to a place of safety for at least ten minutes. Kind texts will be useful.

My mom keeps making me eat more and it's making me panic!?

I'm a recovering bulimic (no binge, just really controlled eating and when i think i ate too much i throw up)

im 5"5 and 112 pounds. i'm NOT underweight, i certainly don't LOOK underweight. i'm grotesque. I AM seeing a counselor and my mom knows it. She's been nagging me about the body dysmorphic disorder and stuff and today she told me she's ''determined to make me eat''.. this is because i haven't been getting my periods for a month or so now but still! i KNOW i'm fine, im the biggest nutrition nut there is and i KNOW im getting enough with what i already eat. she's totally overreacting, she even brought up infertility...honestly! what the hell!

Tonight, she kind of 'decided' that she'd make me 'eat more from now on'... she made me this soup thing with huge fatty bits of pork so i said i don't want the pork, she got mad but got over it... i still had to eat the omelette and a bowl of rice with the soup without the pork... what do i do? i'm starting to lie to her about what i ate at school so that she doesn't make me eat as much at home...

i'm KNOW this is going to make me gain weight and i'm going on a school trip abroad soon, it's going to be a blast and i want to effing look good for it, not like a huge pig in the photos and stuff... im in a huge panic state right now what do i do................!!!!!

Do you think im ugly? please ?

why is it that god made me so ugly?! its so unfair!!!
do u think im ugly?
i got a REALY bad haircut a few weeks ago and i have to wear it like this till it grows out

all my friends and everyone at school are all so pretty!! im become really depressed, i cry at least everday and i never want to go out. i just hide at home all day

im not allowed to wear makeup, pluck my eyebrows or anything!! my hair is a frizzy mess and i cant get rid of my acne that iv had since 4th grade!!!
i cant tease, curl, stragithen my hair! i tried doing that a few years ago and im still trying to grow out all the damage!!!

Do I have BDD? And if so, how do I reach out and get help?

I personally think that if what these quizzes is telling you is that you need to go and see a counsellor, then thats what you should do. As a teenage girl myself I know what it's like to have insecurities and to not like certain aspects of myself but if it's at that point where this issue is making you scared and you feel that it is a desperate matter then definitely go and see somebody. If you do go and you realise the problem isn't as big as you thought or that it is and you do get help, thats okay. On the other hand if you don't do anything, it may get worse. As teenage girls we are often misunderstood and sometimes people don't look out for us as much as they should that's why we need to help ourselves. You've recognized that there is a problem now its time that you begin to seek help in order to fix it. Good luck :)

Are you comfortable/happy with how your body looks?

For the most part, yes.For the past year I have been working out regularly. At the moment I work out 6–7 days a week. Occasionally I am too tired or busy to work out but on most days I schedule 20��30 minutes for some exercise. I love working out and the process of becoming physically stronger. It makes me feel empowered and helps me relieve stress.While I like my body, I do have small insecurities that sometimes bother me:My teethMy acneMy bony chestMy frizzy hairMy bushy eyebrowsMy insecurities generally come in cycles. To some extent I struggle with body and facial dysmorphia because I'm often shocked by how different my face looks in photos and angled mirrors than it does in my head. I actually perceive myself to be prettier than what I am in real life. In my head my face looks a certain way but then I see a reflective surface and am really taken aback. It's a bit strange and very difficult to describe in words but it's almost like having an alter ego. I think that I look one way when in fact I look very different.