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I Want A Entertainment Industry Career

I want to make my career in film industry. How do I get through it?

There are very few sustainable careers in film and television production. The vast majority of film & TV professionals end up leaving the sector after about 5 years.Of the few who do manage to have long standing careers in the industry most are tradesmen with union memberships. These trade unions value seniority over everything when placing workers — meaning the longer you have been a member of the union the more likely you are to get work. Conversely this also means that as a new member you are unlikely to get much work in the first few years after joining the union.I have about a dozen answers for aspiring film professionals at the following links:Dustin Rosemark's answer to I am a prospective film school undergraduate student. What could I do to prepare for my undergraduate years and beyond?Dustin Rosemark's answer to Should I go to film school after HS or graduation to learn cinematography?Dustin Rosemark's answer to How many people who start in the film industry stay in the industry?Dustin Rosemark's answer to Is a bachelor’s in film production useless?Dustin Rosemark's answer to Should I become a cinematographer?Dustin Rosemark's answer to How do documentary film makers earn money?Dustin Rosemark's answer to What are the ground realities I should be aware of, before joining a film institute to learn cinematography at the age of 25?Dustin Rosemark's answer to What degree should I get to become a film producer?I will summarize. It is a bad industry with many times more failures than there are successes.

What job can I get in the entertainment industry with an economics major?

The people I know who have kept their jobs in music the longest are people who work for performance royalties organizations like ASCAP and BMI or do business management (read: financial management, which would definitely be related to economics) for artists. Both careers can be somewhat lucrative if you keep at it and both are rather stable for music industry careers.

Honestly, many jobs on the business side of the industry are very much related to economics (it's all about business and being able to run a business, after all). Here are some other music industry job titles you should research

Music (artist) manager
entertainment lawyer
booking agent
record label executive (A&R, Promotion, sales, marketing etc)
Performance Royalties executive (ASCAP, BMI)

The music industry is tough for artists and non artists alike, and if you're serious about getting into it you should start working on learning about it and connecting with people that are involved in it as as soon as possible.

Also, I definitely would recommend you learn all of the ways that money is made in the music business in particular. A good starting point is Donald Passman's "All You Need to Know about the Music Business." If you understand where the money comes from in the music business it will be easier for you to navigate.

Hope this helps. Below are some additional links you should take a look at.

Media and Entertainment Industry: What possible careers can I pursue if I were to receive a MBA degree in entertainment and media management?

You can work for most public relations (PR) departments in any large companies.You can also work for media/ entertainment firms. Here in LA, there are many studios and firms related to entertainment so there are ample opportunities.If you want to learn more about media/ entertainment firms, you can look into some publicly traded media/ entertainment companies.Disney’s GateCorporateFoxInvestor RelationsViacomInvestor RelationsGood luck!

What are some jobs on the business side of the Entertainment Industry (Music and Film)?

A lot of people try and go with a Major in film production and a Minor in Business but it sounds like you want something more the other way around. If you can find a film program that allows you to minor in film and major in business that I would recommend doing that however mist film minors are "film studies" which is more something you would take to be a film critic.

As far as jobs it would seem like the ultimate career goal would to be a producer in the line of Joel Silver or Mark Canton.

Try looking up jobs in marketing agencies and seeing what they are asking for as far as educational requirements.

I want to have a career in the film industry but majored in computer engineering. Is there a way to get in with this degree?

Thanks for the a2a. Short answer: yes your degree like any degree is fine. Degrees don't matter in entertainment. Skills and people are what really matter. Long answer:While this is cliche it is definately true:  there is no right way into the entertainment industry. The one and only thing you need to have a good career in the industry is "the hunger." The hunger is a overriding passion to be involved in entertainment. It is a desire that makes you ache to be involved in the creative, technical or financial process of entertainment.  How do you know if you have the hunger?  If you can do something other than entertainment then you do not have the hunger. It is that simple. Entertainment is a great and horrible place to make a living. It has this dichotomy because on one hand entertainment when you have the hunger is fun, a dream come true. However, there are so much easier ways to make money in this world. If you are pursuing looking for some big payday I suggest you look elsewhere. Things to watch out for though when you have the hunger.People taking advantage of your passion and not paying you your fair share. People being jealous of your passion and trying to sabotage you. Letting your passion overwhelm you so you are unable to maintain a professional attitude. Becoming to close or too involved in something so that you are unable to take criticism and see the flaws. Becoming to proud or egotistic about something or yourself. Believing that you have to fake it to make it. When really the more honest and raw you are the better you are. Some of those night sound like they don't apply to you or the area if entertainment you are interested in. I have to say though I have see these faults pop up in every aspect if entertainment. Final words of advice for someone wanting to do entertainment and can't be told to do different. If you are going to run off with the circus, at least have fun doing it.

What should I do if I want to pursue a career in the movie industry?

It’s hard to answer your question when you do not say what area you are drawn to. Film is a microcosm of the “real” world; virtually any career that is outside the industry has an analogue in the film industry.Even things like “medic” or elementary teacher can specialize if you are in an area with a lot of production. If you like to drive…..just look at the credits on a film under “transportation!” Accountants are always needed. Catering! Construction, furniture moving. Someone needs to be around who can mend clothing. Advertising, being able to give surveys…. I am deliberately naming things that are not thought of as “film,” per se, just to point out that if you already have a career, you may be able to apply what you have already learned to the film industry.Like any other career, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements, fulfill those, make contact with the industry, and convince someone to give you money for what you do. The first several times, you may only be convincing someone to use your work. The work you do that way will become your calling card/resume for a career.I put it “give you money for what you do,” instead of “hire you,” as some of these things may be done as an independent contactor, rather than as an employee, especially if you are making specialty items for props or advertising.If you are young enough not to have an employment history, then you can take classes in film. You may find that you don’t like to go on location, but prefer to write about film. Or curate a festival. Whatever role you find you enjoy the most and are most willing to give up your spare time to prepare for, can be your pathway.Actually, I find that to be a good pointer to young students: whatever it is you find yourself doing repeatedly, is probably what you will end up doing with your life. There is no use saying “I want to be an actor” if you are not out there acting…. you may accidentally find yourself being an actor from time to time, but it is up to you as far as what you want to emphasize in….Hope this helps some! It at least gives you a jumping off point.

How do I start a career in the film industry?

Getting a job in film or video production is not impossible, but it can be very difficult. Depending on where you live and how many opportunities there are around you, it can be a struggle to find a job. If you don't have any luck applying to existing jobs, you also have the option of working freelance by shooting local videos, or even starting your own production company. No matter which path you may choose, crafting your demo reel, meeting the right people and putting in the hard work are key to starting your career in film production. Before you apply for jobs or start working on local projects, you want to make sure that you are able to keep up with conversations about film and production. Take some time to do research on the Internet and build up your knowledge about the language of the film industry. If you are pursuing a career in production, you already probably know a good deal about it. However, before you start networking or doing freelance work, it pays to brush up on any technical skills, softwares, or general knowledge that you need a review on.