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I Want This Sick Tatt But I Need Advise

I want a tattoo really bad but im scared ..... Help and advice!!?

Bad idea. Never set a date that you have to decide to get a tattoo by.

I understand that you want one because you can legally get one, but that is no reason to rush out and get one immediately! Chances are you will end up getting a piece of flash, and you will completely regret it later.

I cannot stress how much you need to wait before you do this. You need to come up with your own design, or find one you like before you go to the tattoo parlor. Chances are, no one on Y!A is going to have a clue what you want.

Two weeks is not enough time to make this life-altering decision. Have you considered that your stomach stretches over time? Ever heard of babies? Yeah, they happen. If you get those stars you are talking about, they will probably stretch out.

Once again, if you are afraid of the pain, and don't know what you want, it's simple: Wait.

No one is forcing you to get a tattoo on your vacation.

I’m sixteen years old and want to get a tattoo. Am I too young?

I recall when I was your age, I liked the idea of getting a tattoo, it seemed pretty cool and a lot of guys were getting them; I thought it over and decided against it.If you think about it, it is hardly a sign of individuality, of being ‘different’ because it is wildly popular, nearly every young person has tattoos, and ‘hardware’ installed on their face, it seems.Consider this design will be on your skin all your life-what if you get bored with it, or the design you choose loses its significance for you?Yes, there are methods to remove tattoos, using lasers, but it hurts worse than getting the tattoo in the first place, and it is not always successful.I am not telling you what to do mate, it is up to you, but having a skin clear of tattoos is now more unusual, you tend to stand out by not having them.Remember, once you have the tattoo it is there forever, I would give it a few years and wait until you are 20 or so, there is plenty of time to decide and you might save yourself the regret of making a hasty choice when you are so young.

Can I get a tattoo while I'm sick?

You CAN, but it isn’t advisable. That said, it does depend on what you’re sick with and how sick you are. However, it also depends on how big the art is, is there a lot of shading or filling, how long will the artist be at it, and is the artist “clean”. But wait, there’s more… what’s your pain threshold, where are you getting the ink, and have you been inked before (so you have an idea of how you’ll feel afterwards)What’s the point in all this? The point is, that when you’re already “under the weather” to some degree, your body is (or should be) already fighting to stave off whatever is attacking it. You shouldn’t add extra work to your already struggling body. Best case, you hurt a little more, heal a little slower, and maybe wish you’d have waited. Worst case? Your body gives up, shuts down, and you die. Don’t believe me? It happens more often than I’d like to think, or even admit.Give your body the best chance you can to heal properly and successfully after getting a tattoo.Don’t go while sick… with anythingDon’t go in blasted. (This also causes excessive bleeding and often results in less than perfect art)Be sure to have eaten and had enough to drink throughout the day

I recently bought a tattoo kit, Need advice about inks.?

The kit came with 7 inks in a brand called Kashoku. Has anyone used these inks on real skin and are they safe and sterile. ( it does say on the side "Sterile Shake before use") but you can never be too sure :P

Thanks for any advice!

I want tattoos but am scared I'll regret it. Do I go for it?

I was scared I’d regret my tattoos the first time I was getting one too. I had always wanted them. I think what’s important is that whatever you get is important to YOU. It means something. Don’t go to some ghetto place where they are going to charge $100.00 for a piece that should really be $600.00. If you’re going to have it on your body for the rest of your life, just spend the money and make sure it’s well done.A big reason people “regret” tattoos is because their family or friends don’t like the fact that you have them or maybe they are okay with tattoos, just not the ones you got, or if they are visible, etc. But it is YOUR body and YOU decide what goes on it. I like to think of the body as a blank canvas that we get to be creative with and express our life journeys in that way. All of my tattoos mean something very special to me whether other people understand it or not.I thought having a tattoo would be intense and that I would regret that it’s there but now I have 6 tattoos (a couple pretty big ones) and I don’t even notice them. Once you have them, it’s just not as much of a big deal or as noticeable as you thought it would be. Which is why people always say once you get one tattoo, you’re going to get multiple. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person with one tattoo that doesn’t at least plan on getting another one. And I’d also rather spend a great amount of money on what’s going on my body the rest of my life than some china cabinet full of fancy shit I’m never going to use. Every day I’m reminded of my struggles that I have overcome just by the ink on my body and that makes my life so much more beautiful.Your body is beautiful and if you want to put a bunch of art on it then do it. Fuck everyone else and do what makes you happy.(Mic drop )

Can I get a tattoo while taking antibiotics?

It shouldn't be a problem as far as the antibiotics are concerned. If you feel I'll, however, I would recommend postponing until you feel better.And please take the entire prescription. There is no utility in saving some for next time.

How can I avoid passing out, being sick or having a panic attack while getting my first tattoo?

make sure you eat before you go get the tattoo. if you get sick of the sight of needles, bring a friend to keep you busy. (:

I need a hot tattoo to slap on my chest before I go to Jamaica. Any ideas or hot images???

Ok i have 5 tatts. All of them were long and thought out. Be advised a tattoo will be there for ever. Dont get one just to be hot/ cool. If your going to Jamacia any time in the next 3 months your tat will get ruined if your showing it off in the sun. On average it takes about 1 month to fully scab and heal then about 1 year to really set in. Your best bet is to get a Henna tattoo of something you would want as a perm tattoo. Go to Jamacia pimp it and if you get the response you hoped for have the tat done when you come home.

If you cant wait and want to learn from a mistake on your own you can check out the miami ink web site and the INK mag. they feature some great artist with some sick work. Good luck MAKE SURE YOU GO TO A CLEAN PLACE YOU DONT WANT TO GET SOMETHING AT A CHOP SHOP TAT PARLOR.

Should i get a tattoo while i'm sick (just coughing) and on my period?

I'm getting my first tattoo in 3 days, i've been sick for almost 3 weeks but it was just a throat infection so ive just been coughing and still am now so no runny nose or anything contagious and im due for my period soon, i have a feeling i'll get it before i get my tattoo. So if i do will it be alright if i get my tattoo while i'm just coughing and on my period?? I'll most likely have cramps but will the pain be worse?

I'm scheduled for a tattoo tomorrow, but I think I'm getting sick. Should I cancel?

I have a tattoo. And was sick when I got it; I had the flu. I healed just fine. As long as you don't have a serious sickness with your immune system and how it helps your body recover you will be just fine. Just remember to wash it exactly how they say, or it can get infected and not heal correct. Also make sure you get all the soap off of the tattoo when you wash it. Because it could leave mildew and cause and infection. DO NOT PICK NO MATTER HOW TEMPTED YOU ARE it can lead to scarring. Let it all flake off naturally.