I Want To Make More Friend In Here

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Do you want to be friends?

This is probably weird. Idk.
I’m a 28 year old female, live in the Bay Area of California.
I’ve never really had friends, underlying childhood issues. But I feel like it’s affected my life in more then one way.
But I’m at the point in my life where I really want friends. I’ve been dating someone rather seriously for the past year who has plenty of friends and it made me wonder why I’ve never actually be able to create friendships. I’m introverted, socially awkward- perfect recipe for friendship right (insert sarcasm here).
But this whole message may get lost along the way, maybe it’ll get a bunch of negative responses from trolls... or miraculously I’ll find a friend.
I have one friend, but it’s my sister so she doesn’t count, I don’t think.. kinda feel like she’s obligated and feels sorry for me that I can’t make friends.

So.... here goes nothing.

I wish I had more friends?

A couple years ago, I had so many friends. I used to get invited to so many different things all the time. I don't really know what happened, I guess I drifted from them, but we just aren't really close anymore. I have a group of 6 friends and sometimes were hang out all together, but 3 of them have boyfriends, so they are always preoccupied with that. One of them that has a boyfriend is my best friend, and we are still close, but lately I've just felt distant. I kind of just feel distant from all my friends, and I hate that because I love going out and doing things, but most of the time I find myself sitting home doing nothing. I want to make new friends, but it just seems like everyone already has a group. Does anyone have any advice?

Who here is 11-13 years old, cause I want to make a new friend?

Be very careful on who you become friends with, especially on line. Many people may pose as a kid your age but are really just perverted old men. If you do meet someone on line and become friends and decide to meet, NEVER meet that person alone and always in a public place.

1.Take one good photograph of you and post it you will get followers and friends2.Before taking photograph make sure to wash your face and do some"make ups"3.Alternate option "create a Facebook account" post your pictures.You will get 100 request in one day Note - Don't forget  to Tick the gender box as "Female"

C'mon your best friend is you only.  I can give some situations where you will enjoy without any companion/friends.You are not alone when you are having lunch or dinner, you have food with you you can enjoy the taste and the aroma of the food.If you want to visit any place go alone, you might discover the hidden pottentials of yourself.If you think that you are not alone, trust me you will never feel lonely.

Im too awkward to make friends!?

at the starting up, ask your self the way you're round your spouse and youngsters. Are you outgoing? humorous? Talkative? If certain, this is likely because you're very gentle round them. you want to channel that gentle feeling and enable your self to participate in conversations with different persons. upload to the verbal replace. What are your evaluations? recommendations? Be functional. maximum folk does no longer savor a unfavourable voice of their verbal replace. next, discover out what your pastimes are. Do you want a particular interest? Do you want performs and theatre? Are you into paintings? improve on what your pastimes are, yet no longer in a phony way. stumble on your genuine pastimes and study better about them. develop into knowledgable. don't worry if people will imagine this pastime is new or coming directly. in case you want it, if you're really drawn to it, don't worry about different persons's recommendations. Strike up verbal replace on your classification. it may commence off effortless. Get on the fringe of one or 2 people. enable them to get to carry close you. instruct them that you're a form man or woman. many circumstances shy is interpreted to recommend aloof or impolite, even. I, for one, view shy people as scared, terrified of being judged, and awkward. it really is generally the case, although, you may instruct those those who you'll desire to be associates with that you're an extremely good man or woman. possibly you percentage an pastime with someone that you probably did not comprehend they'd. yet another area of shop in recommendations is, do not get discouraged in case you do not click with the first few people you're trying to befriend. possibly the prettiest, funniest, maximum nicely-known man or woman isn't a robust in nice condition. it may nicely be a cool man or woman no man or woman has taken the time to get to carry close yet. stepping into "cliques" will be confusing. you may want to finally end up playing the organization of a lot less "unique", better right down to earth people. in basic terms shop in recommendations, be functional, be your self, and relax. there is in all chance no desire to concern being judged. no man or woman is reading issues like you imagine. :)

Hi dear 'decent looking, 23 year old, shy, wanting to make a close female friend forever' person,Everyone in this world is imperfect. There are always some things we find difficult to do. Like I find playing a musical instrument really difficult. It is one thing I think I can never do. But what if instead of getting better at it I find a shortcut and some day start playing the auto tunes of a piano and become happy, would it be good enough? I will get bored and I haven't really learnt how to play a instrument. Well, making friends with girls isn't as hard as playing a musical instrument. However , I see you find it difficult. The shortcut you have found would never work. Why? Because- It makes you look desperate. No body wants a needy friend. You will become zabardasti inferior in a relationship you begged yourself to be into. I did not mean to be rude. I hope it did not come out like that. Anyway, now what you should do is get to know yourself better. Become confident in your own character and then start talking to people around you. (Yes. You need to let go of your being shy and just initiate it) You will eventually start making friends. If you have some interests, know a bit about the world or actually can just make conversations about random topics, you will be liked more. Voila! You are now ready. If you don't act creepy, you can talk and make friends with many girls now. PS- You never think and make close friends or friends forever with anyone. It just turns into that if two people click that well. And hey, who knows about forever anyway? Make real life friends. It is always better than being uselessly involved with someone virtually. Good luck :)