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I Want To Pursue Acting But I Have A Hand Tattoo

I am planning to get an arm tattoo. Will it affect my chances of getting a job as a physicist?

In most cases, an arm tattoo will be inconsequential to your physics career (assuming the subject matter of the tattoo is safe for work). While visible tattoos are not ubiquitous among physicists, it is not actively frowned upon either. I know of professors at top research institutions with a full sleeve, and several of my graduate school cohort had an upper arm band. The only exceptions I can think of is if you end up getting a corporate job not doing physics where tattoos are discouraged, if you end up working at a religious institution, if you end up doing physics in a foreign country with different attitudes, or if you pursue academic administration (like being a dean) where a more ‘corporate’ look is sometimes encouraged.

Will it be impossible to pursue acting if I have tattoos that cover both my upper arms at 3/4 the arm (about a 1/4 free space above the elbows), one of my ribs & one on my right side of the chest? What can I do if I can’t afford to get them removed?

I am an actor with tattoos, though I am not as tattooed as you are. I have 10 altogether, with several of them being on my arms, including a large heraldic lion. From personal experience, being tattooed will not prevent you from becoming a professional actor, but it may well limit the roles you are offered. If you audition for the role of “man in suit” and the costume will cover your tattoos, being tattooed will not be a problem. If you audition for “affluent young Victorian man in bathing trunks”, it might be.Tattoos are more mainstream now than they have ever been, but some roles will still call for skin that is un-inked. If tattoos are acceptable for a role, then maybe your tattoos won’t be because of modernistic or cultural design, or whatever. Casting directors can and will reject people for all kinds of reasons: too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, etc. Tattoos are just another reason why you might/might not be considered for a part.Tattoos can be covered by theatrical make-up, if necessary, should you be considered ideal for a role in all other aspects. This can be costly and time-consuming, however.Bear in mind that if you raise the money and do decide to undergo tattoo removal treatments, the end result is unlikely to be perfect and may still limit your opportunities.Good luck!

Can a person with scars be an actor or model?

Sure. A lot of models are outside the realm of standard beauty, because clothing manufacturers are starting to realize that EVERYONE needs to look good, not just supermodels.The same with acting, only more so. Lots of very good actors are not great looking, Like little gnomish guys like Dustin Hoffman, or fat guys like Oliver platt, but they work ALL THE TIME! Remember, it's perseverance that is more important than ANYTHING!

Are my drawing talents useless?

Compared to things like modeling, singing, sports, etc., drawing talents generally aren't as widely considered as amazing or divine of gifts. Most people favor modeling, singing, sports, etc. over things like art.

So are my drawing abilities useless?

Will a visible tattoo affect my career as a company secretary?

A2ANot at all. And coming from a person who has 3 tattoos and is still employed, you can take my word for it.Indian management is quite open, despite contrary beliefs, and views something like tattoos as a good sign as it accentuates that you are an open-minded and independent person capable of handling the job. Knowledge combined with that attitude is hard to find and is immediately picked up on. A visible tattoo on your hand or neck hardly ever matters anyways as it is not that visible in a professional attire (shirt - trousers, punjabi suit, etc). Even if it is visible in that attire, it is rarely noticed. But rest assured, it is never a hindrance.A personal anecdote, I got my first tattoo (on my neck) after I landed a job as a Company Secretary. I was not too open about it as I was not sure how it will be received. My boss (the CFO) noticed it on a casual Saturday and was mighty impressed (and proud too) about it. We had a friendly connection from that day on. By the time I left that company to try my luck abroad, I had made a best friend in my CFO, who also got a tattoo on his shoulder.Your knowledge and confidence is all that matters. Your appearance doesn’t.Best of luck :)

Do you think weddings bring out people's worst behavior or their true character?

Absolutely! I think it comes down to the fact that when you are planning a wedding, you have to rely (even slightly) on certain people, and that's when you find out that a lot of people don't care or aren't truly there for you. It's fine for them to be friends with you when you're just meeting up for drinks, but it's an entirely different ballgame when you are asking them to be there for you on the biggest and most important day of your life.

I've also noticed that a lot of women (usually either single or divorced women) have issues with weddings, period. So it's not necessarily about you, more about their own issues. For example, my aunt was married for 20 years and got divorced about 4 years ago. She is our only family here in the US and my dad's sister, so pretty close family. Throughout the entire year of our planning, the only thing she asked me in relation to our wedding was "is it open bar?" I swear, how ridiculous is that?
Even on the wedding day, she didn't compliment me or the groom and I don't even think she said congratulations. And she insists on writing our cards in Russian when she knows that my husband doesn't speak it (she does speak English so there's no excuse).

I've also had drama in my wedding planning: a bridesmaid dropped out two months before to pursue acting in California (I kid you not) and maid of honor drama because she didn't contribute to planning the bridal shower, everything fell on another bridesmaid (who did an amazing job by the way), and the maid of honor never even gave her the money for it!!! Not only that, but she generally didn't help me with anything and her toast at the wedding sucked, even though she pegs herself to be a writer.

Sorry this is a novel...LOL. Bottom line is: I don't think it's you who changed, I think you are seeing people's true characters (that tend to come out when you need them for something, even if it's just to be there for you emotionally) and lack of caring. I don't think that they changed, I think that they have been like this all along but you just haven't seen it thus far until you are planning the most special day of your life.

In the end though, it is all worth it. I just got married 3 weeks ago, and all of my wedding stress disappeared when I saw my hubby waiting for me at the end of the was magical.

I wish you a beautiful wedding day, free of drama and full of happiness!!!

Can I get a job at a retail store with piercings?

I have angelbites (two piercings on either side on my top lip) and I was wondering if stores like Wet Seal and Pacsun would hire me. I know Hot Topic would be the obvious choice but that hasn't been my style for years.