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I Want To Start Getting Healthy. What

How to start getting healthy?

Im going to explain this quickly as possible:

Im pale, getting a little bit chubby and out of shape. Btw im a 14 year old boy... Theres alot of videos on the internet, but if i could some help from a person that knows this stuff would be good. (Not saying the guys on the videos dont know anything) Does any of you guys have any tips & tricks to start getting in shape? I know this isnt gonna happend over night, so im willing to use alot of time. My goal isnt to get alot of muscles, just getting in shape. The muscles can come afterwards or while im training.

I know that this not a well-written question, but if theres some tips anyone have for getting into shape for a boy, that would be awesome. I also know that im in the time where my body is growing, so any training that wouldnt make me get any injuries in the future would be awesome...
Thanks :)

How can I start getting healthy skin?

Obviously, you need to wash your face everyday to keep it from being oily.
Next is the obvious, but eat lots of fruits and vegetables because it really does help...
Use aveeno's positively radiant daily moisturizer, it gurantees beautiful skin is just 4 weeks. I have used it for 4 weeks and I have already started to see the differences, it really does work so you should try it too!!
Also, products for clean & clear are very good too. If you have ever seen the commercials, do the 3 process thing that clean & clear provides.

I have had skin problems because I have never eaten fruits, so eat fruits and use the aveeno product.

Good luck, and love your skin!

Very overweight and I want to start getting healthy! Can you give me some pointers?

Go slow. We all want rapid results, but going slow will get you where you want to go.

Walk everyday, even for 10 minutes. Don't jump into heavy cardio right off the bat. You can gradually work up to that.

Get some 5 and 10 pound weights and do a little lifting every other day. You want to develop muscle, which burns calories better than fat mass.

Drink at least 8 - 8 oz. glasses of water everyday. Soda, tea, coffee, etc don't count. Drink water.

Cut out as much of the "whites" as you can: white sugar, white flour, white bread.

Eat lots of veggies and whole grains. Add fruit to your diet.

Watch out for "low fat" and "low carb" and "diet" foods. Really read the labels and find out what you're putting into your mouth.

Make sure you know what a "serving" is.

Definitely eat more than one meal a day. One meal confuses your body and sets you up to gain more weight. Ideally 5 or 6 small meals is the best way to go because it spreads out the caloric intake so your body can manage it more effectively.

Write down everything that goes into your mouth. After a week, review each day and see what things might have been eliminated. The second week, jot down the caloric value of everything you're eating. Keep the food diary religiously. You'll think twice about eating it if you know it's going to be committed to paper.

Treat yourself with a diet soda maybe in the evening (after you're drunk all your water for the day).

Go to the bookstore and check out "Body for Life," which has some great, simple eating plans that keep your glucose in check throughout the day. Also, have a look at Jorge Cruise's books and the workout plans he offers. He has one book especially dedicated to "real women."

There's a lot of weight loss information out there. Stick with a moderate, healthy plan. Nothing "melts fat while you sleep." Weight loss is not easy.

But with your attitude, there's no doubt you can stick with it! Good luck to you!

I really want to start eating healthy?

the easiest approach is to eliminate things that you absolutely do not need while maintaining a diet as close to a regular diet as possible to be succsesful;

Stop eating sugars- you would be surprised how much weight you can loose if you just do not eat sweets, sugar is addictive, and you will feel sick for a couple of days when you stop eating sugar, but it is a must for any changes to be effective. this is the step most often skipped by dieters and the main cause of diet failure.

Wake up early- the more you are awake, the more energy you use,do not sleep in , even on the weekend, try to get 8 solid hours of sleep, no more.

Avoid,"value meals"- eating fast food is a must nowadays , specially if you work, if you must have a burger, skip the fries, bacon and cheese, and order a diet drink. and get sensible sizes, skip the triple meat patties

avoid "diet food"- eating overpriced diet junk that tastes like cardboard is the easiest way to get tired of your diet, and salads have little nutritional value, so you are always hungry. try to avoid salads and meal bars, instead , eat normal food, just avoid deep fried food and excessive cheese and salad dressings.

Eat often- starving yourself all day is the best way to make the few meals you do get a gorging frenzy, try to eat at least every three hours, try to keep sandwiches and nuts handy.

I want to start eating healthy, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm no chef either. Any suggestions?

First of all, Throw away your microwave. Secondly stop eating off the dollar menu, in fact stop eating fast food all together...don't even order a salad.

-Oatmeal (takes less than 5 minutes to cook) Maybe a banana or apple, or peach.
-Tuna Sandwich, or some type of healthy one (takes 3 minutes to pack a lunch man)

-Fish & Rice, a salad, fruit and a glass of milk.

You'll live to be a 100 I guarantee it.

You say you have a really busy schedule...well I completely understand that but you know it and I know it you are capable of waking up 5 minutes earlier than usually so you'll have time to cook breakfast, pack a lunch, and cook dinner.

I want to start eating healthy, but i have no idea what i need to look for and what types of foods i can make?

Excellent question. Its difficult to create an exact formula and say that this is what healthy eating is all about. Its individualistic and dependent on your age, gender, past medical history, genetic predisposition, etc. However here are some general guidelines which are simple to follow : 1. Next time you have a meal, look carefully at your plate. Is 50% of the food fresh or partially cooked vegetables and fruit? Remember 50% fresh fuit and veg : 25% carbohydrates (preferably low GI and low calories) : 25% protein (meat, soya, beans) That is what a typical plate should look like. Its not the ideal health eating, fat busting habit but its a good start. 2. How will my food be prepared? Grilled, fried, baked, etc. I think you can figure out which is the healthier option so go for that cooking method. 3. Did I get sufficient fibre and water for the day? Many people drink a few ounces after eating a meal. That is not sufficient. You need a good fluid intake at regular intervals throughout the day. It will also assist with you not eating too much. 4. Do I really need to eat so much? Try not to watch TV while eating. You may eat more than you should. And do not serve large portions for yourself. 5. Did I have 3 to 5 meals today? Having more small meals will assist with regulating blood sugar levels and preventing fatigue. It also prevents you from bingeing on just one meal. In terms of PCOS, avoid too many processed foods. Eat more fresh fruit and veg especially leafy green veg. Only have low GIB carbs. And ensure you are getting a good iron intake. You would probably find more info online. Lean meat is always preferable and fish would be your best option. In a single sitting, never eat a piece of meat thats larger than your palm. Thats just a crude measure of what is an acceptable quantity per meal. Don't dive into a hectic workout schedule. Start off slow. The thing about getting proper exercise that is beneficial for your health is CONSISTENCY. So before you sign up at the gym, try to see if you have the interest to exercise frequently. Commit to something simple like a 2 mile walk at least 3 times a week on specific days. See if you can stick to it. If you really are consistent, then start up on a more rigorous routine at the gym, etc.

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I want to start eating healthy...any tips?

To eat healthier you need a ton of fruits and vegetables and some nuts. Bread is okay, but not too much of it. You also want to stay away from soda and juices, unless the juice is made from you and naturally made. you also want to eat small portions, so for example if you are going to eat lunch, your plate should have a lot of fruit and veggies and then your protein, chicken, steak, or turkey, or fish, and then a small portion of rice, potatoes, or wheat noddles the size of your palm. Also you could always go online to see recipes and choose your favorite and then go shopping for those ingredients.