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Identify The Wrong Statement From The Following

There is nothing wrong with it. Sounds like a tough essay assignment. To discuss, you need to consider the evidence for the premise within the statement. You may then wish to challenge the premise with any other evidence you may uncover. You may want to consider why people might behave in such a way, and what fears they may be seeking to address in doing so.You might start to form your own hypothesis based on these answers, and lead the reader to a logical conclusion of the merit of the statement. Wishing you well.....

Identify what is wrong with the following sentence and make corrections necessary: I am pretty useless if I ge?

The problems with this sentence is that it is too long and needs to be broken up into at least two sentences. That would follow the rule of Ernest Hemingway, famous fiction writer. His rule was to write sentences of no more than five words. The general grammatical rule is: write sentences that are not long because it is confusing to the reader. Two words were deleted and one word was replaced from the numeral "6" to the word "six." One word was deleted "especially." The sentence in its original construction is:

"I am pretty useless if I get less than 6 hours of sleep especially if I don`t have any time for coffee."

The improved and corrected sentences are:

I am pretty useless if I get fewer than six hours of sleep. If I don`t have any time for coffee, I am worse."

Good luck.

Identify the correct statement from the following.?


Identify the contrapositive of the following statement, then decide if the contrapositive is true or false.?

If p, then q.
If not q, then not p.

"If angle 1 is equal to angle 2, then angle 1 and angle 2 are vertical angles."
"If angle 1 and angle 2 are not vertical angles, then angle 1 is not equal to angle 2."

The contrapositive is false.

Identify the one statement that is incorrect?

Identify the one statement that is incorrect?
all but one of the following statement about the melting and crystallization of magmas is correct.identify the one statement that is incorrect.
1)the presence of water decreases the melting temperature of magma.
2)the upper part of magma in a magma chamber will be richer in felsic minerals than mafic minerals.
3)sodium rich felspar melts at lower temperatures than calcium rich feldspar .
4)the residue in a magma chamber will become progressively rich in felsic mineral as magma migrates away.
5)mafic magma crystallize at higher temperatures than felsic magmas.
plz help i need the correct answer.thanks

Identify the following statements as true or false.?

All spontaneous processes release heat. - FALSE (endothermic processes can be spontaneous if T*ΔS > ΔH)

The energy of the universe is constant; the entropy of the universe decreases towards a minimum. - FALSE (the energy of the universe is constant, but the entropy increases)

If a process decreases the randomness of the particles of a system, the entropy of the system increases. - FALSE (decreasing the "randomness" decreases the entropy)

All spontaneous reactions occur quickly. - FALSE (the kinetics of a reaction cannot be predicted from thermodynamic considerations alone)

Both ΔSsys and ΔSsurr must equal zero at equilibrium.- FALSE (this statement makes no sense)

All systems become more disordered spontaneously. - FALSE (this is only true for *isolated* systems)

Knowing only causation or correlation tells you nothing about the other unless you have additional supporting information. This is because all correlations you can find between two things, whether negative, positive, high, low, or none, are possible both when the two things have a causal relationship and when they don't.If two things have no causal relationship, then whatever correlation you find is just happenstance. Refer to See some hilarious charts showing that correlation is not causation .If two things have a causal relationship, then whatever correlation you find is meaningful only if various criteria are met as well. Whole books are written on these criteria, but we will only mention a couple to give a sense of what is meant:- The variables measured must be valid attributes of the cause and effect. - The measure used for the valid variables must be valid and reliable.- Confounding variables must be accounted for in some manner. Refer to Validity (statistics) and Confounding .It is possible for causation to not have correlation because of factors such as confounding variables, randomness inherent to the nature of the causation, or the non-random, but chaotic nature of the system. Refer to Chaos theory .To answer the questions posed...These are all false:Correlation or association proves causation.All correlations indicate causal links.If there is correlation, then there is causation....because correlation does not imply causation.This one is false:Causation requires either correlation or association....and this one is true:Causation can exist without correlation or association....due to confounding variables, randomness, chaos, and other possibilities.EditWant Answers

Your second AND is missing spaces around it and the parentheses after the BETWEEN are unnecessary. This code is likely vulnerable to SQL injection. It would be much safer to use a prepared statement than the method you're using here. It’s also poor practice to select all columns from a table like that. It's much better to be specific about the columns you need. Finally, it's a bad practice to name columns to match a reserved word (time in this case). A corrected statement might look something like this:sql = “select field1, field2, field3 from TimeAccount where E_id = ? and my_time between ? and ?”To find you original issue, printing the value of your sql variable could help you debug the issues.Good luck :-)

Identify the incorrect statement about Alexander the Great and his conquests during the 300s BC.?

Identify the incorrect statement about Alexander the Great and his conquests during the 300s BC.
A. Alexander was the son of King Philip of Macedon. B. The conquests of Alexander the Great resulted in the diffusion of Greek culture. C. The library in Alexandria, Egypt was destroyed once Alexander gained control to prevent the pursuit of wisdom. D. Alexander died unexpectedly at the age of 33.
The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations shared similar characteristics, such as a focus on sea related trade and redistribution of crops and goods. However, they both also had characteristics unique to their own civilization. Which of the following is a characteristic of the Mycenaean civilization?
A. Women played a key role in society, as they even held the position of priest. B. Their civilization was located on the island of Crete. C. Their written language remains undecipherable. D. They are known as the first Greeks, as they spoke a language similar to modern Greek.
In which civilization would a citizen be given a helot in order to spend less time performing manual labor and farming land, and more time training and preparing for war?
A. Minoan B. Mycenaean C. Spartan D. Athenian