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Identifying That Lovely Toothache

What should you do when your family do not understand your real situation and make you feel more alone?

Take a long trip away. Find yourself. In 2003 my second marriage collapsed because I naively married a narcissist. She was determined to ruin me and my happiness. I bought a large BMW motorcycle and spent 33 days riding a fast lap out to the left coast, all the way down that side, then back across the bottom of the US and up the Mississippi back to Toronto. I took a diary and recording equipment with me and managed to dial in some acquaintances to stay with along the way. Even people I met in camp sites welcomed me and I found I was among a host of others asking the same questions I had about where I was in my life. In San Clemente CA i set up my pup tent in an RV park, the only place available because I had ridden doggedly into the setting sun. An elderly gent had a huge motorhome parked on the pad opposite. He invited me over to chat and told me how lonely he was now his wife was gone. He was from Santa Barbara and had done well in manufacturing. He lamented the fact his adult children never married or had kids. Despite all his wealth, he was bereft. But for a few minutes over beer at the end of the day and coffee the next morning, we had the company of each other. And a vivid memory and perspective (speaking for myself) of the value of being with self and realizing in those moments, the value of others, no matter who they are or where I encounter them. When I returned to Toronto, it was utterly black. Great Blackout of 2003. I have since picked up the pieces of my life, reoriented myself to recall what moves me and my passions, remarried and found joy. But that came at the loss of children with whom I no longer have connection. I trust they are well and living as they wish, with the same option to find themselves and their truths as I did mine. Love someone, set them free. Starting with yourself.

What are your personal experiences with Hanuman Chalisa?

One of my seniors, in her second year of engineering committed suicide. I was in my first year then and our hostel rooms were in the basement of an under construction block on the other side of the hostel campus. If we opened our room windows we could see thick shrubbery, trees and an eleven feet wall. It was 2001 and we didn't have cell phones or internet as common as now. There were power cuts too.Now imagine the state of mind of a home sick seventeen year old at that time and in that atmosphere. Not just me, almost all my mates were terribly scared during nights. To top that, we had to pass the room, in which our senior died, to go to the mess hall.It was then I remembered my little Hanuman Chalisa booklet. I would recite it daily without fail, for it gave me strength and courage. Some of my friends saw me reading from the booklet and asked what it was. I told them and happily shared it with them as well. They too felt a little comfortable after reading it and started reciting it daily.It was then I got a dream. In the dream, I was reciting Hanuman Chalisa when someone started abusing and mocking me. She was telling me, “Why do you even bother to read it? It does nothing and you are misleading and lying to others about it” and some other nasty stuff. I got angry and replied saying that, “ You are wrong, Hanuman Ji himself comes and listens to it whenever we recite it. I'm not lying to anyone, it's the truth”. And suddenly there was this huge monkey, with a yellow shawl, having “Sri Ram” written all over it and with Thiru Naamam on its forehead. It comes to me and tells me “Don't bother what others say, learn it, recite it, and I'll be there”. I woke up right after that.After 16 years, the dream is still fresh in my mind. Reciting Hanuman chalisa gives me peace and strength when I'm weak, gives me hope when I'm down, gives me happiness when I'm sad. It does so for everyone who recites it whole heartedly.Hope I answered your question.Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman ki Jai

Why does my dog keep licking my leather sofa?

Why does my dog keep licking my leather sofa?Your Baby “sees” a GIANT beef hide chew toy! That TASTES GREAT!Dogs love leather chew toys, leather chew flips, and dozens of other shapes made from beef leather (the hide, animal skin) including leather couches, leather gloves, leather shoes, and an occasional Pigskin football. Beef leather chews can be found at every pet supply store, in great volumes, as it is much loved.I have a difficult time remembering that my LEATHER work gloves LOOK & SMELL like just another CHEW TOY to the Girls also, and occasionally leave them on a counter top (eye height for greyhounds), where one glove will just go missing.And now have quite a collection of odd gloves, with two to four fingers totally exposed, when putting them on. Or the palm section is gone, and the glove is useless (except to the Girls).Leather furniture is most often covered with cowhide, and a leather couch here at home, is a regular (king size) chew toy that cannot be chewed, BUT licking is lovely again (when the cheapo throw-over couch-cover, goes to the washer & dryer).I guess Your dog has claimed that sofa, as A PERSONAL GIANT CHEW TOY, like mine have!Maybe you will have to get yourself YOUR OWN new sofa pretty soon, or get a cloth throw-over sofa-cover to → to hide, the hide.

What is the best form of affection you have got in your life?

animals will also express their true love and affection,that will be genuine also,,,long back when i were in 12 th std,we have a cute yellowish white kitty,,like any students most of lifeduring 11 and 12th we will be spending in tuition centres,,i am remebering there are days i could nt see sun even,,early morning by 5–5;30 tuition will start,,so we will start from home even early,,,then school,,then evening tuition ,,then to home,then bed ,,this will be daily routine of most of students ,,,i were not an exception to that,,,in these busy schedule sometime i used to take off from school,,my parents were working,,so at home only me,,,my study room on ground floor close to backyard,,every day when ever i were at home that kitty used to sit outside ,,i could see her through window..will give her food,,even if her stomach full she wont go,,will wait until my parents reach home,,,this was a regular phenomena,,,it continued for 2 years,,after that i were at a coaching institute for a year,,me and kitty relationship also stopped,,then i joined college,,by these time she gave birth to many kitties and vanished ,,,so many days i expected her to come back,,,during my college time my friend ship was with her grand children,i hope so ,,because this time it was a pure white one and showed me the same affection like her grand mother kitty,,we used to take selfies also,,by that time i got an camera,,,i used to apply bindi on her forehead will put ribbon on her ears,,,,college studies over ,,i went to bangalore for 3 years,,when ever i am coming home where ever this kitty may be she will fly and will give a visit to me,,,how she could understand that i dont know,,,,then i came back home after 3years,,,,we used to see ,,but now she became a regular visitor of other homes,,i thought she forgot me,,,but animals also have brain ,memory ,,,one day again i went to bangalore for one week stay,,this time i had some luggages,,i dont know when the ola cab reached home she ran to my home from somewhere and started screaming continuously thinking that again i am leaving home for long time,,,,,this affection real one ,,animals couldnot speak fake love words like humans ,,but THEY ALSO HAVE THESE FEELINGS FOR US,,MOST OF THE TIMES WE IGNORE IT