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If Another Boxer Is 2-3 Inches Taller Than Me Is It A Big Disavantage

Is it better to wear shoes of a bigger size or your actual size?

Neither. Buy the pair that immediately feels good when you put them on and walk around in the store in them for a bit. There should be enough room to wiggle your toes but should not pinch the sides of your feet or slide up and down on your heels.You should never buy shoes you haven’t tried on. Sizes can differ considerably between brands and type. If you’re a woman, you might wear a size 7 in a sneaker but need an 8 in a pair of pumps. The same is true for men. There can be a big difference between sportswear and dress shoes.Don’t settle for a medium width if you know you have a wide foot. Some stores will try to sell you a bigger size instead. That is flat-out wrong! Either the clerk doesn’t know any better or they don’t carry wider sizes. Always get the proper width. There ARE stores that sell them. If you don’t, your shoes won’t fit right and your feet might end up hurting.It’s a myth that shoes need to be broken in. If they don’t fit right in the store, they probably never will. The only shoes that are “broken in” are those that are getting ready to fall apart. It means the structural support is shot.Wear the kind of socks or stockings that you plan to wear with the shoes you’re going to buy. In other words, don’t wear pantyhose if you’re shopping for tennis shoes unless you plan to wear them without socks or with pantyhose.

I am a 21 year-old male but too short (5' 4"). I am constantly referred to as the kid and I feel that I am never really taken seriously. Girls don't like me. Can I do anything to improve my height?

There was a short guy who merely conquered the whole europe, his name is Napolen. Have you seen the HBO product "the game of throne". There is a role named Tyrion. In real world, people aren't judge you by your common characters. People judge you by your special characters.

Tall guy fighting short guy?

I don't know if anyone was ever expecting a question like this to be asked, but basically, what should a tall guy do to fight smart in a fight against somebody shorter?
I'm 6'5 and lanky, and there is someone who is about 5'6 but a little bit built who actually wants to hurt me. What should I do if a conflict ever arises?

Is there anything else I should do before I get my gerbils?

Gerbils will not die without a wheel! They will be fine without one, but gerbils do need exercise and you will find gerbils very much enjoy running on a wheel. The wheel you get is important. Do not buy a wire wheel as they can get their feet caught or tails caught and can break them off while running. A solid plastic "noiseless" wheel will hold up well for a while (not the flimsy plastic ones!).

As for your question, as long as they have food, water, some things to chew and absolutely NO plastic anything in their cage, you should be set.

Do make sure they are left alone for at least a day to de-stress. Once they become acclimated to their surroundings, you can start with letting them get to know you with your hand laying in their cage.

Otherwise, if the cage is set up and you have the right bedding and items, you're all set to get your two little ones! (Just make sure it's only two and they are the same sex of course). =)