If I Delete Gmail Acount Can Someone Later Use It For Same Username And Signup As

If you delete your Instagram account can someone else take your username?

Instagram usernames are not transferable.You are not allowed, as per Instagram’s terms, to “sell, transfer, license or assign your account, followers, username, or any account rights.” See Instagram Help CenterHowever, an exception is made when the account in question is a registered trademark.This from Instagram’s help pages What if an account is using my registered trademark as its username?

If I delete my gmail account from one device, are my emails still on my other devices?

If you are deleting one account from one device, then yes, your emails will be on every device they were previously on.If you are actually deleting the services and deactivating the account from one device, you will not have the emails on your other devices.If you want to deactivate your entire email address, go to settings, delete products, and deactivate account.If you simply would like to delete your email address from that one device, you can go a number of routes to solve this problem.You can open “Settings” and “Accounts” in your mobile phone to view all accounts you’re logged into (from Google, SoundCloud, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). You can sign out of Google right there if you’d like.If I was deleting a google account completely from a device, I would use a backup for the device and wipe the entire system. There are more bugs and malware than most can imagine so I take the time to get my device working properly.

If we delete our email account, is it possible to make another one with the same email?

Hi,In case of Gmail, Its not allow to create again same username even if you deleted that particular account. Gmail locks the particular username forever .For yahoo, A deleted Yahoo account ID may become available for future use, and you are welcome to try to register it. However, Yahoo can't specify how long until a deleted ID may become available, and we can't guarantee that it'll become available.For more details please refer this Deleting account then making new one with same username

Can I change my Gmail username without creating a new account?

You can change it on both the Desktop and Mobile App. But you can only change up to 3 times every 90 days. We can tell you that you can not change your email address, you will have to create a new Gmail account to change the email address. So if you want to change your Gmail account username then follow the steps given below -Method - 1 (On Desktop) -First of all click here to go to Gmail.Now click on Settings in the top right side.Now click on Accounts and Import.Or you can click here to join Accounts and Import page, so you can also leave Step 2 and Step 3.Now click on edit info in the "Send mail as" section.Now enter your new username here. And click on save below.Clicking on save will change your username.Method - 2 (On Mobile) -First of all open the Gmail App in Mobile.Now click on menu in the top left corner and click Settings.Now click on the email address whose username you want to change.Now click on My Account.Now click on personal info.Now click on the Name Box here.Now sign in with the password.Click on Edit icon.Now you will be asked your first name and last name, all this by clicking DONE.Your Username will now be changedClick Here to read in Hindi this Post

If I delete my OkCupid account, can I create another one with the same email account?

Are you wanting to simply use the same email account we any date-site you wish. Answer is yes, but…. sometime two seemingly different dating sites share customers (you) Often you can see this if the site allows you to use other databases. Or sometimes I just get confused because I don’t have the time to track all the BS.Anyway I’ve used the same email account with well over 50 different sites. The worst that’s happened is they say I already have an account here under xyz email address. So I ask for the password and they send it, not much security but hell what’s a few dic-pics amongst friends.btw, OkCupid is a bottom feeder. You can do better.

How do I delete my Quora account, and open a new one with the same email ID?

Yes, you can make new Quora account using old email id.Delete your current quora account (Quora>Settings>Privacy>Delete Account).How do I delete my Quora account?Wait for 14 days for permanent delete your account means, If you log in to quora during this 14 days your account delete action will be canceled,So don’t log in Quora for 14 days.After 14 days your account will be deleted permanently. Every thing related to your account will be deleted except questions (because it is public property) you have asked. There will be “Quora User” written instead of your name.All done. Make new account using same email id which was associated with first one. It will be same as making account first time on quora.

I think Yahoo won't let me delete my account :/?

There have been some glitches on through the Yahoo! community. Here is what you can do. You can either wait a few days and try again, or just leave your account be, don't login at all, then in about 4 to 6 months Yahoo! will deactivate your account. The user name on the account is held on their database for 90 days (three months) then after four months the account will be deleted and the name on the account will then be open for anyone to use. Any files, photo's, links that were associated with that account are removed as well.

Or you can send an email to Yahoo! and ask them to delete the account for you.

(Yahoo! Email Support)