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If I Loose My Swedish Permanent Residence Permit Can I Get Another Later

Can I have permanent resident status after I finish my master’s degree (2 years) at any university in Norway?

No. To be eligible for permanent residence, you must have lived in Norway for 3 years and pass a certain level of Norwegian language test.It will be easier to get residence permit if you get job contract or for further studies. In that way you can stay and work there.You can check more about it on Immigration to Norway - UDI

Can a Syrian citizen with a permanent residence in Sweden travel to Spain for a week without a visa?

A good place to look for answers is Timatic which can be accessed online at Visa And Health - Star Alliance This is the system built and managed by the IATA that airlines use to evaluate what travel documents are needed to travel. I typed in your information at hand (citizenship, residency, etc.) and it appears you can visit visa free for up to 90 days.Visa required, except for:A max. stay of 90 days for holders of a valid "D" visa issued by another Schengen Member State. VA max. stay of 90 days for those, irrespective of nationality, holding a Residence Permit issued by Sweden.I would confirm by checking the link given, to ensure that your situation is covered.

What can lead to the revocation of the Swedish residence permit?

A Swedish residence permit can be revoked ifit is found that it was obtained through the use of false information, orthe person carrying it is found guilty of a crime by a court.In addition, a person carrying a permanent residence permit may lose it if they leave Sweden for more than two years.

Can I get married to a permanent resident while in the US with visitors?

Yes, you can get married to to a US PR while visiting the US. However, chances are you won’t remain in lawful status for long enough for the PR’s immigration petition on your behalf to be approved and your Priority Date to become current. This means you’ll probably need to leave the US and wait until your priority date becomes current when you can return with an immigrant visa. Btw, without encouraging you to become unlawful, I would like you to know that if you overstay your visitor’s visa and your spouse becomes a US citizen, you can still apply for adjustment of status regardless of your visa status. I hope I don’t have to emphasize the risks associated with overstay.

What would be the consequences if I apply for a work permit in Poland and Sweden at the same time?

No consequences at all. You shouldn’t apply to permanent residence in 2 places at the same time - when you get one, you lose another. But temporary residence, OK. I used to have temporary residence in Czech Republic and Cyprus at the same time with no trouble.

As a non-EU citizen living in Finland, will I lose my Finnish residence permit if I resign from my employer who has sponsored it?

Depends on what exactly reads on your permit. These days the permits tend to be generic, before you would have them tied to a profession or even to an employer. If your permit says ”astrophysicist” you can’t take a job as an engineer, but you can take another job as an astrophysicist. And yeah, resigning before you actually have that other job is plain silly, don’t do it that way around. And read the migri rules, they’re pretty straighforward.

What are the advantages of a Norwegian citizenship vs a permanent residency permit?

A Norwegian citizenship gives rights to vote and election eligibility, as well as other basic rights, such as the right of residence, the right to take up employment in the realm and the right to hold a passport. Most Norwegian rights are not linked to nationality, though. Social Security, for example, sets as a requirement that one is living in Norway. Norwegian citizens who stay abroad for long periods have no social benefits like that, while foreign nationals residing in Norway have it.

An example of obligations is military service. Don't worry about that, though, in peacetime they only draft young men, so unless some major invasion is going on, as a woman you will probably not have to consider such a possibility.

There are many nice books that can lessen the slight culture shock some may have, one that was particularly helpful to me was:
Apart from that, there are many (women, the tradition of Vikings going abroad and taking women home apparently lingers) who are married to Norwegians and blog about their experience in Norway. Somewhat depending on the region you are going to, these two blogs may help you in particular, as the first is written by one who have moved to warm southern Norway while the other to the far, almost arctic, north (the northern one gives a broader historical/cultural perspective, however):

Moving to Sweden from Canada. Where do I start?

You need a valid reason for a residence permit in order to move to Sweden. The details can be found on the Swedish Migration Board web site:

-Family permits are given for long term relationships with a Swedish citizen/permanent resident. You get a temporary permit for the first 2 years, and if the relationship ends during that time, you lose the right to live in Sweden.. so it needs to be a solid relationship to consider this. After 2 years, you can get a permanent residence permit.

-You can study in Sweden. Most Bachelor's programs require Swedish language proficiency, but many Master's are available in English. You have show proof of funds (savings, scholarships, loans, etc) to pay tuition fees (which differ by course) and cover living costs which are set at 73000 SEK/year.

-If you're under 30, you can get a working holiday permit. This means you can move for a year without having a job lined up, as long as you fulfill support requirements. It helps to learn some Swedish first, as it's hard finding work if you don't.

-You could go as an au pair for a year.

-Regular work permits are the most difficult to get. Due to EU regulations, a company has show there are no suitable applicants already legal to work in Sweden, before they can hire you. This means permits are only given for highly skilled jobs with specialized skills that aren't common, or to people that have very good contacts.

I'm American can i still join the Swedish military?

If you become a citizen of sweden you can. just like you can join the US military if you are a citizen. I think you can join our military if you are a permanent resident regardless of citizenship. I know someone that was granted citizenship because he joined the marines. but that was a long time ago.
Check the website or call their recruiting office.
here is their english site: