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If I Owe Fasfa Money Can I Still Get Student Loans To Go To School

I owe my school money, Can I use financial aid or student loan to pay it so I can go to school this fall?

There are some private loans that may help you out to pay this bill so you can go back to school. Sallie Mae, I believe, has one. Ask your college, they can tell you. That said, it's a loan, it has to be repaid and it isn't deferred, IOW, you start paying now. You may be better off talking with the college's Business Office (Bursar or Student Payment Office) if you can work out a reasonable payment plan with them that will allow you to return to school. Financial aid may not be used to pay for amounts due from a prior year, although if the school allows you to register and return to classes you may apply the refund towards it. Most schools, though, will not allow you to return with an outstanding charge without you making some effort to pay first.

Can i still get financial aid if i owe money to another school and also owe loans?

If you just owe loans (and are NOT in default on them!) you should be fine. If you owe the college itself money, that's another story. Most times, a college won't release your academic transcript if you owe them money. Your new school will most likely require you to send them official transcripts of every school you've attended (whether you're transferring in classes or not), and if one of the colleges won't release it due to a financial hold, you might be out of luck.

If that is the case, you'll want to pay off the balance you owe U of P. Don't try to cheat the system by not telling your new school about attending U of P. Just last week, one of our incoming students tried this exact thing, and we caught her because she had taken out loans at that college, so it was on her financial aid history. We barred her from our college because of fraud... Just a friendly warning ;)

How can I get financial aid if I still owe on student loans?

First and most important is completing a FAFSAFAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student AidNo school will offer you financial until you have completed a FAFSA, been admitted to the college, and declared a major. Also, you must attend at least 1/2 time (6 credit hours)Also, you cannot be in default for your current loans. There is a term call technical default where you can still qualify.You cannot be convicted of certain crimes as they will disqualify you forever.You cannot be removed from school for academic failure. Failure at one school disqualifies you for all schools until you raise your GPA to the minimum standard.You cannot have maxed out your eligibility (it varies depending on your grade level).If you are having difficulty making your payments, contact you lender immediately. They will work with you. Also, once you start back to school your loans can be deferred until you finish. Then ask to have all your loans combined.

Will I get Fafsa if I owe student loan.?

If you are in default then, no, you are not eligible for federal student aid of any kind.

You do not have to pay your loan off in full. What you have to do is go through a rehabilitation with the collection agency - meaning - you must make at least 9 consecutive, on time payments to get the loan current. The collection agency would issue your loan back to 'a' lender, it may not be the original lender. That lender would then give you a letter stating that your loan is out of default.

If you want to attend school after that, you can put that loan in to deferment.

Even if you filled out a FAFSA now, the school that gets the report will see that you are in default. They also use the NSLDS to verify.

Good Luck to you.

Can i still get financial aid even if i owe from another school?


Your question confuses me, and I'll tell you why.

The maximum Pell Grant award is $5350 - there's no way you can owe your school $8500 for a Pell Grant.

I'm wondering if what you actually owe is nothing more than a Stafford loan (another form of financial aid). If it's a loan you owe, then you're still eligible for more aid, as long as the loan isn't already in default (you didn't mention that in the question). There are a host of other issues that might involve that loan and its repayment status (plus possible deferments), but since you're not sure it's a loan, I won't go into those here.

If you owe UoP $800, they're not going to turn over your transcripts - so that would mean that you'll have to start at another school without being able to claim the benefits of the classes that you already paid for. That would be kind of tough, so you'll have to consider whether it would be worth trying to get Phoenix off your back, first.

If you DO owe money for a Pell, then, unfortunately, no, you won't be eligible for more aid until you've either repaid the amount of Pell funds that you owe, or at least started on a payment plan. That's tracked in a national database known as the National Student Loan Data System, so any school that you try to attend will be aware that you owe for a Pell "overpayment". The Federal Student Aid system will not allow you to apply for additional aid if you owe for an overpayment, or you have any previous federal loans in default.

I'm afraid that you may have to postpone that dream of returning to school for a while - long enough to get your old aid paid off and resolved. Again, if it's just Stafford loans, you should be okay, but if it really is Pell (even a small part of that $8500), you won't be eligible for more aid until you've paid it back, and any school will know about it by the time they've received your application for financial aid.

Best of luck to you - I hope everything falls into place for you.

Can I go to another college and not give them my last schools transcript?

Well about half the answers say no you can't; and the other half suggest you lie and cheat to get what you want.
If you had done that in the first place you would not be where you are now. But if you have standards that don't allow lying and cheating; then stick to your guns and gut out the process of getting higher grades next year to start trying to raise your GPA. You may have to work while you go to school; but if you are diligent there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you graduate.
keep your nose to the grindstone and you will win in the end.

Can you get FAFSA money if you owe federal income tax?

I believe you are eligible to file FAFSA without regard to your tax refund or deficit status. Of course you will need to pay your taxes regardless, and the fines pile up if you wait.‘FAFSA money’ is federal aid in these forms:- Pell Grant if low enough income, up to $5,920 per year- Student Loan for everyone, up to $5,500 for freshman year- possibly some work/study where you can get a campus job and earn a bitOther funds that start with filing your FAFSA are possibly from your state, and possibly from your college.

Is there any way I can get money from FAFSA?

I've been going to community college for a while and I've gotten pretty annoyed. I'm a full time student and I'm struggling because I have no money to pay for my books and I need to eat since I'm at school pretty much all day but I have no money for that either. I try to get a job I've applied so many places but nobody calls back because of me being a full time student. All of my friends that are also full time students receive financial aid and whole it's not enough money to move out or anything it at least supports them throughout the semester. I've gotten pretty pissed off because this is my 3rd year applying for financial aid and again, i'm ineligible because of my EFC. The thing is, I live with my mother and my step dad with two siblings as well. My step dad doesn't care about me at all I get zero support from him besides having a room to stay in but unfortunately he's the one that makes the money and the reason why I don't qualify for financial aid. My mom supports me as much as she can but she makes very little per year. It's bullshit. I can't progress this way but I literally get zero financial support from my father. Because of how much he makes my EFC is always very high and I never qualify for any grants. Is there anything I can do at all???