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If Silence Is Golden Is Talking Silver

Speech is Silver and Silence is Gold?

Speech is of a few fee if nicely seen and construct on real understanding (adventure, perfect diagnosis & sparkling questioning, stunning assumption and superb end). Silver (and blue) pertains to the throat-center interior the air of secret persons people and likewise to psychological ability. as a result, I presume, the sensible ones - as quickly as chosen silver as an analogy for speech for this proverb. Silence on the different hand may finally end up in a plenty deeper state of conciousness if reality be told directly to real perception, instinct & understanding, which while seen interior the human auric non secular field of ability is a shining golden easy - f.eks. around the pinnacle of the Saints interior the iconography ofeast and West. for sure this form understanding is of ggreater vaue than the extra superficial knowedge. in spite of the undeniable fact that the two have some fee - while properlly practised and used. Or they are in a position to be lost and accordingly incorrect. while you are able to still desire to speek the reality or for the sake of justice silence is lost. any opposite direction around - speech can the two be harsh, threatening, un-truthfull/a lie and accordingly be lost, yet while used interior the excellent place on the excellent time be of real fee. TNH

"Speech is Silver, but Silence is Golden"?

Saying something profound can be of great value. Sometimes it is a value to you, and sometimes to someone else. Lets fact it, when someone gives us good advice, it can be priceless! Especially when it helps us to fix a problem. But when someone just listens, it can be more valuable to us. No judgment, no suggestions, just allowing us to get whatever is on our mind, out into the open. This can be worth much ,more than input.

If Silence is Golden....what thing is Silver?

Sonic boom...


You see the plane and hear... silence (first place... gold)
Then you hear the boom (second place... silver)

More poetically, being seaside I'd say the sound of a gentle sea rolling on a beach shore.


If silence is golden , what is silver??

I don't know Robin, but i would say this: anyone who believes that silence is golden hasn't considered deaf people. I'm sure they wouldn't share the sentiment.
As someone myself who appears to have been blessed with exceptional hearing, I came to that conclusion by considering what it would be like if I lost my hearing. Can you imagine not being able to hear someone shout "Fire" or "Look out"? Or not being able to listen to your Mum's words comfort you when you were a kid? I'm thirty five now and I still often rely on my Mum's words for comfort. Now at least though, I can return the favour.
No, if silence is golden, and as a nervous wreck who hates noise I can appreciate it, I have to say quietness is platinum.

Why is Silence Golden?

Silence is Golden for many reasons.

The things you say to other people may affect them for a life time.

Spoken word has innate abilities of being able to give life or even heal deep issues that lie in someones heart. So every spoken word needs to be of good selection to address on the real issues in a conversation.

When you speak less you often reduce the chances of saying something stupid.

One of the reasons why Silence is said to be golden is because .People say wise people don't talk much and when they talk it makes sense.

I have a project on speech is silver but silence is gold but i do not know what to write?

A wonderful example of "silence is golden" is the silent movie era. There was a complete lack of words, forcing the actors to communicate with non-verbal actions and "speaking with their facial expressions."

Once spoken word was added, words became the obsession rather than the manner in which they were communicated. So basically, a lot of empty words.

Also, think about what it feels like to get a hug. Maybe someone does not know what to say to you when you are going through a hard time. Instead, they reach out to you and hug you or place their hand on your shoulder. Their inability to verbalize anything and give you empty advice, is often better when they just reach out and hug you. It speaks volumes without saying a word.

Also, how many times do we stick our foot in our mouth? Or say something we don't mean in anger? Biting our tongue keeps us out of trouble!

Hope this gets your project rolling!

“Silence is golden” is an expression/phrase. Many expressions don’t have a continued meaning that would effect and conclude other similar phrases. This would be one of them. Another phrase adjoined to this would be “Speech is silver”. They’re “stand-alone” phrases that don’t really influence other phrases.Edit : After a bit more research, I found that there’s also “Speech is platinum” too… but it’s not as commonly quoted as “Speech is silver, silence is golden”.Basically, it would be what you see as more important; ‘Speech’ could be platinum (more valuable than “golden” silence) or silver (less valuable than “golden” silence).TL;DR : “Speech”

Though appearance is deceptive , in our hectic life we are too busy to analyse things in little bit more detail hence what is appealing to our eyes seems beautiful and intelligent and that which is not appealing seems dull or ugly but truth is truth and truly silence is golden and appearance is deceptive !! We people are very quick in judging other people which is also a reason for the above !!

"speech is silver, silence is golden", eludicate this proverb. please .?

'Still waters run deep', 'Speech is silver, silence is golden', 'Empty vessels make the most sound', these proverbs could be included in what Permiakov has referred to as a "paremiological minimum" of English proverbs, i.e. a central stock of proverbs necessary for cultural literacy (Permiakov, 1971, 1973, & 1989). This paper proposes that such proverbs about speech and silence comprise a proverb type.