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If We Get Charged Late Fees For Not Making A Payment On Time. Why Can

Court fees, do they charge for late payment?

I went to the attorneys to fix my ticket and paid them to do so. After the court date, I received a letter that stated: no points, but court fee must be paid. Court fees were due about 2 weeks ago but they still give you more time to make payment or license will be cancel, revoked.

If this has happened to you before or you know the for sure please let me know.

MY QUESTION IS, do they charge a late fee for paying late?

Does T-Mobile charge a late payment fee?

i'm afraid so... sorry. but only 8 days! sounds a bit steep!

13. * Payments, Late Fees, Deposits, and Credit Checks. If we do not receive payment in full by the due date on your bill, you may be charged a late fee of the greater of 1.5% per month (18% annually) or $5/month, subject to the maximum allowed by law. We may use a collection agency and you agree to pay collection agency fees we incur to collect payment. If we accept late or partial payments, we do not waive our right to collect all amounts that you owe, including late fees. If your check, electronic funds transfer payment, including debit or Automated Clearing House payment, or other payment is dishonored or returned, we may charge you $35, or the maximum amount allowed under applicable law. We may also require you to use another payment method, and/or immediately suspend or cancel your Service. We will not honor limiting notations you make on or with your checks. Late payment, non-payment or collection agency fees are liquidated damages intended to be a reasonable advance estimate of our costs resulting from late payments and non-payments by our customers; these costs are not readily ascertainable and are difficult to predict or calculate at the time that these fees are set. Deposits: We may require a deposit. You agree that only we can apply deposits, payments, or prepayments in any order to any amounts you owe us on any account. We refund deposits and final credit balances upon request, unless otherwise required by law. We pay simple interest on deposits at the rate the law requires. Credit Checks: You authorize us to obtain information about your credit history from credit-reporting agencies at any time. You understand that a credit inquiry could adversely affect your credit rating. You authorize us to report your payment record to credit-reporting agencies. "

Can I be charged a late fee plus interest on the late payment on a car loan?

I have had several late payments on my car loan some up to a month late but they all came accompanied by a $40 late fee. I am on my last car payment and they are telling me that I owe $670 for interest charges accumulated off late payments. I want to know if this is legal in Illinois.
My loan is through a finance company owned by the car dealership not a bank.
If this is not legal what steps can I take to release my title? Thanks!

I don't like late fees in a lease. The purpose of a late fee is as a deterrent to paying rent late, not as a means to profit from the tenant's neglect. A late fee shouldn't be necessary, since timely payment of rent is inherent in the bargain for use and occupancy of the property. In my opinion, a late fee effectively gives permission for the late payment of rent, subject to payment of the fee. Nevertheless, this is often how a late fee is perceived by the tenant.If you want to ensure the timely payment of rent, simply inform your tenants that you will commence termination procedures if rent is not received by the due date, plus any statutory grace period. In other words, instead of charging a late fee you can simply enforce your lease as to the promise of payment on or before the due date.

Late fee for paying early?

I think you need to call Bestbuy. What might be going on is that you are paying so early that it is showing up on the prior month's activity. For example, your statement period ends on July 25th. They want a payment by August 15th in order to close your next statement by August 15th. If you make a payment July 23rd intending for it to get to them by July 28th, it might actually get there on July 24th and therefore be before the cutoff and too early. Another thing you want to look at is what the effective posting date of your online payments is, particularly if you are using online bill pay with your bank. With some banks, your "online" payment is just something that your bank makes into a paper check, which is mailed once a week to the vendor you wanted to pay. The vendor then has to handle that paper check, just like you mailed it, only it takes longer for them to deposit the check and give you credit because there is no payment stub for them to find out. Watch your statement carefully and find out when they give you credit for your payments. If it is more than 3 days after you made the payment, something else is going on and needs to be investigated.

Is it legal to charge a late fee if your letter with payment is postmarked before the due date of the bill?

make effectual you mail them a lengthy time period formerly they are due. The postmarked date is purely the day that the submit place of work recieved it, so any carry united stateslike a incorrect zip code or forwarding achieved on the corporation is your difficulty. deliver them out per week early, or pay on-line. they'll take any excuse to can charge you.

Credit payments made on due date, charged a late fee due to time difference. Unfair. Suggestions for action?

I am sure when you contact them on this issue and you do not a history of paying late then they reverse the late fee at least the first time. However, keep in mind that in the credit card agreement it typically states that the cardholder is responsible for insuring the payment is made allowing sufficient time for "processing" including time for electronic and regular mail. Look on the back of the statement, in most cases it states the time zone requirements for that individual creditors. Unfortunately, if they post the payment in their time zone and it is late there, they can and most often will charge a late fee. I put a website below for the Federal Trade Commission that goes over your rights regarding this issue and where you can file a compliant if you need to.
Hope it helps.

Yes. Whether a fee is specified in the lease or not, charging a late fee or other penalty means that the landlord is waiving its right to terminate the lease after a non-payment event has occurred, subject to receipt of the late fee or penalty amount.  This actually protects the tenant against future eviction resulting from a late payment.  The payment of a late fee constitutes the landlord's acceptance of liquidated damages for a material breach of the lease (non-payment of rent), thereby "curing" that breach so that it cannot be used later in an eviction action.

wow, the usual suspects giving wrong answers all over the place! And they get upvoted, that is why Quora doesn’t live up to its potential.Jennifer has the only correct answer: It depends. It depends on your state/local laws, what was said, who has witnesses, what seams reasonable, and even what judge might eventually here a dispute like this.Let’s first take apart the moronic answers already here:NO. from an alleged “leasing expert” who is wrong so much on quora it makes my head hurt. You can’t simply say NO for all the reasons listed above, and in Jennifer’s answer.You are a squatter and have no rights. From another real estate agent… who should know better. Leases are perfectly legal without being in writing, though of course much harder to enforce.So, even if you decided to fight this out in small claims court, a judge is very likely going to ask you, “do you think you should just not pay on time, and have no penalty? why would anyone ever pay on time then?” And if the late fees are not out of the usual and customary, which the judge will have heard in 10,000 other rental cases, The particular judge might very well allow them. Or not. They could also take the view that “if the landlord wanted late fees, they should have made that clear” who knows?But here’s the thing: you are supposed to pay your rent on time. You know this. If you don’t a penalty is not unusual.

You could just find a doctor that is more prompt or set your appointment for early office hours. If your doc is four hours behind someone else is having a really bad day…. Is your time worth someone's life? Doctors are typically behind because someone else was either late, or there was an emergency. In the case of an ob/gyn he could have just been called to deliver a baby the moment you walked in. Your gonna have to wait. If your time is that valuable, then you can afford the White glove docs that make house calls. However a doc typically spends 5 to 6 minutes with each patient bills out about 150 bucks and sees 10 patients an hour. So there is 1500 bucks an hour. Now that doesn't feed only the doctor. It feeds the 2 or 3 assistants he has working for him as well as his overhead. That's a very hefty sum. The reason you pay for the missed appointment is if he is booked out 3 weeks and you just don't show up you cost the doc 150 bucks. Now he isn't very happy about that so you can pay him to do nothing, or he will discharge you and you can go establish care with another provider.