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If You Are Female With Broad Not Fat Shoulders Are You Considered Big Boned

Female ---Broad shoulders..?

This is what fashion is for. None of us have perfect bodies. The trick is to dress in such a way that you call attention to the things you think are great, and camouflage the things you'd prefer people didn't notice.

So for example, in that picture, what you've done really wonderfully right is the deep V. That look is very flattering on someone who has broad shoulders. The trick is to balance your shoulders out, by widening your skirt. That means the dress you're wearing could work, if you put a crinoline under the skirt to give it more body. If you do this, it emphasizes your small waist, not your shoulders, et voila! You look perfect!

With broad shoulders, you want to avoid high necklines, and avoid frills and other detailing at the neckline and shoulders, as all of this calls attention to the shoulders. Wear V neck shirts, or deep curves for a neckline (think a U shape). Feel free to wear a sweater or a shirt over another shirt, with the sweater left unbuttoned up at the top, to create that V. A long necklace can also be used to create that deep V.

Your skirts should be A line or similar. They should flare out, to create that balance and call attention away from your shoulders and to your trim waist. Skirts that hug your hips won't work on you, because they'll make your shoulders look big in comparison.

Avoid cap sleeves, horizontal stripes on your tops, and bandeau or high necked tops. All of these will make your shoulders look wide.

You want your hair to work for you, too. Either wear it up, or keep it long, so it's past your shoulders. Shoulder length hair will call attention to your broad shoulders, so it should be avoided. You want your hair, if you wear it down, to break your shoulder line, to go past it; that, or to be short enough that it doesn't touch your shoulders at all.

And blazers will look amazing on you. Normally, someone with broad shoulders would remove the shoulder pads from a blazer, but you are going to look killer in a blazer.

It can help to balance out your shoulders if your shirts and jackets come in at the waist, then flare out a bit again. Think princess seams.

Again, no one's body is perfect. I have short legs, you have broad shoulders - and this is what fashion is for. Wear the right stuff. Dress for your body. Highlight the good stuff, call attention away from the less good stuff, and you'll look great!

It depends on a number of factors that you’re not stating such as your height, build, age, body fat and musculature on your shoulders and probably a few other things I’m missing. If you’re 4′11″ and 12 years old that’s pretty wide. If you’re post pubescent and of average height, it’s average. The Average Shoulder Width for FemalesIt depends on how you measure it also. The linked article states that the average bone width is 14″ but at the end of the article it states that when you measure it with muscle and subcutaneous fat it’s 17″, so you’re right on target.I wouldn’t pay attention to the measurable width and ask yourself if you’re comfortable and if you’re not, why? Do you have a lot of fat on your shoulders? Lose some weight if it’s age appropriate and you’re not simply falling prey to having a bad body image. Do you naturally have wider and athletic shoulders? Lift weights and they’ll look sculpted. I went to high school way back in the dark ages of the 80’s and 90’s with a good friend who went on to become an Olympic level swimmer. Wide shoulders, like as wide as mine and I’m not and wasn’t a small guy. Sexy as all hell.Don’t get down on your body if you have naturally wide shoulders or something else you may not like. Work with it and own it.

Don't obsess about your broad shoulders.I know beautiful girls with broader-than-usual shoulders that are just beautiful girls. They have gorgeous boyfriends.In particular, female artistic gymnasts and swimmers have broad shoulders, for example.They are amazing.

its all about relation of parts and each part means something unique. Look at your head and torso in comparison to the breadth of your shoulders. If you don’t seem out of proportion then it’s probably a sign of your personality being very orderly. if it was out of proportion it shows that this area is your dominant area.In a human being breadth means broadness in knowledge, you may have a lot of information about something. Do you have a broad forehead, or a broad brow to complement the shoulders?If not, and it’s just broadness in shoulders, and nowhere else, then I would say this is because of your openness to beauty and creativity. Does your chest puff out too? If not then you haven’t found the pride in your own creativity.Broad shoulders closing inwards means the heart area will not be pushed towards the front, (ie your not showing love). Broad shoulders that are open and relaxed, so as to extend the neck up, means that the throat is working with the chest area as one, you could say then that such a posture indicates confidence in what’s one creates or of there creatives Capabilities.Furthermore, if the diaphragm is also Frontwards then one is powerful enough to support such creativity. The diaphragm is the centre, or what powerlifters call “the core” because this is the control centre for breathing and the energy for having physical force.So look at the surrounding areas. The trick nature plays on us is it makes us look at the part whichever emphasised itself, not it’s related parts. But nature is about relation and proportion, so we have to look at everything.I would love to tell you more on this word “broad” but it gets too far fetched. First look at the related parts and see what they indicate.

How would you define broad shoulders on a woman?

My shoulders are around the same width as my hips and they look broad to me, especially in t-shirts, but whenever I ask anyone about it, they don't think I have broad shoulders at all. In fact, some people have even said I have pretty narrow shoulders. What do you think? Ex, are shoulders broad (on females) when they reach the width of the hips? When they're 2 inches wider? Opinions, please.
Also, just for fun -- do you like women with broad shoulders? Why or why not?

Can I lose my broad shoulders and chest so I'm not seen as a big guy anymore?

I really hate how I look. I am 6’3”, about 250 lbs, broad shouldered, and bald. I want to lose 100 lbs because I want to lose my broad shoulders and chest more than anything. I want to minimize my size. I cannot change my height, but maybe I can de-emphasize it.

Please dont tell me I look fine the way I am...I dont care if some women like tall, bald, broad shouldered men, and hearing that only makes me feel worse. I dont want to "learn to love" being this way.
The reason I say this is because people often think that I'm simply asking for someone to feel sorry for me and give me a compliment. However, it's not about how a bunch of strangers online feel about's about what I want for myself.

Broad Shoulders - Good or Bad?


I'm a guy and have broad shoulders, but i was wondering what other people think about people ( or themselves) having broad shoulders, whether male or female.

I quite like having broad shoulders, and when i lose a bit more weight ( i've lost quite alot recently) i feel i will look alot better, i also like having them as i am naturally quite strong ( i dont know if thats got anything to do with my shoulders lol)

But, one thing i do hate about broad shoulders, is that many people see you as being 'fat' from the front, even though i dont have a podge from the side :S but from the font i look quite big as my shoulders are VERY broad.

So anyway, whats your opinion?


I live in a Muslim country, and you knew where this going, right? Women cover their skin and so on.There was this one girl in my classroom, she has a pretty decent face, not ugly but not beautiful either, a little bit above average, just a bit.So, ya, in my world, the only “beauty” I used to see is their face, hardly body figure or non at all, she… has a incredible character, kind, smart, I was quite a shy boy or anti-social… I can hardly talk to girl any girl or boy… ahh, what was I talking about?Her character, was beautiful, her smile was sweet, not by the beauty of her face but behind of the smile, whether it was a kindness or laughter, it was nice smile to look at everyday.Do I love her?No, I don’t think so but she was the a girl that I truly admire, a girl I would love to talk with.Long story short, it all about the character in the end, in the beginning it about beauty but once you get to know about them, it all about their character.If you have the same character as the girl mention, whether you cover your skin, flat(you knew what I mean, right?) short or tall, slim or chubby, not fat of course, I would defiantly fall for you if we hang out and i might confess to you too…

There is no need to Diet simply make a life change and embrace a Healthy Eating Lifestyle as for getting the Shoulders, Chest and Arms you want then you need to use Weights and a Weight training regime and not to build yourself into a Misshapen Freak. So you need a Weight Regime to target the whole body to build a uniformed physic so not to have a big upper body and Skinny Chicken Legs which will make you the Butt of Jokes just as building your Biceps and do nothing for your Triceps which is 50% of your arms development. I added some images of men that have sculpted their bodies into what you see as I assume is what you are interested in developing sculpting yourself

Well, first of all, we're all somewhat limited insofar as tweaking our body's natural physiological build by the specific body type we're both with. That is, we tend to fall into one of three classifications…endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorphs. And from your brief description it sounds like you may be a mesomorph.But those body types depend heavily on bone structure, or frame size. So while there's little or nothing you can do about this, you can of course alter your musculature.For someone such as yourself who is desiring smaller, more compact and less bulky muscles in your upper body, the first thing to consider is exercise. Or more specifically, what sort of weight training to do. If any. You should do some. As it's proven that weight training supplies a lot of benefits. Including increasing bone density. Or at the very least, curtailing the steady decline of bone density as we age.So, if you do weights, opt for lower weights and higher repetitions. Say, no more weight then you can comfortably…but with about 70% of your maximal effort…do for 8–12 repetitions per set. And hit the weights no more than twice weekly. Two sets per session is sufficient.As far as the sort of exercise to do whenever you're aiming to cut fat and minimize musculature, cardio is your best friend! Aim for 30–45 minutes of cardio per day, at 3–4 times a week. Remember you need to attain your Target Heart rate during that exercise time. THR is calculated by subtracting your age from 220, and then figuring 75–80% of that number.Unfortunately, target weight loss or fat reduction is very difficult if not I'm possible. So if you ramp up the cardio you're likely to trim up all over.Doing cardio on as empty a stomach as possible has been shown to increase calorie and fat burn rates. But don't be so hungry you get those annoying hunger pangs during your workout. A light snack an hour or so prior to exercise is usually a good option.Hope this helps.