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If Your Boss Misrepresents The Job Role Can You Quit And Claim Unemployment In Ct.

What are the consequences of losing an Unemployment Hearing?

I am going to be having an unemployment phone hearing regarding whether or not my employer fired me under just cause or not. It is only a week or so away and I need to prepare for this case. I would like to know what are some of the consequences of losing this case. Will I have to pay back the money that I have withdrawn from my unemployment insurance? Is there possible jail time? what is really at stake here? if I do have to pay it back, would they garnish my wages, repossess my assets, or let me pay in installments? anyone with experience with this, that could answer seriously would help.

I was denied unemployment compensation?

I worked at the same place for 6 months, My ex boss told me once he never approves any past employees request for unemployment, Why would I get a letter saying that I don`t have enough earned income credits?

Can an employer change your offer letter after employment?

1. where are you?
2. contract or at-will employment?

without that information this can't be answered as it relates to you, definitively.

assuming you are in the US and employed "at-will":
the pay decrease is legal as long as you are paid at least minimum wage and applicable overtime.
the change requires a notice be given before you work at the new rate.
some states require a longer notice period, some as long as a full pay-period in advance. this "new" offer letter could be used to show the rate was in force since you were hired and they would then do a retroactive pay decrease (totally unethical and of questionable legality IF that was their intent).
if the decrease was not being made retroactive then the letter would have no significance.

generally (except for the fore mentioned reason) an "offer letter" is not binding in any way if the employment is at-will.
generally the only difference this letter may play is if you quit and were to file for unemployment insurance using the pay decrease as the reason (a "significant change" in your employment status or conditions), with this letter they would be able to deny a significant change occurred.

still assuming you are in the US:
you can not sue a former employer for releasing ACCURATE employment information about you.
IF they "knowingly" release inaccurate information that is something different.

What are some of the consequences of lying on a food stamp application?

WELL I work specifically for the fraud department so I feel pretty qualified to answer this.Let me start off by saying don’t lie- everyone is out against you whether or not you realize it. Your mom, neighbor, cousin, ex, friend will ALL tell on you when they get mad at you.Lying on your SNAP application is bad, dont do it! Once your state finds out they will do an investigation whether it be unreported income, not reporting absent parent in the home or even receiving SNAP in another state. You will be investigated and the truth comes out- you will get caught and you will have to go in front of a judge and defend your side of the story- truth is unless you perform some kind of witch craft chances are your story won’t matter. You will have to pay back the benefits you received, you can get disqualified for 1 year to 10 years depending on the lie.WORSE case scenario, and yes it happens. People go to jail for this stuff guys. Don’t lie it is NOT worth it. Do you really want to become a felon over lying to get some “stamps”?