Im 14 I Want To Start A Business As A French Tutor What Do I Need How Should I Start

I'm 14 and want to start dancing ? is this no good :S?

First, ask yourself this: If you love dancing, does anything else—age, body shape, flexibility—really matter? If you WANT to dance, you should dance. Do what makes you happy!

Many dance studios have beginning and intermediate classes for "older" dancers; I got into dance at age 14 myself and was in fact the youngest person in all my classes (tap, ballet, and jazz). Also, with many "non-traditional" dance forms, such as belly dance, latin, and hip-hop, most of the students are teens and adults who, like you, love dance but either didn't take lessons as children or didn't keep up with it as adults.

There are a few dance styles, such as ballet and ballroom, that really should be begun as a child in order to have the best chance of succeeding in their highly competitive professional worlds. But don't let that discourage you: Martha Graham didn't start dancing until her teens; she made up for lost time by creating her own style!

If you are serious about dance and work hard in whatever style you choose, you will improve. Your body will become stronger and more flexible and eventually the movements that felt strange at first will become comfortable. There's no reason to think that, with time and effort, you won't "get quite good."

Be fearless, be patient with yourself, work hard, and think creatively if necessary, and you are sure to excel.

How long should it take to learn French, without the opportunity for total immersion?

French is a delightfully easy and fun language to learn. Here's my personal experience:I learnt French in India at a very normal pace—no intensive courses or anything like that. I first learnt it privately from a teacher for a month (2 hours a day). By the end of the month, we had covered most of the basic tenses and stuff, but I was low on vocabulary and speaking ability. After that, I joined a normal classroom style French course (6 hours a week, pretty slow-paced), and within about 40–50 hours, I was able to express myself using simple constructions and had begun to get the hang of what native speakers said (when they addressed me directly). Within 5 months, I was able to chat in slow but decent French with a group of Frenchmen I met at the airport. Within a year, I gained a lot of confidence and was beginning to get comfortable. Within 2 years, I was able to hold a conversation in French on everyday topics for as long as I (and my listener) wanted, and barring some vocabulary issues, I didn't have to resort to English to explain myself. I was also able to understand bits of what people said in movies and on the radio, which is usually tougher than talking to real people. And I did all this with very less contact with native speakers (apart from the teacher of my classroom course), and in a zero-immersion environment. Needless to say, I did practise a lot—mostly talking to myself and correcting myself in retrospect. I didn't have the opportunity of total immersion, so I created whatever immersion I could (unfortunately, sometimes at the cost of being considered pretentious by people around me). I changed the interface language for all my online accounts to French. When I was more confident, I even changed my OS language to French. I listened to French songs, tried to make sense of French radio online, and so on...

I'm 14, Too Late To Start Singing?

Hi, ima male and 14. I'm new to singing. Is it too late to learn and get lessons? I'm kinda scared because I know there are already experienced singers who are better.. Also, I am willing to put the effort, hard work and be dedicated. The reason why I want to start now is because I wanted to sing when I was younger, but I was to scared to go and I always thought people would make fun of me cause I was boy -.-' I kno I was dumb, but I young. Today, I'm 14 going to get lessons but I don't know if there is any age groups of mine. I live in Toronto, so if you live here too, can you please help me find a vocalist who can help please? Thanks..

How do i start ballet at 14? and go the professional way?

I've always wanted to start ballet ever since i was 5 but my mom is to cheap to sign me up for lessons. She uses excuses like "dancing won't get you a college degree" "theres no way im spending money for you to just quit" "i think you should focus on school work you can do ballet when you get a job" and im sick of it my grades are perfect im talking 3.5 GPA and she does even care. I've been looking for scholarships or grants that would help me pay for it but so far no luck. I love to dance and i've always wanted to dance she wont let me. How do i start?