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Im Freaking Out Gcse Options

I am sometimes scared I might fail my GCSE's and I wanna cry, I do good in my Seperate Sciences but what if the questions on the exam trip me up?

If you don't yet have revision books, buy them. I'm assuming you've recently gone into year 11. First, pay attention in lesson, yes it's more fun to stare out the window but that won't help you. Second, after each lesson just read that page in the book and answer the 2-3 questions on it (should take you ten minutes). Third, calm the hell down, seriously, if you put the same amount of effort into revising the material as you are into worrying you'll do fine. If you do half an hour to an hour of revision each night between now and April there is absolutely no reason you won't ace the exams, they really aren't as scary as you think they are right now. My final piece of advice is ask your teachers for the mark schemes of past papers, so you can see how to set up your answers (I kept losing marks on six mark questions because I wasn't writing a conclusion, luckily I was able to figure this out after my mocks) don't worry, you'll be fine.

I have gaps in my education... My GCSE's are coming up soon?

revise- bite-size has a lot of good lessons, questions and stuff like that. Make sure you revise for your exams in order or importance, so if you have a real English exam and a mock maths, then revise for the English. In years 6 7 and 8 I did bad, and now, plainly because I revised and listened in the lessons as hard as I could, and now I'm getting d's and C's in most subjects. At the end of the day, it's how you see it; exams test how you work under pressure and time, eliminate the pressure aspect by revising. take it from a year 11 from up north, nothing is different in any school, there's always bad teachers and there's always good ones. It's just how you view them. remember, you still have to try as hard as you can in any school, but some offer resits for those who fail to reach their target grades, so there's a second chance if you're near one of them schools. there's a saying my English teacher says, "those who do not plan, plan to fail". I hope I helped... Good luck.

Art and geography career options?

Im an IB student in my first year and it just occurred to me that i don't know what i want to do with the rest of my life. Im taking:
Math SL

i really love art and was considering architecture but my strongest subject is geography and i also love it! and its very easy for me, my answers and essays like everything comes to me naturally. so i thought that maybe it could be a career path.

but the thing is, i don't want to just pick one and then spend the rest of my life wonder what it would be like if i had gone for the other.

and i need to decide soon because my counselor wants to talk to me about what i want and i don't want just sit there and stare at her going 'um..... well.....' you know?

im a good student i do get good grades... somewhat of a school freak if you will.... and well at the moment i am very confused.

is there any career options that would put together my two interests? i was thinking maybe art history or archeology but im not sure what that involves and what the requirements are and if i actually took the right subjects for them... if anyone has any advice it is much appreciated!

Fascination for Foreign languages.?

I've had this fascination since I was 10 years old, It started when I heard the song by Rammstein called
"Du hast". It started with German and then French then Spanish and so forth. No in my school takes this kind of fascination to languages. I live in America.. A country with mainly one language. I love hearing others talk in foreign languages. Can anyone tell me what this might be called? Is there a certain name?

P.S. I'm also really good at seeing patterns in other languages, So far, only Latin based languages.

I lack Determination?

well i was like this.i think its just that you need to set new goals , you need to motivate yourself .motivation should be intrinsic, you cant rely on others to motivate you , but you should always think abt what you want in oyur life , what you want to do , how you can return all the sacrifice your parents do to make you go to school and all these.
anyway , having recognised that you are distracted by other things like your internet games , i would try to advise you to set up a time table, and you'll know that dor 2 hrs you'll do your hmwrk and then you'll play on your computer afterwards.then when you'lll play , you'll feel it will be more relaxing , not having the strss of doing the homework and all these.i was also like you when i got to university , it was as if i waws tired of studying because that used to occupy a great deal of my time , but im back to it must first realise that the time lost is never regained , the minute you are losing right now wont ever come back.maybe you wont feel the minutes now , but wait till you are stuck in the exam room witha a terrible question that you cant answer..then you'll tell yourself that you could have spent 30 minutes leraning how to solve this or that question....remember , you are still at school now , its time for learning.later on when you get a good job , then you'll be able to spend your time as your wish.but if you waste your precious time now.....maybe you'll regret it later.

Help, School work is so confusing?

Oh my gosh, Im going thru exactly the same stage rite now. I'm in yr 9, and i wanna choose my options but i wanna do stuff i enjoy, but at the same time I wanna do something that will help me with my career (i wanna be a lawyer). My dad wants me 2 do languages but i don't like my teacher and i have completely gone off the subject, id like to do drama but i hear that the teachers aren't very good in that either. Its confusing i no! Well, ive spoken 2 sooo many people about it and they say that language is a very gud thing to have and that really other than that it doesn't matter what you take as long as u do well, they will only really look at grades for GCSE's not subjects. Its just A - level that it important in wat u take. Really hope I helped!

What's wrong with me? I'm happy but, I don't feel it.?

I'm 15 years old and I'm in high school. I'm fairly happy there, I've got friends and the studies are alright. But I find myself wanting to really just miss school, and I'm not sure why, for example, this morning I literally had a verbal debate with myself on whether I should go to school or not. I do get headaches, but they're not serious, and I always feel as though I'm not getting enough sleep. I've been off school for a couple of days, but I know I should really get back, but I have been off school because I've been ill.

I constantly feel as though, I don't want to go, even though there are no problems at all in school. By missing school I'm letting down my parents, because they have to pay for it and everything. My brother thinks I'm taking advantage of my mum, because I ask her if I don't want to go to school. But I do feel as though I am, eventhough I don't want to. I'm a terrible person.

This is a little distrubing, the next bit so it might come as a bit of a shock.

There's also this second problem with me, I always get some suicidal thoughts, just occasionally in a day, but I can't help thinking if that really is a good idea. I know I shouldn't, but to me it can seem like the better option. I should really go see a psychiatrist. Am I really stressed out? I have no idea what's wrong with me. I sometimes feel like stepping out onto the road, when I know I shouldn't and I'd think of my family. I have thought about running away, and I know I shouldn't, I have to get through my GCSEs. I really need help! D: