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I`m Not Friends Anymore With Them But I Feel Weird Without Them

I don't have friends, and I feel I don't need any at all, is it weird or somewhat dangerous?

Your question reminded me of myself. I am nearly like you, I feel that I don't need friends especially when I have to ask about them and care about their lives and to help them when they need me. I find this overwhelmed sometimes. I think the idea of communication is the reason that stands behind my issue, I do not hate them at all, but you know that sort of craziness! On the other hand, when I am sad or angry, my friend helps me to pass through everything and he can make me happy even when I feel like burning the entire world.Sometimes you feel that being alone is the happiest way to live your life, but in fact we cannot live without friends, at least one friend who can be your mirror and some one you can count on, some one who cares, beside you wherever you go. When your hopes crushes down, your friend is the one who is gonna give you the hope you need. When you feel happy, I am certain that you feel like sharing this happiness with some one close to you and cares about you. The same thing applies when you are sad or when you go through unforgettable moments that you wanna share with some one you love.You can dream together, laugh together, you can share the smallest detials and moments together. That feeling of being alone can destroy us sometimes, at least when we die there is going to be some one to feel empty as we pass away.Having friend / friends in life gives it a flavour that cannot be found in any relationship. It is unconditional relationship with pure love to illuminate your soul and save you from your inner darkness. I really hope you can find a friend who can be your soulmate.

My friends don't hang out with me anymore?

Alright my friends don't have any classes with me no lunch no nothing. I'm not going to change my schedule just to be with them because then I have to find the classes in my HUGE high school. My friends have been doing things without me and it makes me feel left out. In eighth grade I got invitations to sleepovers, parties and everything. I don't get that anymore. Ik they aren't busy because I see them a lot together. Once I went by my friends house and they were all in the front yard with boys having barbecue. It killed me. I cant make new friends because everylnes "group" has already been made. Like why are they doing this?

Is it weird to dump friends after a year because you don’t feel like hanging out with them anymore?

Sometimes, sometimes not.Some people have attachment problems.Some people realize personal needs aren’t being met by the friendship and look for other sources of fulfillment.

My friends dont make plans with me anymore?

ahh woww. i am literally in the EXACT same situation. no joke. and im a junior in high school. so dont feel bad, your not alone.

well what ive been doing since no one wants to hang with me, is getting involved in sports. so i decided to try out for volleyball. and its been so much fun and completely takes my mind off of how i havent hung out with like anyone. if you can somehow get active in sports or some kind of activity depending on what you like, thats definitely a start. doing that will not only give you something to do, but itll put you in a great mood and help you find new friends who like the same things as you.

if you cant do this.. then heres what id do. talk to your friends who dont invite you anywhere. say look, is there a problem or did i do something wrong because you guys havent hung out with me in awhile? see what they say. hopefully they will be nice about it and make plans to hang out if you tell them how you feel. and if they act like aholes and still dont offer to hang out with you, forget them. honestly. theyre not worth it. who wants friends who wont chill with you?!

im shy too so i know its hard to text or call people that you dont really know, but start small. comment them on facebook asking how their summer is going and make small talk. and eventually work up the courage to ask if they want to hang out before school starts again. itll be hard at first, but think about it - if you dont ask, youll sit around being bored for the rest of the summer. and if they dont want to hang out with you its their loss! cause im sure your pretty great once people get to know you. =]

and dont feel weird about it. i felt weird and annoying at one point too, but theres really no reason to. just be casual about it and dont worry what they think about you.

cliques suck and even though its hard to make friends with someone in another clique, at least try to. sometimes it can lead to a bunch of new people to hang with!

so good luck with everything, and i hope your summer turns out better than mine! haha =]

My boyfriend doesn't take me out with his friends anymore?

My boyfriend is close with his friends, so he hangs out with them often. Him and his friends just got back home for the summer from different colleges, so they have begun to hang out everyday. His friends also have girlfriends, so they come along and I do too. It is basically all of his friends and their girlfriends hanging with me and my boyfriend. The thing is, I'm shy so I don't usually talk. This annoys my boyfriend and he has told me many times. I tried to be more talkative and I do get along with his friends pretty well. The thing is, last week I was in a horrible mood (period mood swings maybe?) so I sat there and didn't talk to anyone. I went into the bathroom and cried, but nobody knew but my boyfriend. This I guess embarrassed him (even though nobody knew, I think he was just extremely annoyed and embarassed that I wasn't talking) and he stopped inviting me out. He hangs with them 24/7 so now we never hang out. I feel stupid and like a burden. I don't want to be the way that i am, and I know I can "change" because there are times when I laugh and joke around with his friends, but it take some effort. I am just naturally a quiet and stand off-ish person

Why do I feel weird when my girlfriend drinks?

just meens you start looking at her in a new light

What should I do if I have no real friends? I have some friends, but they are circumstantial friends or acquaintances and they don't really care about me. I feel very lonely and depressed even though I'm surrounded by people.

Let me try to answer this for you from my point of view. To me, friends are baggage. And like every baggage they come with their own particular weight, only it changes by itself depending on their mood and environment.What do you really need a friend for?Tossing a few shots together every once in a while and listening to them bitching and moaning about how miserable their lives are? Yup, that's what you get when you need a friend to "share." You unload your baggage, get ready to take on some extra from them as well. Honestly, not my cup of tea. Sadly those are considered true friends of BFFs. Sit on the sidewalk and start crying, any decent guy would ask you what's wrong and maybe even listen a little. So, anyone can share your frustrations, even a total stranger. You don't need someone in particular to do that. So, let's cross off the sharing part then.Do you need a friend to go to the ball games, movies, theaters, concerts? Well, movies and theaters are no places to chitchat, at a ball game anyone can be your friend for that period of time, and concerts, well, sing dude, sing along.You need a friend to call late at night when you're miserable and feeling that melancholy slowly crawling upon you? Have a hobby, for Pete's sake. Start getting not good, very good at it. Or just put some music that makes you wanna jump up and down, or just for calming your nerves. You know, we humans are so lucky, cause we have something miraculous called music. What's left? Ooh, those dreadful holidays and weekends. Well, you said you have some circumstantial friends or acquaintances, so I'm sure they will have some plans which would fit you. Choose one of them, tag along, and go home exhausted to the blissful peace of your own space, away from any human interaction, which I'm sure you'll hate after that long day with so much of it.Human beings are in constant change. You are always changing, they are always changing and let's be honest, it's too much to ask for in these times for any kind of relationship to last that long and stay solid. Embrace the everyday change and accept that others go through that as well. That way, you won't feel the need to get too attached to other mortals and also, won't get frustrated when they, so rightfully, walk away. Space, my friend, space. Everyone needs it. Have it, and let others have it as well.

Sex makes friendship "weird"?

If a person has sex with a close friend, this can often ruin a friendship. But why?

In the particular situation I'm asking about, everything was fine for some time. Then, 1 of the 2 people involved became moody, blowing hot and cold and acting awkwardly.

This person later stated that sex had made things "weird" for them. They were unable to make eye contact when stating this. Almost looking as though they want to cry.

Of course this makes the second person feel bad. But, what do they mean by "weird"? Everything was fine at the start.

What happened?