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Im Trying To Find A Kids Pc Game From Early 2000 But I Cant Remember The Name

Children's PC game from the 90's that I can't remember the name of?

This was an educational game that I used to play when I was younger, but I cant remember what it was called. The only thing I remember is that there were tons of songs and one of them was the song "There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza". If I remember correctly, there were dinosaurs and other animals as well. I'm trying to find nostalgia from my childhood and I played this a lot, but I just can't remember what it was called.

As an old gamer, do you feel greatly disappointed with video games nowadays?

I’m assuming by ‘video games nowadays’ you’re meaning not only the very latest ones, but the ones with big budget titles and fancy graphics we started being introduced from mid 2000’s.Although back in the 90’s and early 2000 we’ve seen and experienced some amazing games - I think the gaming industry never disappointed me ever since. Yes, we’ve grown playing thisAnd thisAnd thisYet, we’ve got some pretty amazing ones after them. Even though these ones were simply stunning and in ways, legacy defining - I will be hard pressed to say brilliant games aren't frequent these days.The Call Of Duty SeriesYes, recent installations weren't upto the par you might say. But remember how it started?Love it or hate it, COD took single player FPS genre to a level and set the bar so high that even these days big companies are struggling to match its unprecedented storytelling and plots. Like who would forget that Nuke?Bioshock InfiniteThe gameplay, the AI, the graphics and different gunplay mechanisms. This one is a charmer! And I saved the best part for the last. Do you know what makes this one sublime?Best. Story. Ever. PERIOD.Trust me. Give it a shot.The Witcher 3: Wild HuntA single answer isn't enough to describe this one. I’m sorry. Short answer is: Never played one better than this. Never!Titanfall 2The only game to this day that probably can dethrone CoD from its FPS storytelling legacy. Well, it's no surprise cause the team behind this game is the same one from those earlier CoD masterpieces. Couple that with extremely good and fluent gameplay, no season pass and wide range of contents in both single and multiplayer environments. It's sad that it didn't live up to the height it was supposed to.I could go on. For exampleDoom (technical masterpiece)Mass Effect Series (took sci fi to a new level)GTA V (a global phenomenon)Battlefield Series (masterclass sound and visual design)Overwatch (well, Overwatch!)Yeah, the list goes on!I left an insane amount of good ones so that this answer won't be super long or something. Yes there are games being published these days, which are completely on the opposite side of the spectrum (*cough* No Mans Sky *cough*), but the good ones are overshadowing them. And with the new ones on the horizon, it's hard to be disappointed to be honest!So, I’m not greatly disappointed. I was privileged and fortunate enough to be in this situation. And most importantly, I’m greatly pumped for the future!Happy gaming guys and girls!

Late 90's or early 2000's pc detective game?

i can't remember what it was called! it was set in a big mansion and you played a detective going around solving challenges and things so figure out the answer to the mystery. part of me thinks he was an alien but that might not be true. i'm pretty sure that one of the challenges involved a big glass window, but i can't remember any of the specifics.

does anyone have any idea what i'm talking about??

Old game from late 90's? Early 2000's possibly? Tank game.?

I'm trying to remember a game that I played back in the day. It was not on the PC. It was either PS1, N64, SNES, possibly PS2. It was not 2D. It was a tank game played in 3rd person. It had co-op split screen, the maps were sort of dark themed if I remember. The tanks had unique names to them. I believe one name was "Inferno". Also had different weapons. The point of the game was to kill the other tanks, if I remember correctly. It was not an on-rails type of game. You could freely move where ever.

Oh, and another game i've always been wondering about was also an old game, it was either N64, PS1, or another system of that era. I really don't remember it, but if I had to describe it, it would be a sort of RPG/Dungeon/puzzle type map and you would just run around doing stuff, then sometimes this character we called the 'Reaper" would pop up and you would have to run away from him.

Thanks for any replies

Looking for a kid's PC game from the 90's?

I can't remember the title either. Ebay may have the game and if you post it to looking for now and describe the game as you have done someone might just know the title.

What are things you saw around you as a kid that are extinct now? Example: floppy disk, cassette, B&W TV.

(0)Windows 95Used this OS in school computer labs. Hated windows then, hate windows now. (1)The famous Brick Game. Played this game until I was blurry-eyed(2)The famous Classroom game- Raja, Mantri, Chor and Sipahi. (3)The Flint Stone's Camera(4) This Famous Pencil ( I Can't even remember its name :(  )Upd: Bensia pencils(5) Poppins Can't even remember its taste.(6)Latoo(7) Hajmola Candy(8) The Classic PostCard Receiving postcard from friends on special occasion. These days, they post on Facebook Wall.(9) Audio Cassettes(10)Mauser Gun Killed so many friends with this gun, was never caught by the police(11) Pitthu Game and Gilli-Danda(12) Small Wonder No new episodes anymore. I still spend my day watching the old episodes on you-tube.(13) Epic Childhood Game- Name, Place, Animal, Thing(14) Spent my childhood in getting all those colourful Damn Rings in.(15)Ink Pens and needle-like Ink Dropper Still remember those Ink stains all over my fingers and my school uniform.. mom never liked it though..(16) Harnik Phantom Sweet Cigarettes  Smoking was fun even then and pan-pasand(17)Chiclets(18) WWE/WWF Superstars Top Trumps Card (19)Chungi (चुंगी) Game Epic game famous at school's, those days. Open-ended and undocumented rules.(20)Shaktimaan aired on Doordarshan on Sunday's noon(21) View-Master "reels"(22)Old Roller Ball Style Mouse(23)Balancing Sparrow(24)Pop Pop Boat I may forget Titanic, but won't forget this nostalgic boat. The object that resembles as a spoon is the place-holder for candle/oil. More: Pop pop boat)(25) Tazos(26) My Favorite Childhood toy Spinners Whenever there were a few buttons left-over from old clothes or whenever I found a soft-drink bottle cap, I always used to make this toy to play with. My son won't experience the joy of placing the thumbs in the string loops and moving the thumbs together and apart....,as these spinners aren't around now. UPD:(27) How can I miss  Orkut?  (28)Hot Wheels(29) Aadarsh Balak Used to stick it on notebooks as assignment(30)These ADS (Oh boy, these ads 'll make you feel oldSuperb old Cadbury cricket ad - Asli swad zindagi ka. I know, none of us have forgotten cadbury's girl dance. ;)Complan boy-Complan Girl. Today, they are known as Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia.(31)Tinkle(32) White Rabbit CandyThis candy is banned in almost all countries now,  as it contain trace amounts of melamine(An industrial chemical used to make plastics and fertiliser that can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure).