In Gta V Can You Buy Something In The Conveince Stroe Like Cigarettes Liquors

If you had to buy 3 items to make the cashier uncomfortable, what would they be?

Get ready for some weirdness.Biggest bag of marbles, super glue, and a plant.Bottle, a die, and a stapler.Scissors*, tissues, a paintbrush.Apple juice, a bag of balloons, Tipp-Ex.Ketchup, a clock, and some origami paper.Meat, a frying pan, and men’s shave oil.Motor oil, hundreds and thousands, and some paint rollers.Lipstick, cabbage, and a shovel.*let’s just pretend that I’m 18 and it’s completely legal for me to buy scissors

Has anyone played completed GTA San Andreas without using cheats?

Yes, and believe me, the satisfaction you get by completing GTA SA without cheats is unparalleled. Though the cheats are made by the developers themselves, yet it is always much more exciting to complete the game without cheats. I remember the hardships I faced because of this NO CHEAT policy. Whenever the cops would be behind me, instead of going to a pay-n-spray, I would quickly rush to my rest house and change my clothes ( if you didn't buy any and have no more money, you can always remove an item ) as that would suffice as well. Also, whenever my health would be alarmingly low, I preferred saving my game rather than spending 2 dollars on a food item. So these are the adversities you face if you go for a no cheat policy but trust me, you will always be proud of this accomplishment