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In Need Of A Fashion Student To Make Me A Blouse

Is it wrong to wear a coloured bra under a white T shirt?

There are lots of answers written to your question. Everyone has their own point of view regarding to it. I also have my point of view. In my thinking its not wrong a coloured bra under the white t shirt.We are not talking about something dangerous like wearing a one piece Bikini in Sub Zero Temperature. We are talking about wearing a coloured bra under the white t shirt. There are many girls wearing these kind of clothes and become style icon for girls.Let me tell you an incident. When I was in college there was a girl whose name is Stella Johnson. When she came to college on her first day she was wearing a black coloured bra under white t shirt with blue denim. Most of the guys attracted towards her because of her style.I saw a girl with that kind of wearing the first time in my life and I was one of those girls who likes her style. The guys tried their best to impress her and be her friend. She became friends with most of the college students. This was her first day and she became famous just with one dress. There are lots of girls who tried to copy her style, but original always original.This memory of my college life I never forget. Today I see your question and Stella come in my mind so I am sharing my experience with you all.Let me show you some examples. I don’t have Stella’s pic in her black bra under white t shirt so I have to find a similar pic from google images. It will help you out to understand what I’m trying to say.Look at Emma Roberts, She is looking so beautifulKristen Stewart is always awesome.Hope you get you answer.

What should a student teacher wear?

I think black,navy or khaki pants are a good choice.Tops could be long or short sleeve but should have some sort of sleeve.No one wants your armpit showing when you are pointing things out on the board.Make sure your top is long enough to not rise up and show your skin if you raise your arm up.Skirts or dresses should also take into account raising your arms. Consider the age group of students you will be working with.You will find that when in the primary classes such as kindergarten you will want your wardrobe to be easy to care for (avoid clothing that must be dry cleaned).Younger students do not always have clean hands.Try to mix and match your items to get the maximum amount of looks from what you buy.One thing you should also consider is if the school is a low income or high income school.Wearing designer labels to a low income school is not acceptable.No stiletto heels.Wear comfortable but appropriate shoes, you will be on your feet most of the day.I don't know when you will get an idea of what you will be teaching each day but part of your job may be to do gym or daily physical activity, make sure you have shoes for this.

What do I wear when student teaching? It's going to be my first time next semester and I'm trying to get ready and I'm not sure if they will give me specific guidelines. I assume business casual-ish? It will be an elementary sped class if that helps.

You’re going to want clothes that look professional without being fussy, things that are easy to wash and wear. My suggestion would be khakis/chinos and a nice-ish top. I think a polo would be appropriate. You might choose a t-shirt with a cardigan—schools buildings can be hot, cold, and everything in-between, and then there’s the issue of recess. Get some comfy shoes—you’ll be on your feet all day—but forego the tennis shoes. Jeans maybe OK, especially on Fridays, but I’d avoid them as a student teacher and as a new teacher.Have you visited the school where you’ll be teaching? Check out what the teachers are wearing and dress a bit better than that. At 50, what I can get away with in the classroom is a lot more casual than what a young person can. You don’t want to be mistaken for a student!Mid-Rise Skinny Everyday Khakis for WomenSemi-Fitted Button-Front Cardi for WomenSlim-Fit Fine-Gauge Rib-Knit Tee for WomenFaux-Leather Driving Moccasins for WomenYou can use the links above for a general guideline. Personally, I love the driving mocs from the G. H. Bass outlet. Jambu also has very comfy shoes.

I want to create my own brand of clothes to sell online. How do I start?

Spend some time creating your game plan first before you even create your online site. Most first time sellers end up quitting after a few months because they don’t see the online sales come in after they build their online site.First of all, find out who you’re going to be up against as in your competitors. This will give you an idea on the amount of work and effort you’ll need to put in to sell your own branded online of clothing.The bulk of it would be on marketing and getting your brand out there via organic search and social media without spending on any ads until you’re making profit.You may only want to hold a certain number of stock for your clothing to test the market as compared to having a lot manufactured and then facing the dilemma that they’re unable to sell. Offer limited quantity first and if response is good, you can notify buyers of incoming stock later for them to purchase.List down all the categories and products that you plan on selling and have good product images with models. Clothing sells best when customers are able to see it being worn in real life by models.Determine who would be your target customers. Wholesalers? End users? Both?Work out your costing in terms of monthly subscription fee for ecommerce service provider. If you’re looking for one that does not charge extra for features that you’ll need, consider InstanteStore.Get a domain name that is short and easy to remember. Bear in mind a lot of shoppers these days prefer to browse, shop and and buy online.Make sure your online purchasing process is easy and straight forward.Pick a good payment gateway and check their transaction fees.Offer free shipping for customers who purchase above a certain amount and pick a sensible courier service.Ask for feedback from family and friends to test out your site before you launch it.Reward customers for giving you positive reviews and feedback.Selling online is a learning journey. Give yourself a year to work on it as there’s plenty to learn and tweak along the way.Hope this helps.

You have 5 shirts and 4 pairs of pants. How many different outfits can you put together?

This is obviously a homework question, however I had a lot of problems with probability as well so I'd feel bad if I didn't help you. We can use two methods.METHOD 1:(if you don't know permutations and combinations it would be better to look at method two)We can use any two of the 9 (5 shirts + 4 pants) for a outfit so we can use 9C2, Let us put this in the equation.9C2Now there are also pairs where you are wearing two shirts or two pants (I'm assuming that won't be a pair lol) so we also have to subtract 5C2 (shirts) and 4C2(Pants), let us add these numbers in.9C2–5C2–4C2 = 20Now I won't add the math because you can do that yourself but the end result will be 20.METHOD 2: (This is more simple however this can only be used on simpler problems)In this method think of all the combinations and how to get them.If there are 5 shirts and 4 pants, a pair can only be made by adding a shirt and a pant. So,Shirt 1: Shirt 2: Shirt 3: Shirt 4: Shirt 5:Pant 1. Pant 1 . . Pant 1. Pant 1. . Pant 1Pant 2. Pant 2. . Pant 2. Pant 2. . Pant 2Pant 3. Pant 3. . Pant 3. Pant 3. . Pant 3Pant 4. Pant 4. . Pant 4. Pant 4. Pant 4(Sorry if this model doesn't make sense)Basically these are all the possible combinations if we distribute all the 4 pants to each shirt, so in short we multiply 5 * 4 to get 20.ANSWER: 20

Why are so many American college students dressing like bums? Facial beards, caps, jeans??

What happened to their sense of self-worth? They look a little better than panhandlers! It is common in Los Angeles, where the typical white college age (20-29) male rarely shaves, usualyl arrives in class with a greasy hat, t-shirt, jeans, and dirty sneakers. What's the deal?

Do you prefer clothing that are comfortable or stylish?

Most of the people make compromise either with the comfort or fashion while choosing clothes for them. This is because some give priority to comfort over style while others like to live in fashion. However, it is good if we get both of them.Whatever you wear, it is important you feel happy, relax and satisfied with that. To know your body's interaction with different trendy and comfortable clothes, you can try stylish designer dresses of your liking. Sober dressA simple and sober dress with some light makeup can make you look special at a party. For such occasions, you can choose a hairstyle and other accessories as per your liking.Light KurtisIn summer, most of the girls prefer to wear Kurtis as it gives the feeling of comfort and easiness. You can wear it while traveling, shopping or on other occasions.Plaid and Swing dressesIf you are planning to go with your friends to chill somewhere, you can choose a simple swing dress or plaid dress with tassel slides that look elegant as well as comfy.Formal oneA formal dress is suitable to go to the office. A simple pant and shirt are good to wear. You can select the type of shoes and hairstyle of your own choice.In addition to these, you can also have maxi or slouchy belted pinstripe dresses that make you feel airy and fresh. For men, the simple dresses like pant and shirt can make them look stylish. T-shirts and Kurta pajamas are versatile. They are also available in different styles and trends.Check More Here

Why do many American men commonly wear a T-shirt under a buttoned shirt?

I'm answering this from a woman's point of view and I notice, believe me! Here are a few reasons I believe men do and should wear undershirts under their buttoned down shirts. I hope this helps. 1. I loathe seeing thick body hair underneath buttoned shirts or when it's sticking out from the collar. If your shirt fabric is on the thin side, it's even more inappropriate. Save your body hair, nipples and perspiration exposure for your personal space. (trim your neck in the front and back while your at it) Some women appreciate a man's chest and nipples in an intimate setting.2. Undershirts are more hygienic. They keep you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. I advise you only buy and wear 100% cotton.3. Many men benefit from wearing a button down shirt that isn't touching their skin if it's freshly returned from the local laundry/cleaners. It can be irritating to the skin since you don't know what chemicals and cleaners have been used on it. Again, a more healthy, hygienic and comfortable approach to wearing your shirt all day, especially if you've had a jacket on over it that has sealed those chemicals inside next to your body.Simply said, it's a more polished, finished, hygienic and desirable look for a man. There's nothing sexier than a well groomed man!